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No cash interest from the loan shark

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Josh got in trouble with a loan shark and Mary had to save his hide. Fiction, prostitution, oral, anal, exhibitionism.

Josh and Mary had been married for a little over a year. Six months after they were married, she found out that he had a serious gambling problem when he got a title loan on the car and then it was repossessed. He also got phone calls from people that did not sound very friendly when they demanded to talk to him. He finally admitted his problem to her.

One night there was a knock on the door and when she answered it two men pushed their way into the apartment. One of them was a middle-aged white man in an expensive looking suit. They walked over to Josh who was standing there looking worried and pushed him back onto the couch. The other was a large black man wearing a motorcycle style black leather jacket.

Sam, the smaller man looked at Mary. Very politely he said, “Mam, will you please have a seat. We are here to have a talk with your husband.”

Mary sat in a chair next to the couch.

“You have borrowed fifteen hundred dollars from me and lost every penny of it betting on the horses and have not made any effort to pay back any of it for several months. We are here to collect the money.”

Very quietly Josh said that he had run into some problems and could not give them any money right now but that he would soon.

The two intruders looked at Mary and then back at Josh. “What’s you lovely wife’s name?”


“I’m going to give you all the time you need to pay me back and I will not even charge you any money for interest. How does that sound?”

“That would be great. Thank you. I’ll get your money soon, I promise.”

“I own another business here in town. It is called the Pussycat Club. Maybe you have heard of it. Until you have paid back every penny, Mary here will come down and work at the club three nights a week.”

Josh knew the club. He had been a customer there a few times when he was in the mood to go out and relax and watch a really good show. Mary did not know anything about the club. The Pussycat Club was a full nude strip joint where the girls preformed some really hot sexy acts and gave lap dances. It was commonly known that there were some private rooms in the back where men with some extra money to spend could go and get their every need and desire taken care of. Josh had never gone to the back rooms.

“Josh, what is he talking about?”

“I think she should know what we are talking about. Why don’t you tell her.”

Josh explained what the Pussycat Club was and what the loan shark was suggesting.

Mary said that there was no way in Hell that she would do that. They would have to come up with another solution to Josh’s problem.

“Mary, if you do not agree, Josh might just have an unfortunate serious accident. We would not want that to happen. You have 24 hours to agree. In the meantime, you’re going to audition for the job.” He reached out and took her hand and pulled her up out of the chair and started leading her down the hall.

Mary tried to break loose from his grip but could not. “Let me go. Josh, help me.”

Josh started to get up, but the large black guy grabbed him by the neck and pushed him back down. “Just sit there and be quiet or you will be counting the teeth that you are spitting out.” Josh did not have any choice.

For several minutes, from down the hall they could hear Mary screaming and begging and crying. Then everything was quiet.

About ten minutes later he walked back down the hall with a smile on his face as he zipped up his slacks. Mary was not with him.

He and his assistant went to the door. Before leaving he said, “I expect to hear from you before this time tomorrow.” Then they were gone.

Josh ran to the bedroom. Mary was on her back naked in the middle of the bed crying hard. There was a puddle of cum on the bed between her legs. Josh got on the bed to hold her, but she slapped him hard across the face and then started pounding her fists against his chest. “What the fuck have you gotten us into you son of a bitch? You got me raped.” She finally calmed down and Josh held her as she cried herself to sleep. She was happy that they had decided to wait a while to have kids, so she was on the pill.

Mary and Josh had started dating during the second half of their high school junior year and were married four months after they graduated. Mary gave Josh her virginity on their wedding night.

That night they did not sleep very much. They talked and cuddled and cried. Josh explained how bad of guys they were and that they were not giving any options other than paying them right now, her doing what they want or him being badly hurt or maybe even killed. He promised that if she agreed he would spend all of his time finding the money to pay them so she would be free. Finally in the morning she said she would go for one night and see if she could do it. Josh kissed her several times and in between he thanked her and repeated that if there were any other way, he would do it but there was not.

