An outdoor experience

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The start of an unbelievable day by the river

First time posting publicly, I have wrote stories for a close friend for a while and she’s suggested posted here. I’ve got more to post if this is well received.
This is just the start, any tips and recommendations on where this could go etc would be appreciated.

Last summer I was fishing a new spot, it was really quiet and out of sight from the path, I thought it was a perfect spot to get my cock out and give it a stroke. I dropped my shorts (never wear boxers) sat myself back down and began to squeeze my dick, feeling it growing and getting harder in my hand until I was fully erect. I carried on stroking it, slowly to start with, paying particular attention to my glans and the end of my shaft, my thumb spreading my leaking precum over my cock head making it slippery and shiny. I started getting into a good rhythm, my hand moving faster up and down my hard length feeling that familiar tingling in my balls, my breathing getting shallow and faster until I’m ready to cum. I hold it in for as long as I can, my heart pounding like a drum in my chest, until I’m there and my dick starts erupting, releasing jet after jet of cum onto the dirt in front of me. Such a thrill and turn on to cum in the outdoors. I sit for a few minutes regaining my senses and trying to catch my breath. It was at that point I hear a rustle and footsteps a few metres behind me…

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