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Update – I lost my moral compass and let a student feel me up

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You guys me bad advise and now I’m screwed. For real.

To understand the main incident read this:

Well you guys gave me bad advise for sure. Yes, I was in a vulnerable place and I should have thought about it before going through your advise but this is what happened.

After avoiding him the next day, he sent me a text saying I needed to meet him in the auditorium before leaving the school. I was not sure. A little afraid, yeah. But a little excited as well, thanks to you guys. I was thinking of letting him touch me a little more and maybe I would return the favor by giving him a hand-job, but that scoundrel had other plans.

I met him behind the stage. No one else was there but us. Then he of course, reminded me of that day and smiled and looked in the eye. He told that he knew I enjoyed it too. And started to grope my huge bosom. I didn’t stop him just pulled my head back and closed my eyes. He lifted my dress and touched my private area. I was loving it. Then he went down and removed my panties to the side and started to lick my beaver. I won’t lie, I hoped this to happen, hence I shaved my genital area clean for him. He spent some time there while I showed that he was doing a good job by holding on to his hair tight.

Then he stood up. I thought of returning the favor and groped his dick and smiled. Then he said something I cannot forget. “You are a fucking whore, aren’t you Ms Jenny”. I was shocked and aroused at the same time. Then he pushed me back on the table and lifted my legs up. My back was resting on the table and he removed my dress. Then he unhooked my bra. My ‘melons’ jiggled around for him to watch and play. which he did.
Then he spit on his already hard ‘Johnson’ and inserted in my ‘Mary-Ellen’. It was already wet and slimy, welcoming his ‘manhood’ inside.
I couldn’t help but moan aloud. I forgot I was in school. He kept pounding me for a some time all the while mauling my huge white breast. I was having an orgasm with my eyes closed.

Then he did something really unexpected. He pulled on the curtains where costumes where kept for rehearsals. And guess what 15 kids popped out of there holding cameras and cheering him.

Danny kept ‘doing me’ while holding me down by his hands. I got startled but was unable to get up.
He said to them – “Didn’t I tell you Jenny is a whore. You guys didn’t believe me when I said she let me play with her P*ssy”

I was shocked. But I was too high with pleasure that didn’t say anything. Just covered my eyes with my hands. I felt a few hands touching my breast, my legs and hands and my behind. There were boys and girls as well, just laughing and making fun of me and my thick body. They I removed my hands to see who was there. These were kids from not only Danny’s class but also some other classes. Some were younger than him too. All recording as well.

I am so dead. Other kids were already pulling out their willy’s out and stroking but Danny said to them not today. And then he ejaculated inside my ‘Vajayjay’.

Then I dressed up while kids called me slut and whore and slapped my behind and breasts. I wanted to cry but it was very good experience. Danny is a very good ‘lover’.

I ran out and not sure what to do.
I cannot hide forever. Monday I have to be back in school and interact with all these kids and Danny.

What are my options?

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  • Reply Popparocker ID:1dj322sacca0

    So when is your son going to get whatever body else had

  • Reply Jamere09 ID:jwdo67y6ib

    You probably gonna have to quit or at least take a break but you probably wont

  • Reply Horny boy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

    I would love to fuck you to hehe

  • Reply Mr Johnson ID:19eux46xyuur

    Waiting for a part 3. Hope the story doesn’t go to shit like a lot of other stories

  • Reply Mr Johnson ID:19eux46xyuur

    Good story. I see blackmail coming

  • Reply Jan ID:1e42llfmxpen

    Poor story. You need to try a lot harder

  • Reply All3n ID:6e4ii2f8

    Offer your service for their silence. About the only option you have. Well nw your going to be a bi slut if you want your secret kept.

  • Reply TeacherSlut ID:1hr6elykt09

    You need to make a deal satisfy all of their pubescent perversions submissively and you won’t tell anyone and ruin the fun. Make sure they know you love it even with the ones you hate. Welcome the degradation and always swallow and say thank you. I can’t see any other options but ungoverned and complete degradation to these teenage boys.

    • FakeJenny ID:pwu4hgy49b

      Thank you. I understand. I get it, it’s my destiny to be a slave to these kids.

    • Daddy needs a fuck toy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

      Do you have any stories

  • Reply Maria50 ID:pwu4hgwt0k

    You deserve it. Slut.