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How i learned to love being fucked Pt. 5

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And here we go with Part 5. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

I just admitted to be my uncle’s family sex slave. During the breakfast I already had to suck my uncle’s dick and swallowed his semen. “This way you can show how much of a whore you want to be for us.” He said and what should I say? I liked this. I wanted this. Yes, I admitted to myself that I was sex addicted.

Right after the breakfast Jennifer, my cousin Heather’s girlfriend, called me into my cousin’s room. “You know why I called you here, slut?” She asked me with a serious tone in her voice. I nodded. Of course I knew. She demanded me to make breakfast for her and Heather and what did I do? Letting myself fuck by my uncle and after this by my aunt.

Jennifer put her fingers around my chin and forced me to look into her eyes. She was angry. Very angry. “You little bitch.” She said and spitted into my face. “You disregarded my order just to have fun with someone else? You know you have to be punished, right?” Again I just nodded. She was right. I had fun. I had a lot of fun. But now I had to accept the punishment that was awaiting me.

She stand over me, since I was on my knees. The next I felt was her naked feet on my breasts. She kicked me over, so I was laying on the ground of the room. “You fucking slut.” She shouted at me and sat down on my belly. Next her hand slapped onto my cheek. I shivered in fear and pain. Her finger nails were sinking into the flesh of my tits. I took a sharp breath and felt Jennifer’s in my face. “I don’t mind you being fucked by someone else but you, my little slut-toy, need to obey my orders. Do you understand?”

I just nodded and she pulled away from me. “Get down on all fours!” She demanded of me and I obeyed. I knew what she would do to me. I closed my eyes and the next thing I felt was her strap on that was pushing into my asshole. It was hurting me and I cried and moaned in pain but also in lust. With fast thrusts she forced that dildo into my body and slapped my ass cheeks with her hands. She was punishing me the hard way as it seems but I somehow liked this punishment. I deserved it.

After that I was heading into the bathroom. I felt the dried blood on my left breast, my ass was hurting and I was sweating. Even though I was just punished I smiled. This was exactly what I imagined. Days full of sex, full of being fucked by another person. This was already the third time I have had sex and couldn’t wait for the next time.

I passed my uncle’s bedroom. He was standing there and was getting ready for a day of work. “Hey uncle Steven. Mind joining me in the shower?” I asked him and winked. She laughed out. “You already want to go again?” He asked and turned around to me, raising an eyebrow. He was definitely seeing the blood on my breast. “I was punished by Jenny.” I immediately said and shrugged with my shoulders to pass this topic.

My uncle just nodded and was getting naked again. “Whatever. Let’s head to the shower.” He said and soon after that I felt his dick thrusting into my pussy, while the rain of the shower was pouring down on us. My back laid against the wall, my arms and my legs wrapped around my uncle’s body, I threw my head into the air and moaned while being fucked. My uncle was massaging my ass cheeks and nibbled onto my rock hard nipples. I felt great and it didn’t take long until I felt my uncle’s semen in my body again.

“I can still go.” He moaned and dropped me down. I knew what he wanted from me and I got down to my knees, my hand immediately wrapped around his dick to massage it, followed by my lips to suck his dick like I did a few hours ago during breakfast. This time I felt his semen a lot sooner in my mouth and I swallowed it all. “That … was fun.” My uncle said and left the shower after giving me a kiss onto the lips, tasting himself. “I’m happy to have you around, Emily.” He told me while I finished to wash my body under the shower.
I was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom and looked into the face of that fifteen years old teenager that was staring at me. Her brunette hair was hanging wet down to her shoulders and her brown eyes looked shiny. A few days ago she was just a normal teeny with some normal teeny problems and now she learned to love being fucked and having sex with another person. A few days ago she cried about being raped by her uncle. Now she has had so much sex that she wanted to have even more. She was addicted to being fucked and she liked every second of having her uncle’s dick in her teeny pussy. Of having Jennifer’s strap on deep in her asshole. Of having her aunt’s tongue and fingers in her pussy. She was caressing her belly with her hands. Of receiving a child by her own uncle. Just like she was conceived by her mother and her own uncle.

