My gym membership pt3

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I kept going to the gym and working out for a week with no extra fun while I was there and one day shortly after I finished my work out the man who fucked me in the sauna came over and asked if I wanted to come to the vip room the next day and I said sure and he told me when , the next day I went there and I got ready I was naked with thigh highs on and a little nervous at first as went into the room , I went over to get a drink at the counter as I did I noticed that there were several guys and three other girls there one of which was only sixteen she was laying on her back with aguy sliding his 9″Dick into her as she moaned andhe soon was fucking her,as igot my drink I felt a pair of hands on my hips and a voice whisper relax as I felt his lubed dick push into my ass, as he slid into me heslowlypulled me back as he pushed he was hung at least 10″ soon he wasslowly fucking me as we stood there he whispered how much he loved my tight ass and soon I felt his hot sperm pumping into me and he pulled out,then another guy came over and lead me over to a place and had me on my knees I soon sucked his dick hard he had me slide down on his cock and ride him as another guy came over and joined in by sliding his dick into my ass they both fucked me untill they cum inside of me and then I just laid there for a moment after, the guy I seen fucking the girl came over he was hard and I spread my legs forhim and he got down and was soon filling me with his dick ashe fucked me he smiled and had me wrap my legsaround him it felt wonderful and then he filled me with his sperm. I was having sex with the guys most of the day .After that I showered and went home.

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