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Wearing no panties to school

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My teacher bent me over the desk making my ass cheeks red because he said I was being naughty😫

I’m marisa I just turned 11 , I’m 4’9 and have huge tits for my age . I’m Latina so I have a thick ass (that I want used) . Basically when getting ready for school I thought about how comfortable it’d be to not wear panties under my little uniform skirt . So I went to school without them, I could see my pussy poking out from the bottom and it excites me . Getting to my 3rd period I had my English teacher who I think is soooo hot . I’ve had multiple fantasies about him forcing me to take his cock. Getting into his class I waiting till I knew I had his full attention and slowly spread my legs showing him my bald pink pussy (I was soo creamy) . He winked at me letting me know he saw . After class he asked me to stay after class to discuss the book I wanted to read in his class (mhmmm) . I stayed and he told me how I was naughty but that he’s always wanted some young pussy . When he said that I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter . I had him sit in his chair and sat my wet cunt on his lap as I started making out with him grinding my pussy against his cock (he was rock hard ) . “I want your cock” I whispered into his ear when I said that he flipped me around his lap facing me the other way . He lifted up my skirt and started rubbing my cunt it felt soooo good . I commented on how wet younger pussy gets he started to finger my pussy and I felt so full . He took his fingers out after awhile and had me taste my young cunt I loved it . He told me to stand up and bend over his desk as I bent over he pulled my skirt completely down and started spanking my ass calling me nasty names like a “cum dump” . I’ve always dreamt of being a nasty cum dump or a breeding slut for nasty older daddies sooo I loved it . After spanking my ass he asked me if I was ready when I said yess I felt his cock against the slit of my pussy “put it in daddy “ I said as I felt him enter my pussy slowly . “Fuckkkk yesss “ is what I said when I felt his big cock fill me up . I know he needed my young pussy and I plan to give me soo much more . Nasty daddies hmu I love pédö daddies 😍😍

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