That night Sam and his sidekick showed up again. Josh said that they would agree to his demand but that she was not to be allowed to go to the back rooms. Sam laughed, “She will be a full-service employee just like all of the other girls.”

“OK Mary it’s time for you to show me that you are in full agreement with what you are going to be doing.”

Mary thought she knew what was going to happen to her now. She quietly stood up and started to walk to the bedroom. “No Mary, come here.” Sam stood in front of Josh, unhooked his belt and dropped his pants and shorts. “Come over here and show me what I good cock sucker you are.”

Mary looked at Josh and he just shrugged his shoulders and gave her that look that said that there was nothing he could do. Mary was as mad at Josh as she was with Sam, and she decided to show him. Mary walked over to Sam and dropped to her knees. She was not any more than two feet from of her husband’s face. She gave him an angry look and then turned back to Sam.

First, she licked up and down his hard six-inch shaft. Then she sucked on his balls. She slipped her lips over his cockhead and pushed down till her nose was in his pubic hair. Sam moaned. Mary gave Josh another dirty look and then with her lips locked tightly around his shaft she started long, fast strokes up and down the length of his prick. Sam moaned. With a smile on his face Sam said, “Josh, your beautiful wife is a superb cock sucker. She will be very popular down at the club. Her mouth is just as good as her tight cunt. I hope you don’t get the money to pay me too soon.”

Mary was good at giving blowjobs and she enjoyed doing it. She and Josh frequently had oral sex.

It did not take long for her to get him off and she swallowed what his cock produced. Josh hung his head and sat quietly on the couch wondering how he could have gotten them into this position.

Sam looked at the other man. “This slut is one fucking great cock sucker. Come over and try her out.” Sam backed away and was replaced by his black assistant. He pulled his cock and balls out of his pants. He had a hard time getting it out because it was already rock hard and eight inches long.

Mary had never even thought about doing anything with a black man. As a matter of fact, she had never considered being with anyone but her husband. However, she went to work giving him as good as she had given Sam. He was bigger and lasted longer but she finished him off. He shot a massive cum load into her mouth. She did not swallow it this time. She looked over and could see from the bulge in his pants that Josh had an erection. He was getting turned on watching his wife being forced to suck other men’s cocks. With a mouth completely full of cum and some dripping down her chin, she got up, bent down and gave Josh a hard kiss, forcing black man’s cum into his mouth. Josh tried to pull away, but she did not let him. Mary gave her husband another slap which made Sam smile.

She looked at the men. “When do you want me to be at the club?”

“Friday nights are busy. It will be a good time to introduce some new talent. Be there at eight. Be sure to shave that cunt.”

That night when they went to bed Mary was wearing a night shirt which was not normal. They both usually slept nude. Josh got in bed with her. Neither said a word. Josh yanked up her night shirt, pushed her legs apart and climbed between them.

He plunged his cock into her cunt and slammed into her till he came. Mary never said anything or showed any reaction. Josh went to the bathroom and washed his parts. Then he went back to the bed. They both lay with their backs to each other and fell asleep.

Friday came and Josh went to work. Mary spent much of the day getting extra clean and working on her makeup and thinking about the night to come. Mary was a good dancer, but she spent a lot of time in front of the full-length mirror practicing the way she planned to dance that night. She admired her 5’5”, 110 pound body and her firm 34-C breasts that hardly had any sag. She had shoulder length naturally blond hair. She ran her hands over her flat stomach, tight ass and her freshly shaved pussy mound.

When Josh got home from work, Mary had supper on the table. Josh tried to talk to her, but she did not say a word. When she finished eating, she got up and went to the bedroom. She locked the door behind her. At seven o’clock she came out. Josh had driven her car to work. She said one word, “Keys.” Josh tossed them to her. He tried again to talk to her, but she walked out the door, but she went straight to the car and drove away.

