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Jan Prefers Black

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Following the trauma of a miscarriage Jan seeks solace in BBC’s

Jan couldn’t be happier. Although in her early forties she was finally pregnant. The father was one of her pupils from school, Desmond, a black boy. They had started fucking some 2 months earlier. Jan had found some sexy doodles in the back of the boys workbook in which he had also written that he “loved Jan” and “would like to fuck her.”

On reading this Jan was instantly wet between her legs. She loved black boys dick and had noticed that Desmond spent a lot of time looking at her, quickly averting his gaze when she caught him. She was just as attracted to him as he was to her and they become lovers. Desmond was well hung for his age and he was able to fill and stretch Jan’s cunt, making her orgasm numerous times and leaving her fully satisfied after every shag, although due to her high sex drive it wasn’t long before she wanted him to fuck her again.

They started fucking every Tuesday and Friday after school finished. They regularly started in the class room but usually went on to Desmond’s home to carry on. Then Jan’s husband agreed that Desmond could come round to Jan’s home every Saturday to do some gardening and odd jobs. Her husband was out playing golf most of the day so they were able to fuck as often as they liked. Desmond never found time to trim the garden hedges, the only thing he trimmed was Jan’s pubic hair when one day he carefully trimmed it into a heart shape before plunging his dick into her perfect pussy.

Jan’s husband was well aware of Jan’s love of black dick and was fully aware of what they got up to when he was golfing. And so it came as no surprise to him when Jan told him that she was pregnant and that it was more than likely that Desmond was the father. After all, he had pumped so much cum into Jan every time they were together and Jan had done what she could to stop any leaking out. It would be a miracle if he was not the father.

Her husband, accepting that the baby was likely to be Desmond’s, was happy to let them continue meeting and fucking. However, they had to be discrete since Desmond was only 15 years old. He would shortly be 16 but at the time they started to fuck he was underage. They had yet to decide and agree what to do when the baby was born but Jan’s husband was willing to keep it. The had thought of going away for a couple of months before the birth, having the baby whilst they were away and then returning saying that they had adopted an orphan baby. This was hardly likely to allay suspicions but at this stage they could not think of an alternative story.

In the meanwhile, Desmond and Jan continued to meet and fuck. Jan loved his piece of meat and had learned to take it deep in her throat allowing his cum to go straight to her stomach. Desmond was able to get hard again very quickly, even after Jan had seemingly sucked him dry. He had a steady supply of cum and the next lot would be destined for her cunt, shooting streams of it as he hit her cervix with the tip of his dick. They bought a copy of the Karma Sutra and would randomly open at a page and then use that pose for their next fuck. Jan was very vocal when being fucked, particularly by a black dick. She would implore Desmond to “fuck me harder, fuck me deeper. Give me all that black dick. Oh fuck, oh fuck. My cunt wants more, give it more.” They started to see each other more often and were able to go to Jan’s bed when her husband was away on business, which was fairly regular. When Desmond wasn’t with her she was thinking of his wonderful dick and wishing away the hours till he filled her twat with his boner.

Desmond’s parents were not aware that the two of them were in a sexual relationship. They thought that Jan was merely giving their son extra tuition and paying him for the weekend work. Well she was certainly giving him additional tuition but not in any academic sense and he didn’t do very much work for the money she gave him. But Desmond was worried that if they did find out then they would put a stop to it. As a virile 15 year old living his fantasy of shagging his beautiful mature teacher, Desmond did not want it to end.

Jan was two months into her pregnancy and was alone, thinking of Desmond’s dick whilst cleaning around the house, when she felt sharp pains in her abdomen. She initially ignored the pain at first, putting it down to the baby kicking. However it grew worse and she suddenly felt wet down below. She felt with her hand and on looking, found a mixture of what appeared to be water and blood. The pain grew worse and she could not stand, but lay on the floor, curled up, praying that the pain would go away. Fearful of losing her baby she managed to reach her mobile phone to dial 999. The ambulance arrived some 30 minutes later and the paramedics on examining her told her that she had suffered a miscarriage and had lost the baby. She was heart broken. Her husband was contacted and she was taken to hospital for a more detailed medical examination.

Jan was discharged 24 hours later and she returned home with her husband. She was still inconsolable and wept almost continuously. Her husband spoke to Desmond to explain the situation. Desmond was frightened at this development and, unsure what to do, decided to keep away telling his parents that teacher was away somewhere on holiday.

