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Amy and Carrie Part 1

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My dad who was widowed remarried. My step mom’s brother owned a farm. He had two daughters. The older Carrie was my age 13, and her younger sister Amy was 11. Carrie was heavyset but not unattractive except for her attitude while her sister was the total opposite. Amy was beautiful, playful and full of life.

Her brother sold us 20 acres to build a house. My step uncle Rick, and I hit it off. He would take me fishing and hunting and stuff. I think I was the son he never had.

I would also come over and help Rick out on the farm. Carrie was being a total bitch to me. Her and I did not get along whatsoever. She always had an attitude towards me. So I avoided her. Amy was the total opposite. She was adorable and a sweet heart.

I was grooming a horse one day when Amy came and talked to me. “Where is the witch?”, I asked.

“Don’t call her that!”, she said

“Well she hasn’t been exactly nice to me!”, I said. Amy looked at me all starry eyed. “That is just the way she is.”

I looked at her. “Honestly, I think someone has a crush on me!”, I said poking her in the chest. Her face blushed and denied it.

“No! Boys are icky!”, she said sheepishly

“Yeah ok. Miss Starry Eyes!”, I said laughing, “come on help me groom him and we can go play together! Ok?”

She was brushing the horse and was staring at it’s penis.

“Quit staring at that! Weirdo!”, I said

“Wow his thing is big!”, she said.

“He is a horse. What do you expect?”, I asked and laughed.

I said to the horse that girls were dumb. The horse made a noise in agreement. She hit me lightly, “Don’t tell him that!”, she said. Looking all adorable when she was mad.

“Don’t ever lose that cuteness! Ok?”, I said to her as I hugged her and kissed the top of her head. She looked up and our eyes met. I could read what she was thinking.

“No!”, I said.

She laughed. “Yes!”, she said

She held onto my leg. “No! Boys are icky!”, I said. She wouldn’t let go.

She grabbed my crotch. “I wanna see it!”, she demanded, “I am adorable and always get what I want!” She giggled.

I pried her off me and I picked her up and carried her over my shoulder spanking her butt and squeezing her ass. Running my finger between her legs. “BOYS ARE ICKY!”, I said, “Besides if your sister finds out we are both in trouble!” She giggled. I ran my hand down her pants and felt her soft ass. I slid my finger over her pussy. I set her down on the hay bales. She kissed me and hugged me.

“I love you! You are the best!”, she said, “Come on! You going to let me see it or what?”. I held her down and tickled her. She was laughing hysterically.

She sat up as I opened my pants and showed her my cock. I got close and tapped her head with it. She giggled. “Stop that!”, she said. She put both hands on my dick and felt it up. She kissed up and down my shaft and the mushroom. I asked what she was doing. “I thought boys liked getting their things kissed.”, she said

“Sucked not kissed! It goes in your mouth.”, I said

She looked at me shocked. I laughed at the look she gave me. She took my cock in her hands studied it and contemplated. She opened her mouth and sucked on my mushroom. She swished her tongue along the head. She pulled away from it. “Like that?”, she asked. I nodded and messed up her hair.

“Watch!” I said. I jacked off for her. She watched me stroking my cock.

“Hey can I do it?”, she asked

“Later! Just be still and watch!”, I said

She watched. Eyes glued to my member as I stroked my cock. I tilted my head and stroked more aggressively as I felt my orgasm coming on. “Watch it now.”, I said. She interrupted my orgasm as she jumped back when my sperm shot out. I busted out laughing it was so cute and funny.

“That was so cool! What is that?”, she asked

“It is sperm! It is what makes your babies.”, I said. “You can eat it too! Try it!”

“I don’t want a baby right now!!”, she said

I laughed. “You don’t get pregnant from eating it silly!”

She took a finger full and tasted it. She took my dick and cleaned the cum off.

I kissed her head. “Happy now?”, I asked. She nodded. I put it away and zipped up.

“That was so cool!”, she said. I hugged her.

“You know I love you!”. She smiled and nodded. I kissed her cheek and her heart just melted. I just adore her.

My family had dinner with hers. Carrie still wasn’t very responsive to me. I stopped her after dinner.

“What is your problem? What did I ever do to you?”, I asked

“I don’t have a problem. Seems I should be able to like who I want to like.”, she said

“Fine then. You’re stuck up. Ok. I get it. You know you get that stick out of your ass we might get along.”, I walked away smiling. She stomped off.

