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They know where I live.. Continued

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My name age address is on the bathroom wall..now strangers cum 2 my mom’s house while she works til 3am

Ever since that old man posted on the bathroom wall that I’m young pretty little cocksucking cumloving slut 2 weeks ago I’ve sucked off like 20+ strangers outside in the doorway at my mom’s house not caring who sees me.

I’ve fallen in love sucking strangers cocks their hot cum filling my tummy it’s dangerous scary Exciting. I’ve decided to take it to another level. Bolder sluttier
it’s Friday night mom just left for work it’s getting dark I can hardly wait.. Looking in the mirror I smile not believing what I see.
I’m wearing pink panties pink nylons pink lipstick my hair in ponytail.. I’m only 5’5” 90lbs sexy petite body I look slutty cheap sexy girlish like..just like all these dirty old men call me while I’m sucking their cocks : Bitch queer boy sissy slut babygirl Faggotboi pussy mouth bitch cunt” It turns me on sooo much

I’m so fucking horny I can’t wait any longer for anybody to show up I go outside in my panties nylons no shirt. I can’t believe how excited I am almost naked I giggle start walking around the house showing off to nobody but myself.

As I turn the corner by the driveway I see a car pull up. I walk up to his door.. “ Do you think I’m pretty like a girl” I whisper as I open his door licking my lips.
“ Oooh god yes look at you so young sexy pretty a perfect little girl”
I bend over showing him my sweet ass as I walk to the front of his car jumping on the hood spreading my legs wide moaning loudly just like a good little girl.
I’m flirting teasing him loving it.
I watch him get naked in the middle of the driveway..
“ Cum here daddy use my sweet mouth like it’s a girls pussy” I whispered turning over on my belly my mouth open for his cock.

He grabs me picking me up like a rag doll kissing me his tongue deep inside my mouth swapping tongues. He lays me on the grass standing over me naked his cock hard he leans over his cock is in my mouth screaming at me calling me a fucking cunt a sissy Faggotboi loudly

He rips my panties off.. I spread my legs looking at him with lust in my eyes. I’m gonna get fucked right here in front of my mom’s house anybody could see. I started to moan loudly wanting to be caught not caring who cums by watching or joining in.

He’s fucking me both of us moaning I’m begging pleading for him to seed me to fuck me like a girl.
“ Ooooh yes YES ooo god oooh daddy fuck meee fuck your little girl fuck my boipussy my boicunt oooooh sooo good harder daddy fill me with your hot sweet cum” I’m like yelling when I feel someone cummming on my face opening my eyes I see this other guy naked jacking off on me.

Daddy cums in me moaning loudly I’m moaning the guy jacking off on me moaning I’m so fucking excited I start to cum…
Two naked guy me just in nylons in the front yard god what a whore I am thinking to myself.

I get up another car in the driveway cum on my face cum dripping out my cunt I staggered to my front door wiggling my ass falling on the carpet spreading my legs inviting anybody’s cock to fuck me.

They came one by one some in groups of two..three. I had two cocks fucking me at the same time one in my mouth guy’s jacking off all over my naked body.I was used as a cumdump that night so much in my tummy inside my ass all over me…I thought I could get pregnant

I had at least 20+ cocks that night…so much cum I love cum so much
I need it in my body anywhere anytime.

It’s Saturday night I can barely move I haven’t showered dried cum all over my body I can feel cum dripping out my cunt on my legs as I walk downstairs opening the door..Leaving a note : Upstairs in my bedroom

I’m still in my pink nylons cum covered laying on my bed my legs open when the first guy walks in

“ Fuck me daddy fuck me like a girl I need your hot cum deep inside seeding me making me a girl

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    It’s a ridiculous story. Just go away and stop writing.

  • Reply Greasemagnet ID:1bfepuyz6ij

    I need to know where you live