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Continued surprise in the Kitchen SECOND PART OF PART 3

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Beam gave my mouth 7 huge loads of his yummy. doggy cum.
I hope Jack and him a cum is as good as Beans is. But I do know I will find out. I slowly got to my feet and walked over to a small bench we have in the Kitchen and sat on the end edge of it.
I laid back on it and felt a cold nose between my knees trying to force them apart. I looked down to see Jack’s big eyes looking at me begging kinda. Well how could I refuse him. I opened myself to him and wagging his tail. Walked forward to my still wet kitty and licked me slow and soft till I came, it felt very loving. After that it livened up. With Beam crawling under me to lick my cum covered ass Then Jack did it he mounted me in the missionary. After a few miss guided pokes he found the entrance. And quickly grew with each thrust. As he pumped my pussy Beam continued to lick my ass clean of my cum and the bottom of my pussy while Jack hammered away at me with his big doggy cock.
I still had Beams cum taste and scent in and on my mouth. Wondering what we would taste like together, I reached down to get some of me on my fingers. As I reached for my mouth Jim joined the party. He can to my face and started to lick Beams com from my mouth like French kissing me then he cleaned my cum covered fingers. He jumped up on me and started to hump the top of my head.
And the thought of two doggy cocks in me at the same time.sent me into multiple orgasms, which made Beam lick my ass with more force and was actually tongue fucking me in the ass. OMG that felt so amazing; my boy’s were definitely spoiling me. Back to Jim. I lowered my head and like I did before with my hands end to end again I guided l my second doggy cock into my mouth. I got my second mouth full of doggy cum and took every drop. That made me gush all over Beam”s tongue that was in and out of my ass. And Jack let loose a massive load with force I’ve never felt before
I was sweaty and smelled of complete list and doggy sex Ang my boy’s licked all over my body head to toe cleaning me completely at least they thought.
I had enough time to clean up before my boyfriend came home. But I can’t wait till the morning.

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  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    And amazingly, the BF still has no clue. Will he be delighted and turned on when he finds out, or angry? Women can keep secrets though. My ex GF’s ex husband never knew she fucked their dog. Her sister knew, and I knew, but she never told anyone else.

  • Reply Bob ID:3tlp9yw8hrb

    Jill loves her 3 dogs!!! And they love her. So hot that they lick her and fuck her so wonderfully.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Ren ID:phayta5dg7b

    I’m wet

  • Reply Jeff ID:sejrzd0yuz1

    Love that you are sharing you dog cum experience. I love women who are slurs for dogs. So sexy.