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My Sexual Encounter With A Gentleman

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Did you ever date a guy who you thought was such a gentleman but, turn out quite different in the bedroom? I did and I was shocked but, oh my gosh I had never had a better lover, ever.
We met in a bar, started talking and drinking. He was the classiest guy I’d ever seen in a bar. Dressed in a suit. Erect posture, carried himself with great confidence. Soft spoken. Stood up, when I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back until, I was seated. He opened doors for me. I was so impressed. You don’t see guys these days with this kind of behavior.

We were talking and he ask me, “Would you like to go back to my apartment?” I said, “I would love to.”
We get to his place. It was put together as well as he was. Impeccable taste and everything in its place.
He opened a bottle of champagne for us. It was wonderful. He talked about his job. He was a business manager of a huge corporation. He wanted to know why I came back to his apartment if I’m married?
I first told him, it was him, the way he spoke and carried himself, I couldn’t resist being with him. Then he said, “What would your husband say if he knew?” “I told him, “I always tell my husband if I go out with someone.” He said, “Really?” “I said, “Yes.”

He picked up the champagne bottle and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom and get comfortable. “I got my glass and walked to his bedroom. He was right behind me. He set down the bottle and his glass then said, “Stand here.” I stood where he said and he came over and said, “I’ll do everything, you do nothing.”
He started taking off my clothes. He took off my dress, unhooked my bra, slid down my panties then, took his clothes off in front of me. He’s looking up and down my body. Then he said, 34 DD right?” I said, “Why yes, how’d you know?” He said, experience, I guess.

The way he moved and acted I thought he’d be so gentle and tender during sex. Boy, was I wrong. He started kissing my tits. He sat me down on the bed. He sucked them so hard. I thought I would have hickies on them in the morning.
He bit my nipple and made me yell. He squeezed them and pushed them together around his dick. He had a nice big dick. It had to be 9″. Plus it was big around and I couldn’t wait to feel it in my pussy. I was getting wet looking at it and I wanted to suck it. I wasn’t sure if he wanted me to touch it or not. He was kinda in control of things.

Just then he lifted his dick and put it on my lips and said, ” Open your mouth and suck.” So, I did. He held my head and pulled it on his dick, pushing it deep in my throat. He would slide his dick in and out of my mouth. Then, he would push it way down my throat and ram it three or four times to the back if my throat. When he did it he would grunt like ugh, ugh, ugh. It would cut off my breathing and make me gag.
He said, “Do you like men to cum in your mouth?” I said, “Sometimes.” He said, “Well, I’m cumming in it, now.” And, he did, right down my throat. I had to swallow.

He took it out of my mouth and said, “Lay down in the bed. He opened a drawer in the night stand and pulled out a cloth then covered my eyes. I let him. Then he put hand cuffs on my wrist and attached them to the bed post. That was making me nervous. I said, ” Why are you doing this?” He said, “It brings
intense sexual awakenings to your experiences. He did the same thing to my ankles. Well, I had never done this before so maybe he had something.

He got on top of me and started rubbing my pussy with his fingers. He slid three fingers in me and at first he was going slow and easy. Then, he started hand fucking my pussy so hard, he immediately made me cum. He was pounding my pussy with the palm of his hand and he hit it with such force, I cum some every time he hit it. He got my pussy nice and wet then slid his dick in. Oh wow, he was big and it felt so good. He started in and out slowly at first. He set back on his legs, lifted my hips a little and started fucking me the way his hand fucked me. He pounded my pussy so hard. Every time he hit me as hard as he did, it made me cum. I was cumming continuously. I was laying in a puddle of wetness. I said, ” Please stop and let me catch my breath.” He didn’t.

He pounded my pussy until he cum, which was a long time. Maybe it seemed like a long time because I was cumming so much, I felt dizzy. He leaned forward still pounding me and started sucking my titties.
His dick totally filled my pussy and every time he moved it rubbed my clit. I was amazed. He touched me with something that was cold and metal. I said, “What’s that?” He said, ” It’s called the bullet.” He took it and stuck it in my ass. It actually felt good. It wasn’t huge just about the size of a big cigar. With that in my ass his dick felt even better. He could fuck a long time without cumming.

I’ve never had anybody make me cum so many times or hit my g-spot the way he did. Having a vaginal climax the same time you’re having a clitoral climax is more than amazing.
He was fucking me and said, I’m cumming, I could feel his dick swell and shoot shot after shot of cum in my pussy. It felt like a lot. I thought my husband was gonna love fucking my pussy with a lot of cum in it. I couldn’t wait to tell him when I got home.

He slid his dick in and out of the load he left in me then, pulled his dick out. He lifted the cloth on my eyes and ask, “Was it satisfying to you?” I said, “Oh well, I’m sure you’ll have to rep!ace your mattress due to the mess you made me make.” He laughed and said, “There’s a mattress cover on, I just have to wash the sheets.” I told him, “You are a exceptional lover.” T”Totally amazing.”

I said, “Are you gonna take the cuffs off?” He said, “I’m debating if I should fuck you again.” Then he reached down and took the bullet out of my ass. He said, “I’ll let you get home to your husband.”
Then he ask, “What are you gonna tell him.” I said, “I’ll tell him everything, how amazing you were, how big your dick was and how many times you made me cum.” He said, That’s amazing.” I said, “Yes, it is.”
I got dress and he walked me to my car and home I went. I was weak in my knees.

I can’t wait to tell my husband he’s gonna love it.

๐Ÿ‘„This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.๐Ÿ‘…

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    Oh hell yeah, our program director at the clinic vicki puts on this prim and proper married women but is such the freak in the sheets.

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    Keep it on