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My daughter and me plus granddaughter makes three

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‘didn’t like the fact that I had a secret affair with her ten year old daughter…

I couldnt believe it when I got a call from my 22 year old daughter. It was definitely a call
that I never in my wildest fantasies would have ever thought my daughter would make to me. Courtney’s mother and I divorced when she was still an infant. Robbyn was her name. Well I guess Robbyn didn’t like the fact that I had a secret affair with her ten yo.daughter.
( I have started some of that story earlier and I’ll write more later.) But now I would like to share the phone call and the events that followed that phone call, 8 months ago.
(8 months ago was the phone call I’m writing about.The phone call I describe below, is the call when we got back in each others lives) Courtney and I.

So when we divorced and I moved out, well actually, she moved to her mothers. whom at the time lived in Georgia, she took her girls, obviously, and our two girls Courtney and Tiffany.
She had two girls when I met her.
Any way, she wouldn’t let me see my girls or hers for obvious reasons so for 16 years I hadn’t seen or talked to Tiff or Court. One day 5 years ago, my phone begins ringing.
Now everyone that knows me knows if I don’t recognize the number ringjng in, I won’t answer. But for some reason on this particular day I answered. It didn’t feel like a dept collector.
“Hi, I’m sorry to bother you sir” said the voice on the other end. “My name is Courtney ******** **** and I’m 17 years old, I’ve been trying to find my dad on social media for some time” the voice continued.
“You have the same name as him, but if this isn’t my dad, I deeply apologize for bothering you today” the voice finished.

“OMG!!!! Courtney. Is this really you baby girl” I cried out. “Sweetheart I’ve been trying for years to find you” I sobbed. “I found your mother once before she moved you guys out of Georgia, about seven years ago but she still wouldn’t let me see or talk to you or Tiff.”

“Daddy….? Please don’t be fucking with me mister, if you’re really not my dad” Courtney pleaded.

“If you really are who you say you are, well this is not a joke or me fucking with you” I told her.
“If you’re Courtney ******** ****, then I am your father” I said………..

Ok that’s how we reunited for the first time since she was taken away from me.We continued to talk on th phone for the next couple of years. She even came to the state I live in, and visited me a couple times. She was still living with her mother who forbade her to ever try to find me.
If her mother would have known that she was even trying to locate me, she would have kicked her out in a hot second.

Now that we got our lives somewhat back on the same page, and her and I were becoming father and daughter once again, and I told her the truth on why I had to leave when she was just an infant. The story she got from her mother was totally miscrued and fabricated, exaggerated and fictionated.
She told her lies, is what I’m saying.
Anyway now that Courtney knew the real story, she felt that she could trust me.

Trust me enough to confide in me some of her darkest secrets and desires.

End part one. Stay tuned for part two coming soon!!😋😋

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