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pedo bi urges

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Tasting his little boy dick for the first time

. i found out that i liked younger girls, much younger, and even boys, at a young age. i was six when i had my first encounter with the same sex. he was 4 his name was brian colby. he lived across the street from us. i remember my mom would watch him and his sister on occasion. on this particular night they had brought an overnight bag. Usually they would be gone by our bedtime. i never knew why they stayed all night that and the next three nights with us but i sure didn’t mind. brian was bunked with me and his sister, Suzy colby for some reason slept in my moms room, that first night anyways. before we went to bed, bathes were taken, brian and myself together and im not sure if if Suzy took hers alone or not, once in the bath i started feeling this weird kinda, (for lack of a better word) sensation in my belly and groin area after i saw little Brian nude.my little penis got hard and Brian noticed. he asked in his little four year old voice, whats the matter billy, does that hurt. i started to say no at first but quickly devised a plan. i said yes brian it does hurt, will you help make it not hurt. he agreed to help right away and asked what he could do to help me. i said that he needed to take my penis in his thumb and finger and slide up and down on it. he did what i asked. i remember how good it felt for my little cock to be touched by someone other than myself. after a few minutes he asked if it was starting to not hurt any more. i said that it was.but he needed to do it longer for it to completely stop hurting. he continued to jack me off. i’m not sure how much time had passed but i heard my mom tell us to get out of the tub cause it was Suzies turn in the bath.brian and i got out dried off put on our pj’s and headed for my room.once in bed i told him that my pee-pee still hurt. he eagerly said he would rub it some more.i took my pajama bottom off and lay back on my pillow.as brian was rubbing my dick i noticed a tiny trouser tent forming in his pj’s. i asked if his was hurting too and he looked down at his own little stiffy not knowing that it had gotten hard. he said yes he thinks so. i will rub it and make yours feel better, i told him that a doctor i had seen once made my stiffy better by using his mouth and if he’d like, i would use my mouth to make his feel good. he agreed. i told him to take off all his clothes as i did then to lay on top of me with his head where my pee-pee was and his pee-pee where my head was. i seen this position in one of my dads old porn mag. i didn’t know that was called a sixty nine. i remember becoming so turned on after brian got into position. i reached around his little four year old ass with both my arms and hugged that soft but firm baby butt while i positioned my mouth to recieve his tiny cock. i took it all the way into my mouth bobbing my neck up and down tasting his little boy dick for the first time. i pulled out and began licking the shaft all the way to his base and the licked on those juicy little balls.all the while rubbing and caressing his ass. i ran my right thumb down the crack of his ass and stopped at his tight pink hole. i pressed my thumb against his boy pussy and it slide in, just a tiny bit. he stopped licking me and looked back and asked what i was doing. before i could answer he started moaning. he said that my doctor was right, using my mouth did feel better than rubbing it with my hands. after a few minutes of sucking each other i definitely had an oragasm with no cum but it felt wonderful.

more to cum. let me know

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  • Reply Nicko88 ID:gnrvcvoid

    Billy. A very hot story! It got me hard and stroking the whole story. I will read your other stories as well. So awesome that you were able to start at that age! Fucking hot!

  • Reply Bob ID:1davj7ej6p6d

    Woww, i love your post.. I love little kids and you guys really got my cock hard.. I wish i was with you, i would have loved to suck both of you.. I love the 69 position it is great for sucking each others cocks at the same time.. I would have loved to play with your ass a lot more to… I love a hot ass to play with.. I love kissing a girls pussy to I am older and i love sex with kids

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1d5zw4xaj3q0

    Would loved to hve seen that.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zfij

    Lovely way to start a juicy sex life!

    • Bob ID:1davj7ej6p6d

      Would love to suck cock with you

  • Reply Sonia ID:v7fz30454fv

    Very good starting. I was at your age but with oldest boy, at first it was scary because he was at top but later i enjoy it.

  • Reply Thomas ID:v7fz30454fv

    Of course my friend we want more. I was 10 when i do that with younger brother and cousin. I know how it is 69 with one so young cock in your mouth.

    • Dan ID:10zhlx7x20j

      Love this story

    • Bob ID:1davj7ej6p6d

      Yes i do love a nice young cock to suck on..I think that young cock is the very best

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1coe3h3l7u05

    nice i so enjoyed. more like this please!