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Wedding night bbc breeding

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My wife gets a wedding night gift she will remember always

My girlfriend and I had been dating for 3 years, Becky is 20 years old 5’7″ tall 125 pounds, red hair and blue eyes. She was a knockout. Her nipples were the size of silver dollars, and the tiniest shaved pussy I had ever seen. I am 31 years old. Our sex life was insane. We did everything you could think of except swinging. I had been watching porn one day when she was shopping and found a wife breeding site. It was crazy. They had black men fucking white married woman. I was really in aww over what I was seeing.

When Becky got home I mentioned to her about what I had found online. She said well let me see it. We watched together for a while and I could see she was getting excited. She said well I don`t know. I have never been with a black guy before. We were planning on getting married soon and this was something we didn’t` have time to play with. As the weeks went by our sex life got more intense. She would do anything I could think of. Anal play and even mild water sports. I found her computer on a few weeks later when she went shopping.

I looked in her history to see what she was doing. I know I was snooping. Well I was surprised at what I saw. She had been watching breeding videos where the husband was letting their wife go bareback and get creampies from black men. Some of them were fucking black men on their wedding night. In fact a lot of them were wedding night breeding’s. So it appeared she was still interested. I asked her if having sex with a complete stranger turned her on, She said it kinda did. We had no children and were waiting till we got married to start a family. Becky was using a diaphragm because the pill made here sick and she hated condoms. Well our wedding day finally arrived and we all went to the church. The wedding was great, And at the reception she got a little drunk but that was ok.

After we left we went to a condo one of our friends owned for our honeymoon. We arrived about 8pm. We unpacked and I took a shower after, Becky said I`m going to shower and when I`m done I want to fuck all night. I said ok, Do you want me to run to the store and get something to drink. She said yeah that would be great. I remember there was a bar across the street from the condo. Becky jumped into the shower and I went to the bar to pick up a bottle. When I got to the bar I saw several black men standing around drinking. My mind went dirty, I approached a couple of black guys and started small talk. They were good build very dark and in their late 50`s.

After about 15 minutes We were talking and I mentioned I just got married a few hours ago. I showed them a picture of Becky and they were like damn dude you got lucky she is fucking hot. Well this was awkward but I told them she was thinking about getting with a black man for sex. They were like really, I said yes are you guys interested. They looked at me and said are you serious or is the bullshit. I said no this is for real. They asked how old she was so I told them she was 20 years old. I said give me an hour to get things going. I gave them the address and went back to the condo.

When I got back Becky was naked on the bed waiting. I got out the bottle and we started to drink. I was not long before she was buzzed again but still knew what she was doing. We started to play, I rubbed her pussy and stuck my finger inside. I could feel her diaphragm, I was thinking if I could get this thing out without her knowing. I started to suck her nipples and she was going crazy. I got my finger behind her diaphragm and started to pull it out. She didn’t` seem to notice. I moved to her pussy and began licking it. She was moaning like crazy.

I kept pulling her diaphragm until it was out, She didn’t` notice. I got it out and shoved it under the sheets. She said lets fuck, I said wait a bit I have a surprise for you. She said where is it. I said it should be here soon. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. I said your gift is here, I said I will be right back. I answered the door and invited the two men in. I said get naked and I will come get you in a minute. I went back to Becky and said I saw your history on your computer and saw what you were watching. She was like OH. I said and here is what I got you for your wedding gift.

I said bring it in guys. The two black men walked in, They had huge cocks and balls. Becky was so buzzed she did not know what to say. She was looking at them and looked back at me. She said are you serious, I said yes. Do you know anything about them. I said no I just met them a while ago at the bar. All I know is they are in there 50`s. In their 50`s she said. I said yup.The guys walked over to her and she looked at me. I said it`s ok, Have a good time. This was her first black cock and two of them at once. They were complete strangers just like in the videos she was watching. She grabbed one cock in each hand and started to jerk them off. It was not long before their cocks were huge and hard. One of them went to her shaved pussy and started to eat her out. She went crazy, She grabbed the other cock and started to suck him off.

They had the biggest blackest cocks I have ever seen even in the videos. The guy licking her pussy said Do I need a condom? is she on birth control, Becky said yes, I have my diaphragm in. He said ok cool. She looked at me and said your ok with me going bareback. I said is there any other way. The guy gets up and puts his cock at the opening to her pussy, He rubs it up and down along her slit. I can see his cock getting wet with her juices. She is really getting wet. He stops and starts to push his cock into my new wife’s pussy. He says wow she is tight. He works it in slowly, Becky is squealing with delight.

After what seems forever he finally gets his cock all the way in. He starts to pump her slow and deep, The other guy is sucking her nipples driving her crazy. I can see her pussy stretched tight around his huge cock. I move to the end of the bed for a better look. I sat down in the chair and enjoy the show of my new bride being fucked by two black strangers I picked up at the bar. The guy fucking her picks up his pace. I know he`s getting ready to cum. The other guys moves away so the guy fucking can lay of top of her. He grabs her hands and hold her down. The other guy grabs her legs and spreads them wide and holds them back. Her pussy looks like it`s about to tear, Her skin is pulled so tight around his cock it`s pale. But she`s buzzed and feels no pain.

