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Staple Relationship

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An employee of a Hardware Store recounts his kidnapping, and rape at the hands of a predatory couple in training…

I answered the phone, “Atwoods Ranch, and Home, howmayIhelpyou?”

“This is detective Rafella at the Lacy Lakeview police department. Somebody called to report a rape?”

“Rapists, I think. A couple of rapists, I’m not sure if they.” I stopped when NECCO lady came up with a basket full of candy corn, and NECCO wafers. So, I picked up the Register Closed sign, and set it down. “Canyouhangonasec?” Well, they put me on hold, until my break was over, and I had to get back to work. So, I could switch to the radio, and call my manager. “It’s the cops, they finally called back, so I need to go on break.”

“Take the rest of the day off, over.”

“Copy that.” I switched back to the phone. “I have to call you back, what’s your number? I don’t wanna go through the VOX again.”

“(254) 799-twentyseven fourtynine. Extension Number…”

“Uh huh?” I wrote it down, “Call you right back.” I clocked out, and decided to smoke out in the parking lot. My manager cleared her throat, so I took my apron off, but there was no way I was going around back. So, I went to my car, and left the door open. Unrolling the windows, so I could smoke.

The phone rang. “Det. Rafella.” He answered.

“You guys got a special.” I swallowed, “Unit for this sort of thing?”

“What sort of thing we talking about?”

“Well, they kidnapped me, from work. They came in to get some staples.” I closed my eyes, which was a bad idea, but all I could see was the serrations sticking out. “Smith, and Nephew/Richards threequarterinch serrated staples, and asked me if I had a staple gun for them.” I shook my head, for no reason. Sitting alone, in the empty parking lot. NECCO lady came out with her bags, and hobbled over to the car. “They don’t use a gun, so I sold them a staple holder, but the girl.”

Her face leaning over me, grinning, but her eyes looked mean, and her eyebrows turned down, like a frown. Upside down.


“Well, we won’t have any way to track staples, but they were used in some sort of crime? No, we don’t have a specialized department for sex crimes, but I can call someone in from Dallas, or Austin, if I have to.”

“They lied to me. I asked them if they’re putting up, or repairing a fence, but they took me out to their truck. Faded brown, or dark tan Silverado, 1500. I didn’t get the license plate, but they had this. Rig, set up on rails in the back. It rolled out, and tipped down, with arms that locked out like a cross. To crucify him. He said that he had, violent urges.”

“Sexual violence, and assault? Sounds like an Anger-Excitation type.”

“Yeah?” I shook his head, “No, he lied about that, but she said he can’t get a hard. Erection, without getting angry, and he said that he didn’t want to hurt her too bad, ly. Again.”

“This was all a story to, lure you into their truck?”

“Oh yeah, no.” Just lead me around back, where she could tell him to grab me. “Uh, crewcab, with a back seat, but a full length bed? Six foot long, but three quarter ton. I’m pretty sure.”

“Well, that narrows down the NCIC search.”

“She had a knife. An Emerson wave, with a concave edge like the La Griffe, or a linoleum knife, but a folder with rings around the pommel, a liner lock, and finger choils in the grips.”

“That might be easier to track. By orders, they don’t have a database of serial numbers.”

“I think they might be serial killers.”

“They didn’t kill you.”

“Obviously, but. They didn’t even threaten to. She was so confident that I’d never have the balls to report what happened to me, but that crucifixion rig. That took a lot of work, and a lot of parts to put together.” The hinges squeaked. “Uh, but they’re still working on it, and testing it, but all they did in the parking lot was try out the staple holder, and the staples. He held one arm up, and the strap for her to hammer the staple down. He told me that it helps, the more violent the bondage, the more it turned him on, but he didn’t get a hardo. Uh.”

“It’s all right, I’m an adult. I know what a hardon is.”

I nodded. “Then, he tried to pull it off. First one handed, and his elbow braced against the arm. Then he put his shoulder into it, and then he tried to rip through with both hands. The straps are yellow cargo straps, inch and a half, with a red stitched down the centerline.”

“There’s no telling what’ll be useful, so keep remembering all the details that you can.” I’m glad that he’s a man. It’s a lot easier to talk to a man, like my manager. I lucked out there today, too. She’s not a man, but she was in the Navy, and she got captured, in ‘Nam. She never said how she was treated, as a POW/MIA, she’s not the war stories type, but I get the idea that she had it pretty rough. Especially being a woman, and piloting a landing craft for Marines.

LCM-8 “Mike.”

“Huh, it helps if you look away, at something else.”

“As a defense mechanism?”

“It also helped me remember, little details like that. The straps they used, and look away from the other stuff. Look, man. I don’t know what you call rape, or sexual assault, where you draw the line, but. That knife.” I felt my neck, somehow believing that a scratch might have come to the surface, when he never cut me. “Huh, she carried it in her back pocket, so she could just pull the ring, and catch the spur to open it, automatically.”

I heard typing. “I’ll add that to the description.”

“She gave it to him, to cut the strap, then he grabbed me. He covered my mouth with one hand, and held the back edge to my throat. He told me to hold still, while she got the tape out the truck. They had a tool-bag, underneath the seat, but. Huh! Rope, Tape, a staple-gun that wasn’t secure enough, to keep them from pulling out. They didn’t need them to keep him from hurting her, or to turn him on with violent bondage. They need it to kidnap men, and probably kill them.”

