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Raped and abused

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I was just a 12 year old boy when my neighbour raped and abused me for 2 whole days.

My name is Simon and when I was 12 years old my parents went away for the weekend to celebrate their wedding anniversary, and they left me with Miss Bickerton, our next door neighbour to look after me.

Miss Bickerton was in her 30’s, lived alone with her cat, I suppose she was attractive for an older woman, but I was too young to be thinking about that.

The first night I was there I had just got out of the shower, I put my pyjama bottoms on and then opened the bathroom door to go finish getting dried and dressed for bed, but as I came out of the bathroom Miss Bickerton was waiting.

She appear from behind me, she grabbed my arms and pulled them around my back, then she pushed me against the wall and tied my hands together at the wrists behind my back, then she spun me around and put silver tape over my mouth, I fell to a sitting position on the floor wondering what the fuck was going on, then she stepped back victoriously, “You’re mine now.” She said, biting her lower lip.

She reached down and grabbed my arm, “Get up!” she demanded, hoisting me to my feet, she pressed her hand against my chest to hold me against the wall, then she yanked my bottoms down to my ankles, “There it is.” She said, as she started to touch and fondle my cock and balls, “Lets see what we have here.” She said.

I got an erection and then she jerked me off, she was jerking me really hard and really fast, pulling my foreskin so far back it made my cock sting, after a couple of minutes I ejaculated, shooting my seed on to the floor, “Ooohw – At least we know it works. That’s good.” She said.

She marched me in to her bedroom and pushed me down on to her bed, “Stay there. I’ll be back…” she said, then she turned on the TV and put the hard-core porn channel on, “…We’re going to have so much fun this weekend.” She said.

She came back about an hour later, I had been laid on her bed, naked, tied up and gagged, watching the porn on her TV the entire time, and as you can imagine, I hadn’t really seen porn before, and seeing all the sex and naked women, breasts and pussies everywhere, got me good and erect.

I tried to roll over to hide my erection when she walked in, but I wasn’t quick enough, “My – My. Ready for more are we.” She said, I started to wriggle on the bed trying to get away from her as she crawled on top of me and sat on my legs to stop me moving.

She gripped my cock and started tugging, “I’ve always wanted a little boy like you to play with.” She said, smiling at me, then she leaned forward and put my cock in to her mouth and sucked me off until I ejaculated in to her mouth, I’ll admit the sucking felt good, but still, she was still abusing my 12 year old virgin cock.

“Mmm – You taste so good, Simon.” She said, licking my sperm off her lips and the sides of her mouth.

Later that night I woke up with her tugging on my cock again, this time she was completely naked, she got on top of me and slowly lowered herself on to my cock, her insides were warm and wet, I got scared watching her pussy slowly swallowing my cock.

Then she was bouncing on me, “Oh – Ough – Ugh – You’ve got a nice cock, Simon – Ungh – Ooooh that’s hitting the spot.” She moaned.

She bounced up and down on me for ages, her weight was hurting my legs every time her ass slammed in to them, all I could hear was her moaning and the slapping sound of her flesh slamming against each other’s.

She rode me until I came inside of her, forced to surrender my virgin seed to her womb.

The abuse continued all weekend, for two whole days I was tied up, gagged, tugged, sucked and fucked constantly by Miss Bickerton, who, on the final day, just before my parents were due to arrive home, gave me $1000 to keep my mouth shut about what happened.

I took her money and kept my mouth shut.

It was a month later when she called me in to her house and told me I was going to be a dad, she was pregnant with the seed she had raped out of me.

I’m 19 now and have a 6 year old daughter called Alice with my rapist neighbour, no one knows she’s mine, and she recently had the nerve to ask me for child support payments.

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  • Reply Nick ID:3n9wao7bqri

    Is this ture

  • Reply Cute Lucas ID:4rzlzdyqm

    Oohh wow that is so hot story! Wish so much I was that boy!

    • Justaguy ID:2kye84kghl

      Me too I’d give anything to be that boy the story gets me hard everytime I read it

  • Reply D ID:y3k3avwuclx

    When your daughters 10 I hope you fucker just like your neighbor. Fuck you.

    • Justaguy ID:2kye84kghl

      Couldn’t of said it better myself 👍 well said sir

  • Reply Adude ID:1dax6q6y3byd

    Well one if that happend to me with a female neighbor I be happy at 12. Two if she really raped not saying she did and she want child support tell the authorities what happend tho it could backfire. But if she takes to court for child support it come out she a child molester and rapist so I think you can pretty much ignore it. But she could claim you raped her

  • Reply Americanbob ID:8hdacn0a2iw

    Lord have mercy when I was 12 I was horny as hell matter fact when I was nine and eight I was horny as hell I would’ve paid her $1000 to have that experience and I would’ve been back over there every single weekend. I would’ve loved to been “raped” like that.