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I was raised to always say yes to him

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Not all arranged marriages are bad, mine was really good and I love my husband. We have nearly 6 children together and started young.

When I was 6 years old I was taken to my native country on what I thought was a family holiday, but it wasn’t, it was so I could meet Fahmi, my cousin, he was 12 years old.

We were introduced and we sat together and were told to hold hands, our parents wrapped a ceremonial cloth around both our hands, binding us together, and it was then we were told that one day we would marry.

Even though I was very young, I instantly fell in love with him, he was so handsome and kind, I was infatuated with him from day 1, and excited and happy to be his bride.

After spending the week with him I could barely bring myself to leave him but I had no choice as I had to return home with my family.

When we arrived home my mom began to teach me the duties and responsibilities that a wife has to her husband, it would be my job to keep the house clean at all times, cook his meals, when we have children it was my job to take care of them while still making sure my husband’s needs were met, and to always do as I was asked and obey my husbands every command.

I didn’t meet Fahmi again until 3 years later, he was 15 by then and practically a man, so he moved in with us, more precisely with me.

I was 9 when we started living together, in the family home, he shared my room with me, I had to do all his cooking and cleaning for him.

One night he requested that I bath him, his was sitting in the bathtub and I washed him, when he stood up from the bath, he had an erection, it was very big, “Please clean this for me.” He requested, I was happy to do it, I was determined to be a good wife.

I wet the sponge and then lathered up his cock and balls with soap, he told me to rub his cock until he said it was clean enough, so I did it, and a few minutes later he ejaculated all over my face, he gently held my chin and lifted my head up to look at him, “Now it is clean. Thank you, wife.” He said.

“Welcome.” I replied.

After cooking and feeding him a hearty meal, we went to bed, as we had done every night previously for weeks, but this night would be different, this night he had a new demand of me.

I spent a long time washing and dressing for bed, but as I approached the bed he stopped me, “Take off your clothes, wife. Let me see you.” He demanded.

“Yes, husband.” I replied, even though I’d spent so long making myself look nice for him, I removed all my clothes and I stood still completely naked for a minute while he looked me up and down and licked his lips.

“Come to me now.” He said, so I walked over, he lifted up the bedsheet for me to climb under in to bed, when he lifted the sheet I could see that he too was naked, and he had another erection.

I laid completely still on my back waiting for my next instruction, he lay beside me, rubbing his hands all over my naked body, “You are very pretty. I am pleased with how you have taken care of your body for me.” He said.

“Thank you, husband.” I replied.

Then he kissed me, it was so soft and tender, and he slowly rolled himself over on top of me, still rubbing his hands up and down my body and grabbing my bum cheeks on occasion, squishing them with his hands.

My legs parted and he fell between them, “Are you ready to do please me, wife?” he asked.

“Yes husband.” I replied.

“Then please me.” He said, then he kissed me again and started getting really handsy, he rubbed my pussy, digging his fingers in to my crack, and he kissed my small barely formed breasts, then he pushed his cock hard in to my pussy and penetrated me with it.

I was a virgin and young, and it hurt, but I wasn’t allowed to scream or cry, it was my duty to please him and a crying wife would not be pleasing, so I fought through the pain and kept smiling as he began to thrust his very big cock in and out of my quivering body.

He was forcing it deep inside me, I kept feeling his balls tapping against my butt, he was just on top of me, holding my hands down at my wrists, kissing my neck and thrusting repeatedly in and out, I moaned for him, and whispered kind words in to his ear, “You are wonderful, husband.”

Once the initial pain had faded and I experienced only pleasure, I really started to enjoy it, I threw my arms and legs around him, and held him in place, then I dug my heels in to his butt and used them to help him thrust deeper in to me, “Harder, my husband, harder.” I requested, moaning loudly to the ceiling like a wolf howling to the moon.

My parents burst in and turned on the light, “What is happening?!” they asked, thinking I was being attacked or something, they saw what we were doing but didn’t stop us, in fact they were happy we were finally doing it.

“They are mating.” Said my mother, smiling at my father.

“Well done. I am proud of you, daughter. Now, fuck her hard my boy, the women in our family like it rough you know.” Said my father.

“I am trying, Sir.” Replied Fahmi, still fucking me hard on the bed with my parents watching.

“We’re going to have grandchildren sooner than we thought.” Said my mother.

“Well don’t watch, let us leave them to it.” Said my father, ushering my mother out of the room and leaving us alone once again.

Fahmi got really rough, he was proper hammering his cock in to me, I had to put my hands above my head and hold on to the headboard near the end, “Ooh – Ungh!”, he sat up and slid me on to his lap and continued to fuck me while he was sitting up, this time holding my legs up by my ankles.

I moaned out with enthusiasm when I felt his hard cock swell up inside of me and then heard him groan as he ejaculated his seed in to my waiting womb, but sadly it wouldn’t produce a baby, at least not for a few more years.

Fahmi and I had sex every single night after that, I was always ready and willing to please my husband, and when I was 12 he finally hit the bullseye and I fell pregnant with our first child, we had a son.

We would go on to have 4 more children, 2 more boys and 2 girls.

I’m now 18 and still happily married with a 6th child now on the way and I still live to please my husband.

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    I wish i was taught love this wayy showed me my place as a woman.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ihrb

    All you Young females should take this story to heed. If you want a happy marriage then please u r man always and never let his balls fill up. My grand mother used to say all the time. The key to a successful marriage is to keep his belly full and his balls empty and you will have him for ever!

    It is always a pleasure to hear a good genuine sexual awakening taking place. Those urges are so natural as is sex and I am so glad u got to experience this at a young age. I am certain your sex life has been wonderful since that moment forward. All young females should be taught he art of sensual sex and foreplay learning of their bodies and self confidence. This will lead to very healthy decisions about their bodies building confidence with ambitions to seek and fulfill all their sexual desires and fantasies openly without shame or remorse. Just remember you are a goddess and as such can create life and should be pleased when ever you so chose and I for one will be right there with you along your path of enlightenment.
    Seek and be taught proper!
    Love your bodies girls as you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of what so ever. Seeking sex is a natural hard wired instinct so please seek it then embrace it fully.

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    Every female should please her man from a young age .

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