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Excitement At The X-rated Theater

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Have you ever had a stranger touch you and you let him? I was at a theater where they showed X-rated films. I was there with a bunch of girls. We were all laughing about going, and making fun of men who went in there and jacked off. It was really dark inside. There was quite a few people there, mostly men , one or two couples and us girls.

I was sitting on the end of our row and there was a man who sat down next to me. His seat was the last seat in the row. I looked at him and he nodded his head to say hello.
The girl on the screen was showing how to give a man a blow job and the man’s dick was the biggest thing in the room. Not really but, it was a real close up view of the blow job.
That dick was very nice and we had gone out drinking before we went to the show so, I had some liquor on board. Plus, I was horny and watching her and that dick, I was getting more horny.

Anyway, I took off my jacket cause it was warm in there. I had a low cut short mini dress on and when I was taking off the jacket, the guy next to me helped me. I said thank you and he nodded again. He was tall and kinda towered over me. I noticed out of my side view he could look down my dress very easily and see my tits. It kinda turned me on that he was looking.

So, I kinda turned his way a bit and leaned on the arm rest allowing him to see more if he wanted to.
I crossed my leg in his direction and my mini dress was high on my thigh.
Everyone was watching the movie when I felt him reach under my arm for my breast. I didn’t move. I let him touch me. He slipped his hand to the front of my dress. My dress was a front close style with a zipper. He got the zipper and pulled it down exposing a lot if my titties. Then, he reached in and cupped my right breast with his left hand. Massaging it and rolling the nipple felt good to me. He raised the arm rest and took my left hand and put it on his dick. I don’t know when he had taken out of his pants. It was quite big and very hard. I started rubbing it in my hand. It was pointed at me.

He took his right hand and laid it between my legs. I uncrossed my legs and gave him access to my crotchless pantyhose. He had long fingers. He just slid his middle finger right between my pussy lips. He was sliding it up and down. Ever once in a while he would put it in my pussy. His left hand was still on my tit. I couldn’t believe I was playing with his dick.

I know he wanted me to jack him off but I didn’t want him cumming on me. Then he moved his hand from my pussy and took my hand in his and started jacking his dick off with my hand. He wasn’t going fast but, just steady up and down. He stopped touching my breast and was concentrating on his own satisfaction. So, I zipped my dress up a little and let him use my hand to cum. He laid a handkerchief over it.

I thought if it ain’t gonna get on me, I’d help him cum. So he’s going up and down and it’s starting to swell up and get harder then, he pushes through my hand and cums into his hankie. I removed my hand before it ran down and I looked over at him and he nodded his head at me. I’ll tell you what, I would have loved to had that big dick in me but, that wasn’t gonna happen so, now I’m back to the movie.

The movie was almost over and I put my jacket back on. The girls and I had the best time. We went to a little bar to have some more drinks and I told them what I did. They couldn’t believe it. The girl who was sitting next to me in the theater, was a virgin and she was very inexperienced and naive. She said, “You did that right next to me, where was I”? We all laughed and I said, ” You couldn’t take your eyes off that big dick on the screen.” She laughed and said, “Well who could, it was huge.” Oh, us girls have such fun.

Now, I’m going home to fuck my husband and tell him what I did. .

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  • Reply Lewd1976 ID:1d2uwh4xdhl0

    Such a lovely story. I’d love to hear more

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dd136j96pi9

    If your husbands anything like me he’ll be bummed out he wasn’t there to watch. When we were younger my sexy redhead 5-8, 120lb, 34-DD-24-35 wife would wear a wrap around dress to the XXX theaters and once we got there stand up where everyone could see her and take it off leaving on only a garter belt & stockings. Soon she’d have guys all around her feeling her up. She’d end up sucking several guys off and letting a couple fuck her. Was the hottest thing ever.

  • Reply Bo ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    Love it they are fun as hell places trust me I truly know