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Sex Toy

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There’s nothing quite like being kidnapped and raped in someone’s basement. Nothing quite like finding out that your captor is, in fact, a woman, or that she has a massive 9 inch cock that she’s been punishing your holes with for the last few days.

I had gone out for a run after work, my earbuds in and D cup tits bouncing around in my sports bra as I jogged past block after block. I was completely unaware of the SUV following me from behind, so it was no surprise that when I stopped for a quick water break, I was promptly struck in the head and unconscious.

When I came to, I couldn’t see anything as a cloth was tied around my eyes. I tried moving, but felt I was strapped down on some sort of padded table, my wrists and ankles bound and my waist strapped down. My mouth was stuffed with a ball gag, and it felt as though my asshole was plugged to. My head was on fire and my limbs were sore; I must’ve been here for a little while after passing out.

All of a sudden, I heard heels against concrete walking towards me.

“Awake, are we? Good, cuz I’m ready to get a taste of that tight cunt!” It was obviously a woman that had captured me, her sultry voice teasing me as I felt her come up behind me. To my surprise, however, I felt a bulge as she pressed herself against my ass.

“You feel my cock, baby? Are you surprised? Well, you’re not going to have too much time to be shocked before I start fucking you with it. Oh, and it’s fully functional too; you’ll be dripping with my cum when I’m satisfied.” She smacked my ass as she laughed at my misfortune and rubbed her cock against my pussy, getting us both wet.

I tried to struggle and test my bindings as I felt the tip of her dick start pressing into my hole, but I was held down tight. There was nothing I could do before I felt the head pop into my cunt and she forced the shaft into my aching pussy. I moaned around the gag, drooling as she slammed in and out, in and out.

I could feel her balls slap against my clit, and the pressure her dick was creating against my cervix was intense. She had no mercy on me, smacking my ass and dragging her long nails down my back as she fucked me senseless. She pounded into me faster and harder, and I could hear her breathing become laboured as she was getting close. With hands gripping my waist, all it took was a couple decided thrusts before she was groaning and a warm sensation began to fill my belly.

“Oh yeah, you’ll make a great toy. I haven’t cum like that in awhile!” She pulled out her cock and smacked my ass until I cried out. Then, I felt her spread open my pussy and fuck something into it, which she left in as soon as it hit my cervix. Then, I felt her wrap something between my legs, attaching it around my waist and thighs like a diaper, then a “click” as soon as she was done.

“Can’t have you wasting a drop of my cum, so it’s gonna stay in there for the rest of the night, toy. But don’t worry, you won’t be by yourself down here. I’ve got a friend to keep you company.” As a protested around my gag, I heard a buzzing noise as soon as she finished her sentence. The noise came closer as she walked back around to my pussy, and I was soon met with a strong vibration to my clit.

My captor attached to vibe to my chastity belt, where it was positioned to pay unrelenting attention to my clit. As if my pussy wasn’t tortured enough, the dildo inside of my pussy, keeping the cum in, and my ass began to vibrate as I heard the click of a button. I cried around my gag in intense pleasure, and soon came explosively with the vibrations. Pleasure turned to pain as my sensitive, freshly fucked pussy came over and over again as my captor watched and laughed.

“Have fun, my little sex toy. I’ll be back in the morning to fuck and torture you some more. You’ll be begging for my dick in no time once we get more acquainted. Night night, slave.” The clicking of her heels faded away as I cried around the gag as I came endlessly.

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