Mom and aunt love me a lot

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My mom and aunt love me a lot. And they are not afraid to show it.

My name is Jack, and this is my real experience.

That day, I was lying on my mother’s body, and I could feel strongly that my penis had penetrated her lower body, although I couldn’t see it. The pleasure from the root of the penis went straight to my brain, my seminal vesicles contracted sharply, and the semen was ejaculated with unprecedented pleasure.

A few minutes later, I was woken up by the wet cum, and I stroked my already dejected cock, relishing the refreshing feeling.

… This was my first wet dream, the first sexual dream, the sexual object was my mother when I was 18 years old.

When I was fifteen years old, my father passed away due to illness and left a not too small inheritance. Soon, her mother’s sisters came to persuade her to remarry, but she refused. My mother was only thirty-six at the time, so she should be able to find me a good father.

That erotic dream changed me, making me immersed in the pleasure of incest for a long time and unable to extricate myself. I developed a sexual desire for my mother’s body and began to masturbate. Whenever I see my mother changing her underwear in the bathroom, I can’t help but take out my penis and rub the glans head against my mother’s cut-out underwear violently. Imagine that behind that layer of silk is her guiding me wildly until I ejaculate myself.

One day, my aunt from the country came to visit me. In the evening, my mother asked me to give up the room to my aunt. Naturally, I slept with my mother.

In the middle of the night, I felt chest tightness and woke up. It turned out that it was my mother who pressed her plump arms on my chest. In the moonlight, I could see that one of her fat breasts had almost slipped from the neckline of her nightgown. Growing up, I almost never saw my mother’s entire breast, let alone at such a close distance. My cock suddenly became aroused and I felt the urge to fuck my mother.

With trembling hands, I slowly lifted the part of the blanket that covered her body, and lifted the hem of my mother’s nightgown. Mom, she didn’t wear underwear.

The mysterious canyon in the black forest is red and black, and the two labias are swollen and wet. Maybe my mother is also having sex dreams, I wonder if it is with me? My cock was already purple with swelling and juicy water came out from the mouth of the glans. I put my left hand on the bed, and my right hand held up the cock, and moved the head of the penis closer to my mother’s pussy lips until it stuck to the slit. A rush of pleasure rushed from the glans head to my brain like electricity, I couldn’t control myself anymore, I pushed my hips forward and broke through the door.

“Oh…” I couldn’t help snorting, the feeling of penetrating my own mother’s vagina is not something everyone can taste, it is really indescribable. I advance slowly, and then back out slowly after the end, fully enjoying the guilty pleasure of mother-child incest without waking up my mother.

Mom’s pussy was so tight, wet and hot, it was too much stimulation for my man. About two minutes later, I suddenly felt a tightness in my scrotum, and the pleasure made me desperately insert my penis into the depths of my mother’s vagina.

“Mom…Mom…Mom…” I completely lost my mind and hugged my mother’s body tightly.

Mother finally woke up, she was stunned by this shocking scene. I also reached an orgasm at the moment, and the glans were inserted into the cavity of the uterine wall deep in the mother’s vagina and ejaculated.

I was severely scolded by my mother, but I was very happy in my heart. Seeing my mother go to the bathroom to wash the semen I left in her vagina, I was secretly grateful.

The next day, my mother forbade me to sleep in her room again, so I had to share a room with my aunt. My mother has two older sisters and two younger sisters. My aunt is about forty years old. She is smaller than my mother, but she has a pair of tits that are not inferior to my mother. Soon after I went to bed, I started to touch my aunt’s breasts with my hands.

“Jacky, how old are you? If you don’t learn well, you must be a bad boy when you grow up.”

Seeing that she was not angry, I became more courageous: “Auntie, I just want to take a look!”

Auntie slapped the hand I stretched out to her chest: “Go, it doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small, if you want to move it, touch your mother’s tits. Anyway, you used to move a lot when you were young.”

“My mother won’t let me.”

The aunt laughed when she heard it, and the flowers were trembling with laughter, and the pair of big tits were dangling on her chest: “Oh, little friend, your mother won’t let you touch it, so you come and touch your aunt’s tits and eat your aunt’s.” Tofu?”

I took the opportunity to act coquettishly, “Auntie, please, just have a look, and I won’t spoil it.”

Auntie blushed: “I really don’t understand you, that’s fine, but you can’t brag to your classmates.”

I agreed repeatedly and went to pull the collar off her pajamas, wow! I saw it, it was really big. I touched it with my hand, it’s so slippery! My dick went straight up.

“Auntie, your vagina is so nice and your skin is so nice.”

Auntie seemed very happy, and laughed again: “Such a sweet mouth, such a small size is so good at deceiving people, not only how many girls will be deceived by you when they grow up.”

“I don’t want girls, I just want to be with women like Auntie.”

“Silly boy, auntie is so old, what’s so rare.”

I was really moved: “Auntie is not old, not at all!”

The aunt suddenly felt sad and sighed. “Hey, it’s still my Jacky who loves people. Your uncle only knows how to fool around outside all day long, always calling me old and scolding me. My life is miserable!”

I became indignant: “Auntie, don’t be afraid, he doesn’t like you, I like you.” I took the opportunity to put my hand on my auntie’s tits and began to stroke them.

“Little fool, can you replace your uncle? Forget it, let’s not talk about it!” Auntie was a little helpless.

But I was so excited, her huge breasts were so soft and smooth, I couldn’t help but put my mouth on them and started to suck. After a few moments, my aunt’s face turned rosy, and her tone of voice changed: “Little enemy, where did you learn it, so bad… ah…” As she spoke, she put her hand into my crotch and touched it. my dick.

As soon as my aunt’s hand touched my dick, she said “Ah!”, “You…your…is so big.” It seemed like she was talking to herself, or talking in sleep.

Suddenly, the aunt sat up, and before I could recover, she tore off my panties and hugged me across her chest: “Come on, baby, auntie feeds you.”

I was so excited, sucking her nipples and grabbing her tits like hell. Auntie began to twist her body, and she seemed to be enduring it. I felt her warm, trembling hands grab my cock and begin to jerk me off awkwardly.

“Ah, auntie, your tits are so nice…” I couldn’t help snorting.

“Little boy, you… ah… your dick is really hard, ah… Auntie can’t take it anymore…” Auntie’s voice also began to get tired.

She put me down and squatted on my lower abdomen. I quickly touched her tits, but didn’t think about anything else, because I had no thoughts in my mind. I suddenly felt that my glasses were very comfortable, as if something very smooth was rubbing against it. I didn’t allow myself to think too much, and a burst of pleasure rushed over.

I looked up and saw that my aunt was squatting on my body… no, she was sitting on my crotch. Her nightgown was fully uncovered and she is now devouring my fledgling cock with her battle-tested pussy. At this time, my dick had gone in from the root, and my auntie began to move up and down, and her plump breasts also flew up and down, left and right, that scene, that feeling…

If yesterday when I had sex with my mother I was hesitant to enjoy it, today Aunty has brought me to the peak of pleasure. Even having a gun pointed to my head didn’t scare me during those first few seconds of ejaculation.

When I say: “Auntie, I’m coming out!”, Auntie lay on my body, bit my lip, and said in a trembling voice: “Ah… let’s go… ah… it’s all gone Auntie’s inside.” Auntie didn’t say “Cum” or her own “sexy hole” or “small hole” like in pornographic novels.

We had orgasms almost at the same time…

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