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What’s wrong with me

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I’m her older cousin I’m 15, she’s young and cant feel below her waist…

I’m a 15 year old female and my younger cousin can’t feel below her waist and ive always liked people younger then me, and I’ve done something I’m not so proud of, I licked my finger and stuck it inside of her cunt, it was so soft, so tight, I needed more from her I just wanted to lay down and start licking her up but what would be the point? She’s old enough to tell on me and I will be sent to jail! But the only reason I had access to her is she needs someone to watch her and catheter her, so I do it for her, and I fingered her a little bit and I got so fucking wet from it I had to change her quickly and go masturbate, I feel like a terrible person but god I love them young, so soft, so tight, maybe when she’s older I’ll use a strap on her, but this next time I wanna use this small toy i have for anal, and use it on her ass, I know she can’t feel it but it’s only to get me by for the day you know?
I masturbate so much I bet I can fit her while hand into my cunt, I wanna meet more people like me so I can help myself get over this, I can’t be thinking like this, it’s so lewd, if you can help me just email me at [email protected]

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