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I Told My Husband About The New Bar I Went To

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When I got home from the bar, I had a lot to tell my husband, Ronnie. He said, “Hey, I’m glad your home, it’s late, did you have fun?” I said, “Yes, I did.” He said, “What did you do?” I said, “I went to this bar I’d never been to.” “There were these two guys sitting across from me who kept staring at me.” Then, they came over to me and started talking. One of the guys took his finger and while looking down my dress, ran his finger over my nipple.

They invited me back to the office in order to show me something of interest. My husband said, “Get in bed honey.” So, I took off all my clothes and climbed naked in bed next to my naked husband.

He said, “What did they want to show you in his office?” I said, “A fake aquarium that allows him to see in the bar without anyone knowing.”

“Paul and Sammy wanted to see my shelf bra so, I let them unbutton my dress and then they unbuttoned the rest of it and took it off of me.” “I was pretty drunk feeling from my Long Island Ice Tea so, you know how horny I get when I’m drinking.” Ronnie said, “I know baby, so, you’re standing there in your panties and bra in front of two strangers?” I said, “Yes, and then they took those off of me.” Ronnie climbed on top of me and slid his rock hard dick in my pussy. Oh, man I love his dick.

Ronnie said, “I’m feeling a bunch of cum in this pussy, you wanna tell me about it?” I said, “Well, after they took off my clothes they undressed and Sammy sat on the couch.” “He told me to come over and sit on his big hard dick, so I did.” Ronnie’s fucking me and I can’t tell you how hard he is.” He said, “How was his dick?” I said, “It was big and hard.” Ronnie moaned, “And he put that hard dick in this pussy?” I said, “Yeah.” Ronnie said, “Did it feel good and did you like it?” I said, “I was yearning for it so, yes I loved it.”

I told him how Paul stood in front of me and made me suck his dick. How he fucked my mouth like a pussy. Ronnie said, “You had two dicks in you at the same time, how did it feel?” I said, “I loved it.”
Ronnie climbs upon my chest and puts his dick in my mouth. He said, “Suck my dick baby, the way you sucked his.” So, I was sucking him and licking his dick then, I put one of his balls into my mouth and run my tongue around it. And, I suck the other ball into my mouth and lick it all around. Ronnie is groaning and said, “You did this to him?” I said, “Yes, I did it just like that.” Then, I put his dick back in my mouth. Ronnie starts deep throating me and said, “You’re such a slut and I love you’re a fucking slut.” “You make me want to hurt you, for making my dick so hard.” He’s ramming it down my so deep I can’t breath. I push him back and he pulls it out some. I continue sucking him. I can tell he’s bursting to cum.

Ronnie ask, “Did he cum in your mouth?” I said, “Oh yeah, he cum a lot.” “Then, Sammy cum in my pussy.” Ronnie said, “I can’t hold off babe, I’m gonna cum down your throat.” and he pushes his dick down deep then cums. I almost choked, I had to swallow. He apologized for cumming so soon. I told him it was okay. I knew his dick would be hard again in a few minutes.

Ronnie rolls off of me and rubs my pussy. He sticks three fingers in me and starts hand fucking me and makes me cum several times. Ronnie kisses and sucks my titties rubbing me all over.

I told him Sammy and Paul did something to me I’ve never had done before. Ronnie was intrigued. I thought I was gonna leave after they fucked me but, they put my hands behind my back in hand cuffs.

He said, “What?” I said, “Yes, they handcuffed me, whipped me, put a butt plug in my ass and double team fucked me.” Ronnie couldn’t believe I went through that. I got up and brought the flogger thing and butt plug to show him. He ask me if I was alright? I nodded, yes.

He held me and said, “I had no idea that they would do something like that to you.” I said, “So, you admit you set it up?” He said, “Yes, but I thought they would just fuck you.” I said, “Oh, they fucked me alright.”

Ronnie said, “What was it like?” I said, “The first thing was, Sammy put the butt plug in me, and that hurt.”
“Then Paul whipped me with that whip, it set my body on fire.” “He whipped my tits and pussy
relentlessly.” I wanted to cry.