It was several weeks before Jan started to feel better, at least physically. Emotionally and mentally she was still tormented by the loss of her child. She gradually got back into her routine and returned to teaching at the school. She dreaded seeing Desmond again but she need not have worried because on casually enquiring where he was, she was told that his parents had moved from the area and that he had been withdrawn from school. Nobody seemed to know where the family had moved to. Jan was upset knowing that Desmond had left the area but felt that it was probably for the best. She needed to get herself fit, physically and mentally.

It wasn’t long before Jan became aware that the boys at school and men in the street were looking at her and clearly fantasising about her body. She realised that before her ordeal, this was precisely how all males used to look at her. She was still very attractive with a great shapely body and 38D’s that got more than their fair share of ogling. This realisation did wonders for her. She recognised that she was still attractive to men and that she wanted to revive her active sex life. She became wet between her legs just thinking about the possibilities. Remembering the joy she got from being fucked black she determined to find a huge black dick with veins standing out and big enough to spread her cunt to its maximum before pouring streams of cum around her insides. She was fully recovered and ready to pick up where she had left off. And she knew where she could start.

William was a new teacher at her school. He was 6 feet 2 inches tall, a very athletic body and black. They had not barely spoken other than the traditional good morning or good afternoon. Jan had, however, noticed that when in the staff room he would seem to be eyeing her up. She would turn and find him looking her body up and down, trying to be discrete, then looking elsewhere when he realised she had seen him. She knew that he was wondering what she would look like naked and what she would fuck like.

The staff room was quite full when she chanced to pass in front of William and she let her hand brush against the bulge in his trousers. It was done sufficiently discretely for nobody else in the busy staff room to see. She looked back after she passed and a broad lecherous smile spread across William’s face. Jan smiled back and looking down, saw that the bulge had grown a little more.

A few minutes later William approached her, introducing himself formally and enquiring what Jan taught and how long she had been at the school. The conversation was absurd, they both knew that what they really wanted to talk about was off limits in the staff room and William quietly suggested that they meet for a drink after school. Jan was more than up for it and they quickly agreed to meet at a public house about 5 miles from the school and which they both knew to be quiet between 4 and 6pm.

William arrived minutes before Jan and waited in his car in the car park till Jan arrived. On seeing Jan pull in he quickly jumped from his car and went over to greet Jan. Jan had taken time out to change into a mini pencil skirt which barely covered her back side and which hid even less when she sat down. She had a simple white blouse with enough buttons unfastened to reveal much of her superb breasts which were held in place by a quarter cup bra made of sheer lace through which her nipples and areola were clearly visible. William’s wide eyed stare told her that he was impressed.

They entered the pub and William got the drinks while Jan found a corner which was hidden away and was not overlooked. They settled down with their drinks and it wasn’t long before William’s hand was on Jan’s upper leg, working its way to her inner thighs. Has his hand moved Jan allowed her legs to part slightly giving him easier access. He quickly discovered that Jan was wearing the flimsiest g-string and his fingers were probing her freshly shaven pudendum. With little more teasing, Jan’s legs opened a little wider and William was able to rub his finger against her clitoris and feel the dampness seeping from Jan.

Jan herself was busy rubbing William’s cock. She felt it harden and grow as she stroked his cock through his trousers. But she wanted to feel it for real and she slowly unzipped his fly and his cock popped out. He had opted to go commando in the hope that this might happen. He had a very nice cock thought Jan. It was 8 or 9 inches in length and her thumb and fingers could not meet when wrapped around it. She took a quick look under the table and she could see that it was ebony black with large veins standing out, pumping the blood to maintain it’s rock hardness. Neither could wait to fuck and they immediately decided to find somewhere more discrete to extend their pleasure.

Quickly making themselves decent they left the pub and agreed to go to a local chain hotel where they could get a room. On reaching the hotel William checked them in saying that they were on their way to a wedding the following day and required just one night. The receptionist seeing no sign of any luggage, didn’t believe this for a minute and, fancying William herself, felt a pang of jealousy toward Jan.