Amy came up to me later. “Hey I asked my dad. You and me are going to set up the tent and camp out tonight. He is going to ask if you want to. So tell him yes.”

“Oooookaaaaay and how about you asking me and not telling me?”, I said

“Why? You are going to say yes anyway. I am adorable remember? You cannot resist! Plus you want more of the stuff we did earlier!”, she said and giggled

“Ya know…what you are going to be….is dead if I catch you!”, I said and chased her around the yard. I tackled her on the grass and rubbed her crotch. She was laughing hysterically.

“Are you going to tell my dad yes?”, She said. Looking at me with those heart melting eyes.

“Of course I am honey. Let’s go grab the tent.”, I said. We set up the tent by the farm field while I dug a fire pit.

Amy’s mom and dad and my mom and dad came and hung out with us. Dad gave me my first beer. When they left we sat by the fire and talked.

When they left and the lights in the house went dark, we got to work. I showed her how to kiss and we made out as we groped each other. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my underwear down and took my dick out. We kissed as her hand jacked my cock up and down.

I slid down the sweatpants she had on and took off her panties. Her legs closed as I touched her. Her body squirmed. “It’s ok hon. I won’t hurt you. I am going to make you feel real good tonight and every night from now on.”

She looked at me and hugged me. “I love you Tim!”, she said. I rubbed my finger against her bald little pussy. She was getting into it now as I rubbed her. I stuck my finger up inside her and she gasped.

“Relax babe. Just enjoy it.”, I said in a soothing voice. She calmed down as I finger fucked her and rubbed her slit.

I had her get on top of me. She took my dick and put the head into her mouth. She was swishing her tongue across my penis head. I gave her pointers on how to suck dick and what felt good. She was doing great for a first timer.

I actually was not a first timer. I had a lover before her. We never went all the way, but she taught me about oral sex and pleasing women. I was 13 and she was 21.

I went down on her pussy. Her legs closed when my tongue touched her vulva. I used my soothing voice to calm her down. I found her clitoris and danced my tongue across it. She started moaning. My finger was sliding in and out of her. It was becoming more and more slick now. I jammed my finger in her. “Spank my butt Tim!”, she said, “It felt so good when you did that before!” I lightly spanked her and grabbed her ass. I dug my fingers into her soft bottom. She let out a moan. Her body was reacting as I licked and finger fucked her. I started doing it harder. I started bad mouthing her. “You’re a dirty little girl aren’t you?”, as I spanked her. She sucked my dick even harder now. I was getting a good response from her. I could tell she liked it. “Bad little girl!”, I said and beat her butt. “Mmmmmmmm!!! Mmmmmmmm!!!!”, she said. Her fingers dug into my dick. “Oh my God!”, she said as she went into her orgasm. Her pussy exploded. Squirting juice.

She was doing great on the end. Just after I got her off my legs tightened together. She could tell I was about to come. She sucked as hard as she could on my dick. I grabbed her ass cheeks as dug my fingers in. “Awwww shit! You are amazing!”, I said as my body clenched and I came into her mouth. She waited until every last drop came off and then swallowed. Then she cleaned the rest off of my dick. We looked at each other and starry eyed and laughed. I kissed her forehead. We laid down together and slept. We slept in each other’s arms both excited for the days to come. Two kids in love.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itamm4

    Wow!, fantastic and can’t wait for more. I just love 11 year olds, I think they are the most perfect age for play time. There are exceptions to that rule as my friends 9 year old can suck me to a massive orgasm in less than 5. Of course all females in her family start their periods at just over 9 so I guess the cuming in her deep is about to stop. The next door neighbors granddaughter is 11 and took me by surprise three weeks or so ago and bedded me well. I am in horticulture so she tells her mom she wants to learn how to properly seed the bed. Good god can she seed the bed well, almost to well lol! She is making plans to visit longer and the night as we speak.
    Yep!, 11 is the magic number for me but I never turn down a good fuck or training session because they deserve it and more.

  • Reply Timmy1 ID:1dvqbxi0hzlf

    I got proof read it better. I hate grammatical errors in my stories.

  • Reply Lezz619 ID:gycn25di8xo

    Can’t wait for part 2

    • Timmy1 ID:1dvqbxi0hzlf

      I sent it so it should probably come out tonight

  • Reply 8===D ID:1d5vvw9y6pza

    Makes me horny

    • Timmy1 ID:1dvqbxi0hzlf

      Lol that is why I wrote it