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Work Work Work 2

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After we kissed I tell Vicky to put a pair of coveralls on and nothing else except for her steel toe shoes, she looks at me with disbelief on her face, I tell her I own you slut now do as your told, she does as she is told, I get dressed for home, pick up all of her clothes and put them in the laundry shoot, she looks at me and I tell her its home time and I tell her she is to go home to her husband and two kids, I tell her she is to tell her husband if he asks, that she lost her clothes when she was using the showers at work and that is all she is allowed to say to him about that, I tell her she is to be at work 1 hour before we open as she has to service my cock before my shift starts and that she is to wear a sundress to work and no underwear at all, she looks at me with a smirk on her face, we level work.

Next day Im there at work an hour and fifteen before shift, want to see if she is late, she was already there waiting for me to open the shop, we walk in and she heads right for the showers, I follow her as her little ass wiggles in her flower print sundress, it looks to be about two sizes to small for her, her tits are barely being keeped in, her ass is just covered as long as she does not lift her arms up, she turns around and stands there waiting for my command, talk off the dress, she pulls it over her head, she lets it fall the the floor, take out my cock, she walks over to me and drops to her knees and undoes my pants and fishes my hardening cock out of my pant, she looks at it, she smells it, she takes a deep breath to inhale my sent, she waits for me to give her permission, suck my cock slut, she opens her mouth and takes the head, slowly she licks the head in her mouth, tasting me, savoring me, she starts to suck more of me into her mouth, working more and more into her cock hungry mouth, she is hitting the entrance to her throat, she winches as it is still sore from yesterdays abuse, I put my hand on the back of her head and guild my cock back the her throat entrance, she looks into my eyes and i push into her throat, she takes it all, her throat is tight but able to open and take all of me, she keeps looking into my eyes, she is moaning from having her throat fucked again, I start to pump into her throat harder and harder, I am grunting and she is moaning louder and louder, her eyes roll into the back of her head just as I unload into her throat, I blast what feels like a gallon of seed into her tummy, I pull out of her throat and she gasping for air,

I tell her to stand up, she does, turn around, she does, bend over slut, she does, I pull my belt out of my pants and whip her ass, she screams and tears flows, I tell her to shut the fuck up, I beat her ass to the point she is bleeding from some of the belt strikes, she is crying hard, I grab that ass of her and tell her, she is my fuck toy, she is not allowed to have on her person at anytime underwear, she is to wear what I tell her only, I tell her I am her master, her owner, her daddy, she will live with her husband and kids but at no point fuck him without my consent, I grab her by the neck and pin her to the wall, DO YOU UNDER STAND ME CUNT, she replies yes master, now get your dress on and get up front, fix your face first, she did as she was told.

Later on during the day I slipped her a note as we are a very busy place and with over 100 employee in a shop made for 30 it is hard to find a quite minute, the note read, Slut we are going to the sex shop at lunch time, you will be on your best behaviour or master will tie you up at the pervert park and watch all the pervs do as they wish with you, and dont worry I will record it all,

Lunch time finally arrived, I jump in my truck and head out, Vicky, heads out in her car at the same time, we meet at the sex shop, we walk in, and O it is like Christmas in the shop, O so many toys of any and all sorts, I picked up a remote controlled g spot viberator, a nice selection of butt plugs, and a couple of floggers just in case, she was also looking at this monster 24in dildo, I told her if she was a good little slut she mite get it later on, she smiled, the girl at the till smiled as well, she told me there are going on sale next week 50% off, I asked the girl if my slut eats her pussy could we get the deal today, the girls smile widen, Vicky turned three shades of deeper red, Vicky said master we dont have time as we will be missed at work, im thinking she was right dam anyway, I tell Vicky to to the back of the store, I ask the girl at the till, if she could spare a minute or two, she went to the shop door locked it and posted a sign back in 15, we both walked to the back of the store, as we did I grabben the monster dildo and said we will need this.

Vicky was waiting for me, see seen the girl from the till as well, Vicky strip, she did, her dress on the floor in a flash, on all fours slut, she dropped, head on the floor ass in the air, she did as told, I asked the girl from the till her name, Lee she said, Lee walked around Vicky, she grabbed a flogger off the shelf and started to whip Vickys ass, and worked her way up and down her back, Vicky was moaning and whimpering, Lee started to hit her harder, making red welts all over her back, Vicking was moaning louder and louder the harder Lee struck her, Vicky was panting and squirming, Lee went your the prize, she took a fin leather flogger and started on Vickys asshole and her cunt, she whipped them softly at first the harder and harder to the point she could not hit her any harder, Vicky was screaming, she was shaking from head to toe, then out of nowhere she screamed and shot her cum all over the wall, the ceiling the floor was soaked, Vicky collapsed in the wetness on the floor shaking and panting, she was slow to get up, her cunt and ass are so sore,

I tell Vicky you better thank Lee for her time, she slowly moves or the Lee and asks is Lee would permit her to thank you, Lee smiles and says you have 2 minutes to make me cum, Lee drops her pants and her panties, what Lee did not tell us is she has a 8in cock in her pants, Vicky looks at it and opens her mouth and takes it all in one go, she sucks like her life depended on it, she is so hungry for cock, Lee pulls her tee shirt off, she has a beautiful set of tits, have to be a C cup, and they are firm as she fucks Vickys mouth the dont bounce every much, Lee just pounds Vickys mouth, as Vicky is concentrating on Lee and her mouth I walk over to Vicky with that monster dildo, I place the head of it to Vickys cunt, she jumps as I rub it up and down her slit, I put pressure on it to push the head into her cunt, she gasps as her cunt hurts so much, I grab her hair and whisper in her ear, you never tell daddy we dont have time, got me slut, just as she nods her head yes Lee rams her Cock into Vickys throat and cries out she is cumming, at that moment I ram the monster dildo into Vickys cunt, she tries to scream from the pain coming from her cunt, I jammed almost 10inch into her cunt and as Lee was ramming her throat Vicky had no choice but to take what we gave her, I keeped shoving the dildo deeper and deeper into Vickys cunt and Lee never seemed to get soft and keeped face fucking Vicky, Vicky fainted for lack of air and the pain her body was going through, she woke up 5 min later in her car, plug up her ass a note taped to the steering wheel, you better get to work you are going to be late.

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