They had no sooner closed the door on their room when they started ripping each others clothes off. William did literally rip off Jan’s bra and thong, rendering them useless for further use but this was not important. Fucking was the priority for them both and Jan was already whispering in William’s ear for him to fuck her hard. She held his dick and falling to the bed placed it between her legs crying “fuck me with this black dick. Fuck me fast and deep. Fill me with your lovely cum.” William had received all the encouragement that he needed and he dutifully eased his dick into Jan’s wet and ready cunt. He took it slowly at first but Jan threw her legs around his buttocks and pulled him into her. She wanted him to go deep into her, to touch and tease her cervix and to spread her cunt wide. She used her hands and her legs to pull his full length into her. He started to fuck her with long deep thrusts, each one more powerful. His balls began to bang against Jan adding to the pleasure. “Oh fuck. That’s it. Fuck me and fill me with your baby seed,” cried Jan. The feel of this steel hard black dick inside her, pumping back and forth and building up to a release of streams of cum was everything that she loved and longed for. William had stamina and he was fucking Jan for more than 15 minutes before he cried out that he was cumming. “Please, fill me with it,” called out Jan. When he came there seemed to be litres of white creamy seed rolling around Jan’s innards and again she put her legs around him tightly to stop him pulling out. She held him there till his spasming gradually subsided with the release of has last drop of cum.

It had been a glorious fuck for both but neither was finished and Jan turned William over and bent to take his dick into her mouth. She enjoyed the slightly salty taste of his cum as she cleaned up his dick with her tongue. It wasn’t long before he was hard again and she thought his dick even more impressive, long, shining black with her spittle reflecting the light off it. She took it into her mouth again and slowly swallowed it. She had learned to take a dick down her throat without gagging and she knew that no man could resist this. But she wanted him to fuck her in her arse and so she slowly released his dick before turning on to all fours and ordering him to fuck her arse. William added his own spittle to his dick and Jan’s arse before easing his bell end into her. Once the end was in he was able to push forward whilst Jan pushed backwards against him to ensure maximum penetration. They fucked like this for several minutes with Jan “oohing and moaning” with pleasure. She loved being fucked like this almost as much as having it in her cunt. Both gave her unforgettable pleasure. She allowed William to cum in her arse knowing that he had much more seed that he would fill her cunt with.

They lay back and rested for a while. They talked quietly, learning about each other and William played with Jan’s tits whilst they talked. He tweaked her nipples making them stand out and he then took them in his mouth, his tongue licking them whilst he occasionally took them between his teeth and gave a little bite which made Jan flinch with pain but she didn’t object to a bit of pain from a sexual liaison. She had on a number of occasions indulged in BDSM and had no fear of it, indeed she entered into it freely and willingly.

William appeared to be interested in whether Jan had been involved in any sex orgies involving multiple men and Jan confirmed that she had on more than one occasion. She related to him how she had attended a private stag night with some seventeen men (including the groom) in attendance and after performing a striptease each man had fucked her, in her mouth, her arse and of course her cunt. Most had fucked her more than once and she had no way of knowing how many times she had been fucked. To cap the night off, the grooms father had produced a large dog and everybody watched and cheered as the dog fucked her with its long thick cock before knotting her whilst it filled her with its seed.

This story turned William on and he was aroused with his cock once again standing big and black and ready for action. Jan too was ready and she straddled William, lowering herself onto his dick and becoming impaled on it. She steadily raised and lowered herself on his shaft and before long he was thrusting forward to meet her lowering herself and they built up a rhythm for another 15 minutes when William called that he was going to cum. “Cum inside me,” shouted Jan. “I want all your baby seed,” she added. She lowered herself to ensure that all his dick was inside her as he shot streams of cum into her. “Oh, that’s so nice. I love it,” she said. She remained tightly on his dick to try and retain all the sperm that he had ejaculated into her.

They lay there a little while before, totally sated, they dressed to leave. Jan of course had no underwear since William had torn it off her in his lust. They drove back into town for Jan to collect her car and agreed to meet again. William asked whether Jan would mind if he brought a mate or two with him. He was still excited about Jan’s orgy story and he wanted to be in one. Jan said that she had no objections providing that they were all black. She added that she didn’t mind how many there were, she knew that she would be able to satisfy them all. She was in fact getting wet just thinking about it and with no underwear it was slowly running down her inner thighs. “Just organise for this coming weekend,” Jan added excitedly. “O, and if you want to bring a camera to record the action that is okay by me,” Jan said mischievously. They separated, each to go home, and William was already shaking with excitement at the prospect of the orgy with Jan.

