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“Shower time with my Nephew, Ronnie”

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My name is Lynn, I’m 40 and divorced. My Nephew, 14 year old Ronnie came to stay with me while his Mom and Dad went to their 20th reunion. .

My Sister and her husband dropped off Ronnie on Thursday night as they were leaving town first thing Friday morning. We sat around that night, I was watching old movies and he was laying on the sofa in his underwear playing on his laptop. Finally he told me he was going to bed, and as he kissed me on the forehead, I could see he had a little bulge in his boxers. (Actually it was more than a little bulge) LOL.

The next morning I had decided that I would take advantage of having some help around the house. We drove over to Home Depot and filled up the back of my SUV with plants and mulch etc. When we got back home, we started working in the yard. Around noon , we stopped for lunch and I had a rum and coke while eating. It was a very hot June day and I had few more drinks as the day wore on.

Ronnie was a tall athletic kid, kinda big for 14 and he had taken off his shirt and he really caught my eye standing there all sweaty. We went back in the house , but before we did I asked him to take off his jean shorts before he went inside so as not to drop dirt every where. I did the same as I was kinda dirty too.

I fixed myself another rum and coke and as I was drinking it, Ronnie was chugging down a bottle of gatorade. He spilled a little and it ran down his chin and chest . I grabbed a towel and wiped it off before it hit the kitchen floor. Something about feeling his muscled chest and the rum and cokes had me buzzing.

“Let’s get a shower”, I told him as I walked down the hall, he followed me and asked curiously ” You mean together”? I must have been really buzzed or just out of my mind, but I pulled my shirt over my head and stood there braless. His eyes bugged out and I threw my shirt at him laughing and said ” That’s up to you”

I hopped in the shower and as I soaped up under the running water, I could see his image thru the shower door and he was just standing there nude, I slid the door open about a foot and said ” Well” you coming in”. He stood there for a second ,eyeing my naked soapy body and then climbed right in with me.

We took turns washing each others backs and then when I turned to face him I couldn’t believe how big his hard cock was. The kid was 14 and had a cock that must have been six inches at least. It was long but not thick and it curved up a little like a banana. He tried to cover it up, but I moved his hand and said “My God Ronnie, you’re really big”. He said yeah, and told me he had the biggest cock in his gym class and I believed him.

I took both his hands and put them on my breasts and he massaged them softly . I couldn’t resist taking his hard young cock in my hand, my mind was racing, I was thinking “This is so wrong, but this is so damned hot”.

As I stroked his young cock, it seemed to grow even bigger. I asked him if he had ever had a blow job and he whispered “No”, as he slipped his fingers between my legs. I moved him back in the shower, out of the water and dropped down on my knees and slipped his long hard cock into my mouth. He jerked and shook a little and said ‘ Oh Aunt Lynn” and I kept working his cock in and out of my mouth. It didn’t take young Ronnie long until I felt his balls harden up and I knew the kid was ready. ” “I’m gonna cum” he yelled. I kept working his cock until he grabbed the back of my head and shot his cum in my mouth. Good lord, this kid must have been saving up as he caused me to gag and cough as he filled my mouth. ” I’m sorry Aunt Lynn, You Ok”? he asked kinda scared.. “Oh Sweetie, that was wonderful” I said… ” I don’t think I have ever cum that hard” he admitted. I smiled and held him tight and said “All boys love blowjobs”.

When we got out of the shower, I noticed his cock was still half hard and it swung back and forth as I toweled him off. He was drying me off and as his hand slipped between my legs, he rubbed my pussy and said ” You’re really wet down there”.

I hugged him and told him it wasn’t from the shower, but from him. He seemed confused, I sat down on a small stool and opened my legs and stuck his fingers in my wet pussy. I opened up my pussy and showed him my hard clit. He wasn’t sure what it was, but I explained that women had one and it was like a little cock. I told him if he would lick and suck it, he could make me cum too.

“What do I do” he asked. I told him to get on his knees and just tickle it real slow with his tongue. That’s it” he asked ? “Yes”, I said and he went right too work. My head was spinning as he followed all my instructions. It had been a long time since I had a tongue between my legs. That and the booze plus having his young cock in my mouth, had me seeing stars as I shook and cried ” Oh Oh, don’t stop”. I orgasmed like never before as his tongue worked it’s magic.

“Oh my God, Ronnie you’re such a little devil”, I laughed as I gave him a hug. ” That was just wonderful.

We got dressed and I hugged him tight and told him I had to get a nap. Ronnie went to his room and started playing on his laptop like any other kid. I collapsed on my bed breathless and tried to figured out what the hell had just happened. My head was swimming and I passed out.

I woke up later and began to think “Oh my God, did I really do that with the kid ?

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    Were you really that buzzed from drinking or just buzzed at handling that young hard cock ?

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