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Blackmailing the neighbour’s wife

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She liked to masturbate and I liked to watch

It all started last summer when I glanced out the window and saw my neighbour’s 38 year old wife laying on their sofa masturbating. The living room curtain was wide open in the front of the house as well as the side facing us, and it was pretty obvious that she was being an exhibitionist. Now most exhibitionists like exposing themselves in public ways but if they’re ever actually seen or caught they bolt out of sight. So I kept to the side of the window as I watched so as not to spook her. I was just eighteen and I’d soon be out on my own so getting to watch my neighbour’s wife finger her bare cunt before I left was a great send off. She had her legs spread wide apart facing the front window, but I had a pretty good view. I watched for quite a while, but soon I began to have a real want to see her from the front. Covertly I snuck out the front door, kept low across the yard, then popped my head up from under the window. She didn’t see me right away, so I got a good long look right up between her legs at her sopping wet pussy. Suddenly she saw me there and immediately bolted out of the room. I stayed for a while, hoping she’d come back but she didn’t. It was four days later that I saw her in her back yard doing some gardening. My parents were at work and so was her husband so I ventured over. She was totally embarrassed to see me, but I just kept coming. Once I was standing right in front of her I said, “I’m sure you don’t want your husband to know what you do while he’s at work. And I won’t tell him if you do what I want.” “What?” She asked. “Let’s go in the house and discuss it.” I told her. Reluctantly she lead the way into the house. Inside I told her that if she was willing to have sex with me once or twice a week, I’d keep my mouth shut and she could keep doing it as long as she wanted. “I’m not going to have sex with you.” She snapped back. “Well then I guess I’ll be talking to your husband tonight.” I said. “Please don’t. Okay………. I’ll do it.” She agreed. “No time like the present to get started.” I told her, already stripping off my clothes. She looked extremely upset, but slowly began stripping. In just minutes we were both naked and I got a real close up view of her cunt and tits. I told her to lay on the sofa and get ready and I walked over and threw open the front curtains. “What are you doing?” She snapped at me. “You like to do things where people can see. So let’s fuck where people can see.” I said. Then I walked over and mounted her. I shoved my cock deep inside her wide open cunt and started pumping. Then I looked behind me at the window to make sure we were well in view. Almost instantly I could see her excitement. The idea of being caught was a huge turn on for her. In no time she was eagerly fucking me back. I pounded her cunt with everything I had and soon I was filling her with load after load of my cum. Her entire body was shaking through her own orgasm as I finished cuming inside her. Once I was done, I quickly got dressed and sarcastically said goodbye. The very next day I saw her on the sofa masturbating again. Only this time she was facing my window. As soon as she saw me watching she gestured for me to come over. I hurried to her front door and she answered it without anything on. She dragged me into the house and with both curtains wide open, I fucked her again. After that it became a regular thing for me to fuck the neighbour’s wife. I fucked her in almost every room in their house. I fucked her in the back yard. I took her to restaurants and fucked her in the men’s bathroom. I took her to the park and fucked her on a bench. I drove down the highway showing off her cunt to passing truckers. Then fucked her at a roadside rest stop. I’ve fucked his wife almost everywhere you can think of. Just last Saturday I heard her husband telling my dad that she’s pregnant. He said, “I don’t know how it happened. We always use a condom.” Immediately I began to realize that his wife was pregnant with my baby. The first chance I got to talk to her alone she confessed that in fact she was carrying my baby and she was two and a half month along. I asked what I could do and she said, “Nothing. Matt thinks the baby is his and I want to keep it that way.” I agreed than she said, “But it doesn’t mean you have to stop coming over.” I just smiled and took her out to the garage and fucked her while her husband talked to my father in the yard. I’m still fucking his wife today and even after I’m out on my own I intend to keep coming over to their house and fucking his wife. Even after she’s had the baby.

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    Absolutely the best store I’ve read

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    When I was in college I rented an apartment just a few blocks from the school, it was way better than being stuck in the dorms. Mine was on the 3rd floor, and my window faced the apartment building next door. The woman in that apartment got home every night at around 10 PM, she would come in, take off her clothes, sit in her recliner that faced the window and masturbate. That was great, and I charged several of my buddies $10 to be there to watch, Not only fun but sure helped to pay the bills. It was obvious she knew she was being watched, but I never got to meet her.

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    Sell her pussy to strangers.

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    Do you have a Video? Thats were really nice to watch it

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