Ronnie started rubbing my pussy and reached down to my ass and fingered it. He said, “I feel cum in your ass, who cum in it?” I said, “That was Paul.”
Then, Ronnie rolled on top of me and slid his now rock hard dick in my pussy. He said, “What was it like getting your ass fucked?” I said, “Well, it hurt at first but, then it was thrilling, especially when Sammy was fucking my pussy at the same time.” Ronnie started fucking me hard when I said that. He said, “Katie, you’re such a slut, aren’t you?” I said, “You know I am, right?” He said, “I do and I love it.”

I said, “Paul kept whipping me while they fucked me. I even got to where it wasn’t all that painful.”
“Every time he hit me my pussy would twitch. It was exciting.” “While Paul was doing that Sammy was sucking my titties and pinching my nipples and he was hurting me too.” I said, “I can’t explain the pain with the pleasure thing, I don’t understand it myself but, I kinda liked it.”

Ronnie said, “So, I take it you liked, being whipped and fucked in the ass?” I said, “Yeah, I guess I did.”
Ronnie, picked up the whip and pulled his dick out of me. He set on my arms with his knees then, whipped my tits. I winced in pain and he did it several more times then, he rammed his dick in my pussy. It made me cum. I never imagined that.

Ronnie said, “I guess I’m gonna have to fuck your ass.” He said, “So, turn over.” I turned over and he took some oil we keep by the bed and put it on my asshole and started putting it in me.” I said, “Aren’t you gonna use the butt plug?” He said, “No, I’m gonna ram it in since you seem to like a little pain.” I said, “No Ronnie, don’t do that.” He said, “I’m gonna do what I want with you.” “I’m gonna use your ass to satisfy myself the way I want, understand?” I said, “Yes.”

Ronnie put his dick at my asshole and pushed. Just the head popped in. Then, he shoved it in as far as he could. I was crying out, that hurts. He started fucking my ass fast and deep. He said, ,”You seemed to like it when Paul was fucking this ass, the one that’s full of Paul’s cum. Well, now I’m gonna put Ronnie’s
cum in here and you’re just gonna take it.” “Do you like it, am I fucking you right?” I said, “Yes.” The pain was easing up and I was liking being fucked in the ass and talked to the way Ronnie was talking to me.

Ronnie took the whip and smacked it across my ass and back. Stroke after stroke he was saying how tight my ass was as HS fucked me hard. He started getting bigger and with a grunt and a ram into me he cum in my ass. Ronnie slid off of me and laid beside me. I rolled over and he ran his hand to my pussy. He said, I wanted to cum in your pussy but, I got sidetracked.

Ronnie said, “I don’t want to whip you.” I said, “Don’t it make your dick hard?” He said, “Not really.” I said, “Paul said, it made his dick hard when he was whipping me and I was begging him to stop.” Ronnie said, “Well, I’m not Paul, plus I love you.”

Ronnie got up and went to the bathroom. I was getting sleepy. My body was still tingling from the whip but, I was thinking about the guys I fucked tonight. My pussy was still wanting. Just as I closed my eyes Ronnie crawled back into bed and spooned up against me. That dick of his was hard and was wanting my pussy. He said, “My dick is gonna fuck your pussy so spread your legs like a good little slut.” I turned on my back and spread my legs open so he could put in his dick.

Ohoo, when he did, it felt so good. He said, “I’m gonna make you cum till you’re weak.” He leans forward and starts rubbing my clit with his dick. Oh, yeah, that feels good. My clit is swelling. Then he starts ramming his dick in and with each thrust he’s banging my clit and I’m cumming all over him. He feels the wet warmth and continues and makes me cum again.

He not letting up, he’s pounding my pussy and makes me cum. I push him away and say, please stop Ronnie, I can’t take anymore. He eases up and slowly keeps fucking me. He said, “I think I’ll let you go out and find your own dicks to fuck, no more set ups.” I said, “Whatever you want honey, there wasn’t anything wrong with what you did tonight, I don’t want you to think I didn’t like it cause I did, it was just different.”

Ronnie said, “I wonder if we could find somebody who could be a person we call, when I want to fuck you and watch someone else fucking you, too. I said, Oh, I’m sure they’re out there.” He’s sucking my titties and fucking me hard. He said, I’m getting ready to cum so get ready. He shoots his load in me and a few squirts of late cummers in me then, kissed me good night.

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