I sighed after giving my thoughts into this. This was my life now. My life of being a whore. Of being a slut. Of being a sex slave. I liked it. I decided for this and I was happy with this decision. I grabbed the hairdryer and dried my hair. After finishing this I thought about getting on some clothes but I decided against this. I wanted to be naked and to be ready anytime some of the others wanted to have sex with me.

Maria and Steven already went to work and I wasn’t able to find Heather or Jenny. “I guess they went out, too.” I said to myself and was a little bit surprised about my voice sounding … kinda disappointed. I was on my own this time and I already felt my pussy itching for some more sex. “Hmm …” My feet were carrying me over into Heather’s room. I took a look around and finally opened the drawer, in which Heather and Jenny kept all of their sex toys.

I went through all of the stuff and found like everything. Strap Ons, Dildos, ropes, vibrators, hand cuffs and a lot more stuff. I grabbed one the Dildos and took a closer look at it. It looked exactly like a dick and I guessed it was around 22cm long. I bit on my lower lip and massaged the Dildo with my other hand. I felt kinda weird to massage a stick of silicon instead of a dick out of flesh. But then, the only dick I had in my hand up to now was Steven’s.

I put my lips around the dildo and started to suck on it. Sometimes I let my tongue play around it. Just like I did it with Steven’s just a few hours ago. I closed my eyes and started to get intense with the stick of silicon, just like I would do with my uncle’s penis. I did that for a while and decided to stop. My pussy was itching for more, so I laid down on Heather’s bed and let the wet tip of the piece of silicon slide down my body. I shivered when it passed down my hips, my womb, finally reaching my pussy.

I caressed myself down there with the tip and pulled in the air, while silently moaning. It felt so much different than Steven’s dick caressing my pussy and I was in control of when the dick was entering my body. I caressed myself a little more, moaning a little bit loader, closing my eyes while enjoying this feeling. I let my hand caress my upper body, let it lay on my breast, massaging it.

I played with my own nipple, which was getting harder and harder, while letting the dildo slide into my own, already wet, pussy. This was a new feeling for me. In these last few days I already had someone else to let feel the pleasure of having sex. But this time I was all on my own. It was me who could decide what to. I was the one who decided how intense I was going to fuck me, how intense I wanted to caress me, how intense I wanted to give me pleasure. And it felt great.

I didn’t even knew this was actually possible. All these days I thought I needed to have another person around me to feel the pleasure of having sex. But I was wrong. I was laying there, down on Heather’s bed. I was thrusting the dildo deep inside of me, varying the speed or toughness. I was letting it caress my labia or my clitoris. I was deciding what I wanted to feel. I was deciding what I wanted to do with my body. My other hand massaging my tits, my hips or any other spot of my body which let me feel pleasure.
It was great and finally I moaned out another orgasm this day. But I was still able to do more to my body. So I did. This time I decided to suck the silicon dick and let my hand play with my clitoris, my labia and let it slide into my own, dripping pussy.

The dildo was entering my mouth and I could taste myself. I smiled a little, tasting my own pussy fluid and moaned while sucking the silicon dick while I let my fingers fuck myself. I was enjoying every second and finally let myself experience a second orgasm, while moaning out my lust.

I was laying there, breathing heavy. But I was feeling happy and satisfied. My body was cooling down, I felt my breasts going up and down. The dildo was lying somewhere next to me. I enjoyed the silence which was currently surrounding me. I enjoyed the aftermath of bringing myself to such a great orgasm. I felt just great!

That’s when the doorbell rang. Without giving it second thought (or maybe I thought it would be Heather and Jenny or my aunt or my uncle) I went downstairs and opened the door. “Um … Hello.” A confused person, clothed in a shirt and plain blue jeans, was standing right in front of me. Of course he was taking a good look at my naked, teenage body. “Hi …” I was just able to answer him and felt my head turning totally red.

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