About quarter to eight she arrived at the club. Sam was waiting for her. He introduced her to the club manager. “Sam said you were a real looker. He wasn’t kidding. I hope you do as good as you look.” He took her to the back and found a room that was not in use. He showed her a small locker where she could put her personal things and she was given a key to the room. He introduced her to Derrick, a big biker looking guy sitting on a chair at the end of the hall reading a book. “He is your security guard. There is a button in the room and if you get into trouble just push it and he will come help you. Most of the girls usually give him a tip at the end of the night to show that they appreciate him being there. Sometimes his tip is not money.”

The manager handed her the outfit she was to wear. It was a Catholic school girl’s outfit. plaid pleated skirt and a front buttoning white blouse. The difference was that the skirt was extra short. The blouse was thin and see-thru with no bra. She was to wear it with most of the buttons undone. Her panties were a white lace thong. She wore saddle shoes and white ankle socks. A garter belt gave the men somewhere to put you tips at the end of her stage show. “Some of them will want to finger fuck you a little bit or squeeze your tits. If you let them, they usually tip better.” There were two rubber bands that were so she could put her hair in twin ponytails. There was a tube of bright red lipstick and lastly there was a big dildo which she was expected to use near the end of her act, both in her mouth and in her pussy. When she put the outfit on, she noticed that her nipples were hard and that she was starting to get moist between her legs.

She was given a quick lesson on how to give a sexy lap dance and was told that it was OK for the man to play with her tits and crotch while she was doing it. She was taught how to ask the man to buy her a drink. The man would be charged ten dollars for her drink which was actually non-alcoholic champagne. Finally, she was taught how to suggest that he take her to one of the private rooms to continue the fun and that if he wanted to be with her privately, she would take him over to the bartender. “If the bartender sets you up for a blowjob it is $50. If the guy fucks either of your holes, he charges $100. You can require he use a condom but if you do it bareback the tips are usually better. If you want to suck his cock to help, get him hard or to clean him up after he has fucked you, it might increase the size of your tip.”

“Sam told me about your situation. Until your husband pays Sam his money, Sam gets $20 from each of your blowjobs and $40 from each of your fucks. Once he gets paid, that will go to you if you stay. Any money you get in tips from your stage act, lap dances or the back-room Johns you get to keep. That is an incentive for you to work hard and do a good job. Several of the other girls got here the same way you did. Many of them stay after their debt is paid.”

It was almost an hour before she was to go on stage. She worked the room selling drinks. Most of the men would take the opportunity to squeeze one of her breasts or pinch her butt or cup her crotch. She was to thank them and tell them how nice it felt and how she would really like to entertain them in private. She made a few small tips. One guy slipped two fingers up into her. He gave her a five-dollar tip.

During her first attempt to get a guy to want a lap dance and maybe go to the back with her, she first bent over to give the guy a good look at her tits. Then she sat on his lap and wiggled around a little and asked if he would like to good lap dance. She could not get him to buy her a drink or to take her to the back, but she did get a ten-dollar tip for a lap dance. She saw that she left a wet spot on his pants. She thought to herself that she would do better next time.

She did. The next man bought her a drink and went to the back with her for a blowjob. He was surprised and happy when she did not require a rubber and then let him come in her mouth. She got a $20 tip.

She reapplied her lipstick and was then called on the PA and told it was time for her to get on stage. “Mary will be the next on stage to entertain all you horny guys.” She heard a halfhearted cheer from the crowd. She checked herself out in the mirror. When her music started, she stepped up on the raised stage and skipped to the center while sucking on a lollypop and making her tits bounce. Mary was introduced by the announcer as the most beautiful and sexiest slut who was here to put on a great show for the audience. She got a couple whistles and polite applause.

During her set she was to dance around to two songs. During the first one her shoes and socks came off first. Then her skirt was next. That got some whistles. Just before the song ended, she removed her blouse. There were many cheers and whistles and foot stomps when her firm breasts came into view. The song ended and Mary walked around the edge of the stage. There were probably twenty men in the room. She bent over the stage so the men could grope her tits if they wanted. Several did. Several $5 tips were put in her garter, but one guy put his $5 inside her thong between her pussy lips. He rubbed her clit, and she felt her pussy tingle.

