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Daddy sissy daughter

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Sort of follow on from my other story

My mom and sister have died I was left with my daughter/ sister or how ever you want to see it.

Daddy had a hard day in the office today he really missed truck driving when daddy got home he tea was on the table he come up from behind and touch my bum and put his other hand on my padded 34c bra cup kissed me me on the cheek he sat down I got him a beer and I had a wine trying to be an adult. He said go easy that strong that is we laugh Ed and had are food he told me that his work was having a party and how he need to take some one no excuses his boss said even if you have to get a working girl daddy left and went upstairs to shower and then the baby started to cry so I got her a bottle and lay on the sofa then I heard daddy he come in the living room and told me I make a good mommy. He sat on the other end of the sofa he gave me a look he started to stroke my leg I was giving my time to emily the nexted thing I knew his hand was on the front of my panties my sissy bulge been rubbed with his thumb I told him to stop. I put Emily upstairs and got her ready for bed and put her down for the night. I got down stairs and was greated with a wine but daddy asked me a question would I come with him to work party I told him I was to young and not old enough. Told me it was fine and we sat down to watch a movie with popcorn and he started to touch me again I got hard I was smooth he grab my hand and over his knee I went je lifted my dress and pulled on my panties and he started to spank my asre pussy daddy what you doing he reply I am stressed and ur asre is cute he made me count 30 spanks in really started to hurt daddy was rock hard and so was my clitty I was really enjoying the moment daddy licking my clitty and sucking it I felt like I was going to blow my load daddy was to good at what he was doing my dress is now on floor I was just left with my bra on as daddy took my ass pussy and placed his cock into it he fuck me hard in and out I cum over the sofa and up my belly he told me I was a good girl and how it was going to be a good party and I should come he didn’t no anyone else I said what about Emily and he said he got it sorted we call it a night and off to bed and told me he was going to leave money on the table in the morning and to go shopping for new underwear and a black dress the sitter was picking Emily up at 4pn

Thanks for reading more soon

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Sam ID:1den0xoz3bom

    Totally horrible, it was hard to read, there were no , where there should have been and no . Where there should have been. I had to read without taking a breath.