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Dream Life Part 12

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Katie saw my fuck my daughter, What could happen…

(Read Part 1 – 11)(Just read part 10 and saw I said Katie was 10 she is still 9 thats was a mistake, sorry)

Katie just stood there staring at my cum covered cock, Hazel then looked at the door and told Katie to come over, Katie then walked over and pulled her hand out of her pants Hazel then said “Katie why dont you clean my Daddy’s cock”, Katie then looked at me and said “Is that ok mister”, I nodded and she started licking my cock clean, She the looked at me and said thank you before heading out the room.

Later that day Ella and Ashely comes into my room Begging my to fuck them with in seconds Ella is laying on the bed while I pound her pussy and Ashley is sitting on her face, then they switch place, As I pound Ashley Ella asked if I was gonna fuck Katie I just looked at Ella and kissed her before I pulled out and came on there faces. Later that day I went into Hazels room and laid on her bed as she got on top and started to ride me “FUCK DADDY GOD”, I put my hand on her waist and began to bounce her on my cock causing her to cum on my cock “FUCK DADDY IM CUMMING”, She came twice as I bounced her, I then put her down and stared pounding her pussy for a few second before cumming deep inside her and I the proceeded to sleep in the bed with Hazel.

A week later there was a knock on the door, I open it and Katie was standing there asking if she could stay here with me forever I just stood there as this 9 year old girl I only met a week ago was asking to live here, Ava then brings her in and I talk with every on living here and we all decided to let her in, Katie will share Ella’s room, Later that day Katie comes to me and asked if she could suck my dick again so I got it out and she started sucking until I came down her throat, she then got up and asked me “Can you teach me to have sex?”, I look at her and said yes, she then hugs me and said “Thanks daddy”, Katie then said sorry for calling me Daddy but I just kiss her on the lips.

After Katie heads to her room Ava and Alice come to me with a pregnancy test and there both positive I and over joyed with my firsts daughters are pregnant again, I kiss them both and we tell the rest of the girls and send a text to the boys who are at boarding school for a bit.

(This is Fiction)

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    Get young Katie into that bed and deflower that tight 9 year old.pussy And fill it with your hot cum

  • Reply [email protected] ID:fx7w18hrd

    Daddy needs to impregnate me too

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  • Reply Pregnant fetish ID:60a9y93a8

    I love all this pregnancy I hope Katie gets pregnant and soon

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