She started dancing again when the second song started. Mary spent a lot of time walking around the edge of the stage shaking her tits back and forth. Several times she lowered her panties just a little and then pulled them back up. The men started shouting, “Take them off. Show us your cunt.” Finally, she pulled them off and thru them to the man that had fingered her as he tipped her. She figured he was a prime candidate for a trip to the back room after her dance. She reached down on the small table that was on the stage and picked up the dildo. She sucked in in and out of her mouth while she was dancing around the stage. She picked a spot right in front of the same man when she sat down on the stage and spread her legs wide.

She massaged her tits and then ran the dildo between her outer lips and over her clit. Finally, she slid it inside herself and fucked her cunt with it while moaning loudly in fake pleasure. Well, it wasn’t totally faked.

Her song ended and she pranced around the edge of the stage in nothing but her garter belt. She stopped at each man in the front row. Most of them felt her up and tipped her. Several even walked up from the back rows. She picked up the money from after her first song and left the stage. She went back to the room and put her outfit back on except she left the panties off. Mary counted her tips, and she had $45 in ones and fives and one ten. She went back out and went straight to the guy she had targeted. She sat on his lap and pressed her tits to his face. He kissed the tops of them

Mary was right. He wanted to go in the back with her. She sent him to the bartender, and he collected the $100. Mary led him to the back room where he fucked her and left a nice load of cum in her cunt.

After selling a few more drinks Mary went and changed for her next show. The show was very much the same except that this time she wore a sexy nurse’s outfit.

The club closed at two in the morning. All together Mary had been with three guys that night. The first one was a blowjob. The second was the guy after her first set and he came in her. The last guy was young. She did not think he was really old enough to get into the club. She guessed that he was about seventeen or eighteen. You were to be twenty-one to get in. He tensed up and came in her after about three minutes, but he did not go soft or pull out. He kept fucking her hard and fast. He had fucked her the longest and had brought her to a climax although she was sure that he thought she faked it. When he came the second time he pulled and shot his load all over her stomach and tits. Then he licked her clean.

Before she left for home, she counted the evening’s tips. From the stage and the lap dances and the three guys that went in the back with her, her tip money added up to $190. She was not about to share any of that with Josh. She calculated that if Sam had not taken part of it, she would have made another $100.

When she got home Josh was already asleep. She cleaned up and got in bed. He never even woke up. The next morning as they ate breakfast Josh asked her about her night. “I danced naked, gave lap dances and sucked and fucked three guys. What the fuck did you think I would be doing there.” Josh shut up and left the room.

That evening while Mary was getting ready to go to the club, Josh came into the bedroom and wanted Mary to give him a blowjob before she left. “She told him to fuck off and to go beat his meat. He left the room.

That night her acts brought about the same results, but she took five guys to the back. Four fucked her cunt and one fucked her ass hole after she sucked his cock. Then night she went home with $265.

She did not work the next night. She treated Josh a little nicer and that night she let him fuck her, but she insisted that he eat her out till she came before she would let him ram his cock in her. He went to sleep satisfied.

The next night that she did work at the club was Thursday and there were not many guys in the audience. She saw that Josh was sitting in the back row watching the show. After her first set she gave him a free lap dance and squeezed his balls till they hurt.

That night she gave three lap dances and gave two blowjobs.

The second and third weeks were much like the first. She had to admit to herself that she was enjoying and looking forward to her nights at the club. She had warmed up to Josh again. She started making it a point that as soon as she got home from a night at the club, she would climb in bed with Josh and suck him off before going to sleep.

During the afternoon of the Friday after her third week, she went to Sam’s office and asked to see him. He agreed and she was let into his office. She did not say a word. She walked over to him, opened his pants and sucked him off. When she had finished, she showed him that she had swallowed his load. Then she got up, smiled at him and left.