Saturday couldn’t come round fast enough for Jan and she spent the time preparing herself. She shaved every last pubic hair from her body and applied lotion to take the sting away and to leave her skin soft and unblemished, ready for anybody and everybody to kiss and stroke. On the day she decided to wear a boob tube that was both sheer and tight fitting, allowing it to push her 38D’s high whilst outlining her nipples which stood out just below the top of the tube. She wore a very short pleated and flared skirt beneath this to give the appearance of a school girl. She knew that this was a definite turn on for men. Her underwear was limited to a pair of gossamer thin panties which were completely see through. A pair of 6 inch stilettos completed her dress. She looked magnificent and inwardly was saying bring it on.

When William picked her up his eyes almost left his head whilst his mouth lay open with the sight that confronted him. As Jan climbed into the car her husband waved her off and shouted “enjoy yourself.” Jan needed no urging, she was determined to have a great night.

They pulled up outside a large house in a good district of the town. William came round to help her out of the car and they approached the house. “I don’t know how many will be here,” he said. “I invited four but they may have brought some of their friends as well.” “The more the merrier,” responded Jan.

They entered the house and William led here to a room off the hallway. Inside there were at least a dozen boys and men, all black and fit looking. “WOW,” said Jan. “This is more than I hoped for.” She was looking round the room at them all and noticed that two of the boys were pre teens. This didn’t worry her since her philosophy was if they are old enough to get an erection, they are old enough to fuck.” Jan saw masturbating as useful but something of a waste if there was an available mouth or cunt around. Rather than waste the seed somebody could enjoy the taste of swallowing it or better still, fill her cunt with it.

She asked the men “are you ready to begin,” and to a man they replied a resounding “Yes.” “Then lets get partying,” she said whilst removing her boob tube. Many hands rushed to help her remove her skirt and panties which they gently laid across the back of a chair. “Now let me see your equipment gentlemen,” she said. “I hope that I am not disappointed,” she added. As they revealed their dicks she knew that she would have no disappointments. Even the pre teens had impressive knobs and the lads were stroking them at the sight of Jan’s body. The others ranged in size from around 7 inches to a good 10 inches. All were perfect specimens of manhood.

Jan decided to start with the pre teens and moved towards them. “Have you fucked before,” she asked. “Yes,” they both replied. “We fuck the white girls at school,” the added. “Well, I’m not a girl and I’m going to teach you what a real fuck is like.” The boys dicks were by now ready and she noticed that even at this early age their dicks were a good 6 inches. She was going to enjoy this. “I want one of you to fuck my cunt whilst the other fucks my arse. Then you can swap over.” She placed one lad on his back on the floor and lowered her cunt on to his dick. His dick slid effortlessly in to her and the boy gasped at the sensation. She instructed the other boy to come up behind her and fuck her back side. Again his dick entered without difficulty. They both then proceeded to fuck her and each could feel the others dick in her innards. It was ecstasy for all three. Jan was living her fetish for young black dick and both these had obviously fucked many times because they knew how to do it in unison to give Jan the best fuck. Both went deep at the same time and Jan delighted in their prowess. They surprisingly fucked her for a good 10 minutes, urged on by the men, before they both filled her with their seed at the same time.

She told the boys that they could fuck her again later when they could change positions if they wanted. Both were temporarily satisfied but she knew that they would be desperate to fuck her again in a short while. Their dicks hung flaccid, shining with the mixture of cum and Jan’s juices.

Jan looked around the room and asked who wanted to fuck her next and with them all responding “me,” she had to decide who it would be. This was not an easy decision with so much lovely black dick on display. She decided that she would work her way up by size, saving the biggest until last.

She approached a 6 feet 2 inches tall man whose glorious 8 inches member was ebony black and upright. “Have you fucked a white woman before,” Jan inquired. “We have all fucked white before ,” he replied. The young girls love our dicks and come for alcohol or drugs in return for a shag. We don’t like to disappoint them.” Jan took hold of his dick and led him to a settee where she sat on the edge and pushing him down told him to clean her out with his tongue. He was remarkably good at this and had a long ish tongue that went into her cunt as well as toying with her clitoris. She pushed him to the floor and turning round, lowered her cunt to his face whilst taking his dick into her mouth. His cock barely fitted into her mouth, it was unusually thick. She sucked only for a few minutes because she wanted to feel it spreading her cunt wide. She turned round and slowly lowered herself onto his dick. She loved the experience of feeling it stretching her cunt whilst her muscles gripped it tightly whilst drawing it in. He was enjoying playing with Jan’s tits whilst his dick was gently easing its full length into Jan. He slapped the tits hard and bit on them leaving some teeth marks. Jan enjoyed the pain of this and began to fuck furiously on his dick. It took her several more minutes to get him to the point of cumming and she has experienced an orgasm during this time. Her body shook with the orgasm and her juices ran out and down his dick. But she wanted his seed inside her and she continued to fuck him till she felt the throbbing and pulsating as his dick sent steams of his seed deep inside her.