Becky is moaning like crazy, The guy fucking her is almost ready to blow his load in her. I could not help but think she didn`t know her diaphragm was removed. I decided to tell her, This was her fertile time and she knew it. I pulled it out from under sheets and said oh no look. She looked and her eyes got real big, She was getting ready to cum and so was the guy. They both looked at the diaphragm. He said you want me to stop. She was almost there. She said no make me cum. At that point nature took over as I thought it would.

I sat back in the chair to watch, His huge balls are slapping her ass. All 8 inches of his fat cock are in her pussy. Becky yells fuck me I`m cumming. He yells at the same time Take my cum you little fucking whore. Take my big black cock in your whore pussy and starts to cum in my bride. I can see his balls pressed against her ass and start to pulse as jet after jet after jet of baby making sperm is shot deep into my brides tiny pussy. Becky is getting the fuck of her life and loving every minute of it. She really liked being called a whore too. He gets done and pulls out slow, She looks at me with fear in her eyes. I knew what she was thinking. What if she gets pregnant. I looked at her and smiled. She calmed right down. She knew I had her back. The other guy moves in and pushes his cock into her well fucked pussy.

She looks at me and I say go for it. She spreads her legs wide and allows him to enter her candy store. He looks at me and says your one lucky guy dude. I said I know. He starts fucking my bride and starts calling her is whore and baby mama. He said I`m going to breed you bitch and give you my black baby. before long Becky is ready to cum again. He moans goes balls deep and shoots his baby making sperm deep into her. After a few minutes he pulls out. Her pussy is stretched open and I can see all the black sperm in her pussy. I said now it`s my turn. Her pussy felt great with all that cum inside. One of the guys said, Thats right boy fuck that used married whore`s pussy. It was not long before I added mine to the mix.

After I was done We all looked at each other. Becky was still on the bed dripping cum from her pussy. One of the guys gets up and walks over to the bed, His cock is hard again. He looks at Becky and she does not say anything. He gets on her and enters her pussy again. She again spreads her legs wide and excepts his black cock deep into her pussy. She says what’s the use, what’s done is done and I may as well enjoy this. The guys says thats right bitch and I`m going to brred your fertile pussy again and again, And your going to like it. It`s not long before he pounding her balls deep. I watch as he fills her again with black baby making sperm.

This goes on through the night, Both guys breeding my bride and degrading her. She loved every minute of it. They knew she was fertile and said this is what married white whore`s are for, To have our black babies. In the morning both the guys fucked her one more time, got dressed and left. They gave me their numbers and said text us before you leave, I nod and say ok. Becky said she had a great time. I said would you do it again. She said hell yeah but this time I don`t want to be buzzed, And I like being called a whore and black baby mama. It really turns me on. A couple of days later we were going to leave the next morning. that night I texted the guys and they stopped by just as Becky was getting out of the shower.

I opened the door and invited them in. While Becky was in the bathroom they both got naked and lay on the bed. Becky walked out and saw them. They said give us your pussy bitch, We are going to fill it with baby seed again. She smiled, It was not long before her legs were spread with a huge black cock fucking her. Her diaphragm was packed in her bag. She was giving herself freely to her wants and desires. For the next several hours both men fuck her silly called her names and came in her fertile womb over and over again. The next morning we left and returned home, She thanked me for the gift. I said I really enjoyed it as well and loved seeing her getting fucked by total strangers.That next month she missed her period and was pregnant. We were both happy.

I kept in touch with the guys and found they only lived 45 minutes away, I asked Becky if she wanted to hook up with them again. She said yes, So we planned on them coming over the house and staying the weekends. So this was our new life, My new wife getting black cock and cum in her pussy every weekend and me loving to watch. After the baby came we kept going. She was hooked and could not say no. She was their breeding whore and my loving wife who would do anything I asked her to do. She would even go to clubs alone and hook up with black men and come home with her pussy full of a strangers cum for me to eat out of her. Life was great.


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    Loved the contents of this interesting story followed with actual photos.
    Does bring back memories of my times with Black guys that I so enjoyed.
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    A fantastic cum to this story. Thanks, man!!

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    Your a very luck husband, hope your bride give you many black babies in the future.

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    I wish my husband would be into that.

    • Becky Townsend ID:pjbpvg5wlyx

      It is a lot of fun. Exciting not knowing what will happen when you give yourself freely to BBC. I have never felt so much excited and scared when I felt them cum in my pussy knowing I was unprotected. Then after it became almost a drug. I had to do it even more. I needed to pick up black guys at bars and just fuck them bareback in my car.

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    My husband only wants details when a big black cock fucks me. I leave the black cum inside me so my husband can see and feel what I was up to.