She had gotten to know the bartender by name. He was Rick and he was a nice guy. Friday morning Rick called her and asked if she would like to work a Bachler party that night instead of doing her regular shift at the club. There would be eight guys. She would dance and then suck and fuck the groom. After she had done him, she would be fair game for the rest of the guys till one. Because she would be missing her regular dance and lap dance tips, Rick told her that she would be given $200 plus whatever additional tips she got for herself. Mary agreed and at ten o’clock she went to the bar where they had rented the back room for the night. It had a stage, a CD player and a king-sized mattress on the floor.

The men were already there. They were drinking and watching a porn video on a big screen TV. “Hey guys, the live entertainment is here.” The room erupted with cheers. Mary was passed around and kissed and groped by the men and in return she gave a gentle squeeze to each man’s crotch. She was wearing the schoolgirl outfit that she had worn for the first dance show at the club. She put in a CD and preformed her show.

At the end of her show, she was nude. A chair was placed in the middle of the room. The groom was stripped and set on the chair. Mary went to him, bent down and sucked his cock into her mouth. He was nicely hung and rock hard. His new wife had a treat waiting for her. Mary got up and straddled him and lowered her cunt down his pole. She pressed her tit to his mouth, and he sucked her nipple as she bounced up and down on his prick till he dumped a load in her. Then she went down on his and sucked him clean as he deflated.

Mary got up and went to the mattress. “Who’s next?” For the next two and a half hours Mary was never without a cock in one of her holes or another. Sometimes she even had cocks fucking all three of her holes at the same time. Mary had many orgasms. Mary saw that it was almost one. “OK guys, it is time for me to go. Bring me the groom for one last fuck.”

The groom staggered over to her. She had to suck him to get his limp cock hard enough to work. He had already fucked her three times. But she got him up and got on her hands and knees while he slipped his dick into her well used cunt and fucked her doggy style. It took a while, but he finally came. Mary spun around and sucked him clean to the cheers from all the men. The man who had set the party up gave Mary a $200 tip from the group. She got dressed and went home. She was too tired and fucked out to do anything with Josh when she got home.

During her next week at the club, Mary had one different and interesting John. He was in his late fifties. He wanted her to roll play. He was to be a sixth-grade student and she was his teacher. He had been caught breaking a rule and she told him he had to stay after school. She told him to pull down his pants and lay over her knees while she spanked him. She spanked him long and hard, and he cried and promised to be good. Then she was to take pity on him and suck his “little boy cock”. He actually had a little boy cock. Hard it was not much more than four inches. Mary sucked him off. He pulled his pants up and thanked her. Then he tipped her $100 and left.

Near the end of her second set song, she was stroking the dildo in and out of her cunt and moaning when something new and unexpected was added to her act. Derrick walked naked onto the stage and presented his big, hard black cock to her face. She promptly took him in the mouth. He held her head and started fucking her mouth. Drool ran down her chin. The audience went wild. Derrick had been stroking himself off stage, so it was not long before he pulled out and stroked his shaft and shot his load all over Mary’s face and in her hair and on her tits. She looked like a glazed donut. They left the stage to a cheering crowd and Mary rushed to get cleaned up.

Mary had been working at the club for six weeks when Josh announced that he had been able to pay the loan shark and that she did not have to go to the club anymore.

She stayed home that next Friday. Josh took her out to supper. They fucked at bedtime.

Saturday afternoon Josh saw Mary cleaning up and dressing in a sexy outfit. “Lookin’ good Mary, what do you have on your mind? Are we going out?”

“I’m going down to the club to work tonight. Sam does not get his cut anymore. Don’t wait up for me unless you want to eat my sloppy cunt when I get home.” Mary kissed him and left the house. Josh stood there in shock.


A week later Sam called her and asked if she would be interested in making some porn movies. But that is another story that I might tell later.

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