“Let’s just ignore the homicide angle, it’s non-sequitur. Yeah, if this was an old cold-case, it might mean something with regards to Statutes of Limitations, but this was recent?”

“This morning.” I’m lucky I still have my job, because my manager was so understanding, and had been through something like that, so when she saw how I reacted to her, raising her voice. She knew exactly what that ment. It also helps that she’s old, a grandmother, maybe even as old as NECCO lady. They gossip whenever she comes in for candy.

I heard pages turning.

“Intentionally or knowingly causing any of the following:” He read over the phone.

-Penetration of the anus or sexual organ of another by any means without that person’s consent;

-Penetration of the mouth of another person by the sexual organ of the actor without that person’s consent; or

-The sexual organ of another person, without that person’s consent, to contact or penetrate the mouth, anus, or sexual organ of another person including the actor.”

“That the legal definition of rape?”

“Penile code. I have to ask you, did any of this occur while you’re kidnapped.”

“All of the above, except the anal part. There wasn’t any. Homosexual acts. He’s not homosexual, he’s just. Got this violent girlfriend, she’s the only one that raped me, but she had to stop. Several times to satisfy him, and then, she came back to me. I think he might be some sort of cuckhold, that he likes to watch her raping, other men. I’m pretty sure she’s the leader, the dominant one, but he’s not submissive to her. He likes her sadistic, ways. He likes to watch. Hhuh! I. I felt so relieved when he got it up. Every time he got it up, it was like. A break, I knew that she’d take a break for him to fuck her, and she’d stop raping me, until he finished, again.”

“Well, I need some sort of description, to put on the APB, and narrow down the VICAP search.”

“You’re very good at changing the subject, thanks.” That just left the hammer coming down. Over, and over, driving the staples in, so the straps got tighter, and tighter around my wrists, my ankles, around my thighs, chest, over my eyes. “HhuhHuh!”

That was the worst, because I couldn’t see it, but the hammer came down right by my head, and I almost hoped that she’s miss, and knock me out, just to make it end for a moment, anyway.

“Why don’t you start with the male?”

“Huh, uh?” I shook my head, just to remind myself that it was free, and rubbed my wrists. They didn’t leave a mark on me, somehow they rigged that crucifix so that it didn’t even leave abrasions, no matter how hard I struggled.

“Young, maybe early twenties. She’s older, I’d have to guess pushing thirty, or still telling everyone that she’s in her late twenties. Yeah, she’d lie about her age, but you’d believe her. She could tell you anything, and you’d believe her. Bleach blonde hair, no body hair, but her roots, and her eyebrows were still brown. Natural B cups, she didn’t wear a bra, but sortof saggy. Light brown eyes, and I think she had braces. I’m not sure, but for some reason. Well, she had perfect teeth, almost too perfect, you’d think she’d have fangs or something. Some way to show how evil, and sadistic she is in her heart, but no.

She’s psycho, and she didn’t even tell me she would kill me. I knew, and she knew just how to hurt you, without leaving a mark.”

“What about the man. Tall, short?”

“Average height, maybe 5’ 10″, giveortake. Uh. Brown, and brown, but I don’t think they’re related. Other than that, they look nothing alike, and she’s tiny. Short, petite, skinny, not even broad hips, but she’s got lines in her face. Dimples that don’t go away when she drops that fake ass smile, and crows feet pointing in the corners of her eyes. Frown lines in her forehead, and long hair, all around. No bangs or nothing, but she tied it back in the car. On the way. She put on a mask, that covered her hair, but not her face. Just the eyes, but I already saw her.

I already saw the evil in her eyes, when she tied me up, taped my mouth, and told him to turn me over. In the back seat, he was going to just sit me down, but she made him turn me over, up side down. I couldn’t see where we’re going, I couldn’t see anything but her face, between the seats. If you send a sketch artist over, I could probably help him make a pretty good sketch.”

“You’re at work?”

“I just got the rest of the day off, you want me to come in?”

“I’ll come to you. You think there’s any evidence at the primary scene?”

“I told you, I couldn’t see where they’re taking me. Some sort of garage.” So they could pull in, roll down the door, and tip the rig out over the tailgate right there. Right in front of the garage door, Anderson, white roll-up, without any opener. So, she had to get out to roll it up, and then down again, when he pulled in.

“No, the primary scene where they abducted you.”

“I don’t know, I never went back. I suppose, I can go back there, if it’ll help you catch them, but I’m afraid to go back, there. I was afraid to come back to work, but. Hhuh! I could do that, so I can do this.”

“Good, you’ll make it through this, and I can put you in touch with people that can help. Professional help, but I’ve never heard anything like this, in the area.”

“They’re local, or at least local to Texas. Texas plates, but I’magine it’s a large state.” Didn’t get a chance, or think to lookat the number before she put the tailgate down, and he rolled the rig out on it’s rails.

Never been any further from home then Corpus Christi, or Galveston. Maybe I should go on vacation, and get away from here for a while. I’ve been saving up, not for that, but I need the vacation, now.

“I’ll call the state police, and McClennan county might have specialists too, but I’m starting to suspect that they haven’t finished preparations before.”

Just my luck, they decided to practice on me first. “Good, I hope we can stop them, before they do that to anyone else.” We have all weekend to get started, isn’t that what they say? The first 48 hours are the most important to catch kidnappers?

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