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How a married my cousin and her twin daughters

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I lost my family because of her. She going pay

I’m 43 year old. I was in prison since I was 19 here why I was married with my 13 year old wife and have three child with her. I was 17 and she was 11. We fuck and she got pregnant. She ran away with me and no one couldn’t find us. We have a baby girl. When she was 12 we have another baby girl. And when she was 13 she gave birth twin boy. I was so happy I have two son. My friend got a license to married people and he married us. To pay I have him fuck my wife on my wedding day. He was 26. When they done fucking I took her to our honeymoon. My cousin work at that hotel I didn’t know. She call the police I have a warrant of kidnapping and rape to a minor. Police came and arrested me. They took my wife back to her dad and my childrens. Judge gave me 23 year in prison. In prison I received a letter from my wife:
Dear, Babe
You know I love you. I writing you because I make a mistake. I have to give our childrens to a adoption center. I got pregnant to child from your friend where he paid me 2000 dollar for a abortion. But now I want a divorce I pregnant and the father is my dad. My dad took me to a abortion center for your friend baby. A soon we left abortion center we got to the car my dad and me we fuck in the car and now I’m pregnant and my dad is the dad. I’m going married my dad and your friend married us. Good buy forever. With that letter she send pictures of her and dad fucking each other. They went to the same place I took her for my honeymoon and same hotel. My cousin gave then same room. All it was a plan. I received more letters from her every year now she have 8 childrens from him and one on the way. Now she 26 and have 8 childrens. Age 14 she got a baby boy 15 she got another boy age 16 another boy 17 twin girls, 18 another boy, 19 a girl and 20 another girl. And expecting another girl. She send me another later saying that my cousin fuck her dad too and got pregnant with twins girls that now they 11. Finally I get out from prison. 40 year old. My friend call a Uber it was a lady pick me up. It was my cousin she didn’t recognize me because of my beard. Nice hot body big boobs she got a short mini skirt. I look at her and said you don’t remember me. She say no, I said hello cousin. Is me Tommy. She was so hot bad at the age of 45. I took a toothbrush and use as a knife. I told her to stop and park behind a abandoned house. Brought her to the back seat. I force her a kiss. My tongue inside her mouth. She was fighting me I slapped her 5 time and then she started breeding on her nose. And she calmed. I ripped her shirt and bra starting sucking her huge tits. It was so fucking good tits. I force a hickey both tits. She moaned loud Oooooooooooooooh Fuuuuuuck. Fuck slut you like it what Bim doing.” Long time I don’t fuck a girl and I loose my wife because of you slut” I told her. She was crying saying I’m sorry I’m sorry I have two childrens. I told “yes I know and when can we get home they will becoming my little sluts” She cry please no don’t I will fuck you but don’t touch them” I told her ok now suck my cock. She put in inside her mouth ooooooooh fuck yees suck my cock she was going crazy in and out in and out. Oooooooooooooooh yess oooooh yess she sucking faster candy faster. Oooooooooooooooh my God I’m going to cuuuum as she swallowed a huge loads. I removed her panty pull her skirt up and started eating and finger her pussy
She was moaning loud Oooooooooooooooh daddy oooooooh fuuuuck don’t stop don’t fucking stop. Her pussy so good mmmmm finger harder and then she scream I’m going to cuuuum. She cum and squirt tasty juice.
I’m going make you have my baby hoe because of you I lost my kids. I put my huge 14 inch and started fucking her in and out harder and harder the car was shaking she was moaning ooooooooh fuck me fuck me her tits was slapping my face. I was going fucking that slut harder with no mercy. In 45 minutes I told her I’m going to cum ooooooooh here come your baby ooooiooooooo Fuuuuuuck huge load inside her. (Part 2 coming soon The twins become little sluts)

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    Spelling and writing needs work. Good idea thpugh

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    Such a bad story