Jan was really enjoying herself and had been taking the lead so far but she wanted to be servile and to be abused. She felt like a whore and wanted to be treated as such. She wanted them to dominate her and pleasure themselves with her body. “Right, I am all yours to do as you wish and for you to do as you wish with me,” she announced. “You can all fuck me how and whenever you want and I want you to punish me for being naughty or for not satisfying you properly. You can fuck me individually or jointly using every hole in my body and I will take any amount of your cum in my mouth, swallowing it all.”

Within seconds Jan had two men both trying to get their dick in her cunt but with them being so big this was not possible so they settled on one in her cunt and one in her arse. Both stretched her to the limit but made her orgasm loudly. Another had forced his dick in her mouth and was throat fucking her forcefully. When these three had given her every ounce of their cum three more jumped in to further fill her. This time the dicks were not as big and both squeezed into her cunt. She marvelled at how this could stretch her cunt and the joy of the combined dicks deep inside her. There was much cum running out of her by the time that these has dumped theirs inside her. Some of the watchers had been wanking whilst watching and waiting their turn and they had all cum into a large mug which was now presented to Jan and she was told that she must drink it all as she had promised. Without hesitation Jan slurped the cum down. Thankfully it was still warm and fresh and she enjoyed it enormously.

The young boys came forward to claim their promised second fuck and Jan was only too pleased to continue with their education. They had the energy of youth and fucked her franticly, much to Jan’s delight. She looked down at one of them as his cock rubbed against Jan’s pudenda prior to his entering her cunt. She loved the contrast of her white smooth skin against the shiny ebony black dick rubbing against her. Once the dick was inside her she wrapped her legs around the boy and also using her hands to pull on his buttocks, she pulled and sucked him into her to his cocks maximum depth. She didn’t release him until she had extracted every last drop of the not insignificant load of cum that he had deposited in her. Immediately after he did withdraw, the other boy took his place and thrust his dick straight into Jan’s twat. He pumped away, urged on by Jan and eventually he added his dump of cum to that of his friend.

The fucking continued mercilessly with another dick entering Jan’s twat as soon as one left it after dumping a load of seed. So much cum had been pumped into her that when a dick entered her it pushed cum out to make way for more. But Jan was in good form and was enjoying herself with so much black dick around and in her. Her lower body was now covered in cum and she asked for a short halt to allow her to clean herself up a little. She had long lost count of the number of fucks that she had endured but she was beginning to feel a little sensitive. In the bathroom she washed herself down as best she could and returned to the fray, seeking out more black dick and draining them of all the cum that their balls could produce.

After some 3 hours of continuous fucking she had to call a halt to proceedings but did promise to return on another day to continue satisfying both her and the boys and men’s needs. Whilst she needed to rest now her craving for black dick remained just as strong. She was unable to fully understand why she loved black dick but love it she did and her appetite for it would never diminish.

She found her few clothes, the boob tube and her skirt and put them on. She could not find her panties and she believed that one of the boys had got them as a memento. William was ready to take her home but before leaving she promised that she would be back and that they would be able to engage in any sexual fantasies or perversions that that they could thing of. Anything sexual would be allowed. She requested that more pre teens be invited next time since she derived great pleasure from them fucking her. She added that if they knew of a black monster cock then she would be interested in testing it out.

William drove Jan home and they nearly had a number of accidents because he was having difficulty concentrating on driving with Jan’s cunt showing below her skirt which had ridden up. Jan further teased him by pulling her boob tube down revealing her tits. They did eventually pull up at Jan’s home and she gave William a big kiss to thank him for organising a wonderful evening and she reminded him to get more young black boys for next time. She also said that they could meet up privately after school to enjoy a little fucking without others. She gave him a final kiss and left to go in knowing that her husband would want a full report of how she had got on and that after this he would want to fuck her himself.

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