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My cousins daughter

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Hi, so this is my first time ever telling this to anyone, I have read a lot of stories, and it made me want to share mine. This is a true story.
When I was much younger, around 22 or so, I would go over to my cousins house and drink beer, and we would watch TV, talk,etc. My cousin was a school teacher, her husband was a salesman. Very down to earth people, their daughter liz, was 11 years old when this happened. So a little about me, for a long time I had a love for womens panties and pantyhose, I loved to see them kn females, in catalogs that kind of thing, I would also wear them sometimes too, depending on my mood, I’m not gay or anything, just enjoyed it. So when I would go over to their house, which was several times a week, sometimes I would be wearing them, I had a pair of pants one day that the crotch ripped open, I forgot I was wearing just pantyhose, my cousin kept looking at my crotch, and then eventually whispered something to Liz, and then Liz kept staring at my crotch the whole time. So I gave her a show.you could easily see my dick thru the pantyhose plain as day. I also had taken several pairs of Liz’s panties over time, she had some very sexy ones.
So I kept wearing those pants and I also ripped another pair of pants in the same place, sometimes I would wear lacy panties, but always made sure Liz could see my dick. Sometimes I would wear shorts, with panties and Liz would sit by the footstool in front of me and just keep looking at my dick.
So one time my cousin asked if I could babysit for Liz as they had a school thing , they would pay me in beer, sure I’ll be very happy to do it. I couldn’t wait for the next week to be alone with Liz, and see how it went.
So the night came for me to babysit, I wore my Jean’s with the hole in the crotch, made it a little bigger, Liz had already eaten so, it was just watching TV. At some point I went to the bathroom, and checked out the clothes hamper, and I found a new pair of Liz’s panties, I had to have them so I took them. About 5 minutes later Liz went to the bathroom, she came out sat right by my feet, I was getting hard from thinking about how she would look in those panties, and couldn’t wait to get home. My dick was kind of coming thru the hole in the crotch, and the pantyhose weren’t hiding anything, but Liz kept looking at my crotch. Finally she said she wanted to ask me something, I said ask me anything you want. So she asked me why I keep taking her panties, I tried to deny it, but she set me up with her panties in the hamper. She told me so. So, I was caught red handed and reached in my pocket to give them back to her, but she demanded I tell her why. So I explained the I thought they were sexy, and wanted to play with them while I did something, she didn’t understand anything I was saying, I tried to change the subject, but she threatened me she would tell her mom and dad if I didn’t come clean.
So, I told her I would masturbate with them, she didn’t know what that meant. I tried to explain, but she still didn’t get it, so i asked her if i should show her, of course she said yes. So i said but you will see my dick, she said that she already has many times, and really wanted to see it now. So I stood up and dropped my pants, I was standing in front of her in just pantyhose, and she laughed, and said those are like mine, I know I said, so I took them off, and looked at her, I said well, I think you need to take your shorts off too, which she reluctantly did, and had on the same panties I just took, only different color. So I sat down, and put the panties over my dick and started to masturbate in front of her.
She was mesmerized by this, I asked her if she wanted to try doing it to me, finally she grabbed my dick with her panties, asked what to do, so I showed her, told her to massage my balls, it was heaven. I felt the cum building and made sure to cove my dick with her panties while she was masturbating me, just then I exploded all over her hand too. She was very unsure of what just happened, so I calmed her down, and thanked her very much. She then said she really liked doing that and wanted to do it again, I explained that there wasn’t enough time, her parents would be home soon so we cleaned up.
Later that night my phone rang and it was Liz, it was like 2 am, I was trying to find out if I was in trouble or something, but she wanted to talk about what happened earlier.
She really wanted to do that again as soon as possible. I told her that we would have to wait until I would babysit ait for her again. Evidently that was going to happen soon.
But I told her I really wanted to keep getting her panties, and I would bring them back washed. So when I would come over she would go to the bathroom, take the ones she was wearing off, and put on the ones I brought back.
So the next time I was there to babysit sit her, she wanted to play with my dock, but this time, I said I wanted to make her feel really good too. I just told her to lay on the floor and I pulled her panties off, then slowly felt her sweet young bare pussy, spread her lips and slowly rubbed her, slowly put a finger in her, until she was comfortable with it, then I just had to lick and suck on her, while playing with her nipples. She kept telling me that she was feeling something strange inside, so I kept going until she arched her back off the floor, and just tensed up the relaxed, breathing so hard.i tasted her juices, they were delicious. Then when she caught her breath, I then had her get on her hands and knees, and fingered her ass, she said it hurt at first, but soon liked that a lot too.
After playing with her for a while, and another orgasm, I said it was my turn, and told her she needed to lick and suck my dick, told her how, and soon I was ready to cum, I told
her that I was going to cum in her mouth, and just to swallow it, because I swallowed her juice. So she did her best to try, she got most of it, and licked me clean.
We got dressed just in time as her parents just pulled in.
Later that night she called me to talk about what we did, I asked her if she would let me fuck her in the ass, and then her pussy, she said she wanted to try. I talked to her about how she should masturbate, and what to do, and she was doing that then all the while we were talking. She would call me sometimes, and we would masturbate together.
Well,if you want to hear more, and how I got to fuck her in the ass, let me know.

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    That is such a hot story! You made me so wet!

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      I need to fuck you then !

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      I’m glad you enjoyed it, I enjoyed her too…

    • Bones ID:cxsucyf49d

      I’m glad you’re so wet.

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      Tell me more

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    Did you breed her

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    Great story

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    Yes! Part two is a must

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    Great story do part 2