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All in the Family 3

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So after waking my 10 year old sister with a morning fuck session, her friends came over for a play date

5 little girls, with the youngest being 10 and the oldest being 12, all running around the house the whole day, it was gonna be a very interesting day to say the least.

It was a nice sunny Friday, so the first thing the girls wanted to do was go play in the pool. First they went to my sister’s room to change into their bikinis. Watching them all come downstairs in their different bikinis definitely turned me on. All of a sudden I knew I was gonna have a visually pleasing day.

The girls all looked sexy in their bikinis including my little sister, whom I have seen a whole lot more of her. The one that caught my eyes the most was the youngest, Suzie (10). She had on a nice lacy black bikini, which seemed to be smaller for her size. Suzie was black and a bit on the chubby site, and for a 10 year old, she had an ass most teenage and older girls would simply be jealous of. I knew I had to take pictures of the girls, especially Suzie.

While the girls were in the pool playing, I came out in just my beach shorts, no underwear, sat on the pool chair and pretended to get some sun. As the girls were playin I would sneak in some pictures and videos. At some point Suzie noticed my boner and saw I was taking pictures of them and she started teasing me when the others weren’t looking. This went on for a while and I was ready to jump into the pool and tear off Suzie’s bikini and fuck her right there and then. Nonetheless, I had to control myself.

After a while I had Suzie ask my little sister were the bathroom was. Before she could answer I chimed in told her that I would show her where it was. So Suzie got out of the pool and went inside, instead of me leading her to the bathroom I followed behind her, and watched her dripping wet ass jiggle as I told her where to go.

I took a video of her ass (note: her small bikini was wedged deep in her ass she looked like she was wearing a thong) as I directed and followed her. Instead of leading her to the main bathroom I lead her to the one in my room. As she came out of the bathroom I was laying on my bed pitching a steel hard tent in my shorts. Suzie was heading out my room then stopped her and told her to stay for a little bit so I can get to know her.

She told me she lived alone with her mother and didn’t know who her real daddy was. All the while when we were taking she kept staring at my cok. So I asked her if she’s ever seen one before and she said yes. I asked whose dick she saw, she said her mom’s boyfriend and she did more than just look. I knew this was a chance I could not miss. So I took off my shorts and revealed my ragin hard cock.

I padded the bed next to me signaling for Suzie to come next to me and she did without hesitation. Before I could even say a word this little chubby 10 year old was already jerking me off. While she was jerking me off we began to make out. Before long she was sucking on my dick, all I could think about is whatever her mother’s boyfriend taught her, she was good at it.

The sight of 10 year old Suzie deep thrusting my adult cock too much for me to handle. I shot streams of cum down her young throat. She did her best to try and swallow as much as she could, but, some managed leak down on my cock all the way to my balls. I thought that was the end of it but, she was taught real well, as she proceeded to lick every inch of my cock and balls till it was clean.

I checked the time and it was time to make the girls lunch. Damn I really wanted to go further but, I had to stop for now. I told Suzie to go and join the others, while I went and made them lunch.

To be continued….
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