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I lost my moral compass and let a student feel me up

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Am a bad teacher to let a student of my mine touch me inappropriately in school

Hi I’m Jenny( Fake name) I’m 42 yr old and work as a teacher. I’m divorced for last 8 yrs and I haven’t been in any relationship since then. I have a 16 yr old son in the same school. Well, after marriage I let go of myself and am a little chubby for most men. And when Harry left I was already in my 30’s so I focused on raising my son. But now at 42, I feel lonely, but now, most men do not want to be with me. I haven’t had a willy in 8 yrs.

Now you understand where I’m coming from. So this kid in class, Let’ call him Danny, is about 14. He is class bully and a little punk. He creates problems in class all the time. I have punished him more than once but he is who he is. He does not takes me seriously and always looks at me like I’m some kind of meat. Trying to peek at my cleavage (BTW I have 38DD breast so even if I wear modestly, things flow out when I bend)

Yesterday he did something silly and tricked me calling myself a cow. I know that was smart of him, but he made me look like a fool as all the kids were laughing at me.
So I wrote him a detention. And it so happened that I was in charge of detention yesterday. There were only 4 kids in the whole class. I started doing my stuff at teacher’s desk. Danny was sitting in the last bench with his legs on the table and I’m sure plotting something. I heard some giggles between the students so I went on a round.

All became attentive and looked down in their books. I went straight to Danny and checked what he was reading. He had a nudy magazine. But it was not of swim suit type models but chubby ones. Kind of looked a lot like me, naked. I didn’t wanted to create a scene so I looked him in the eye’s and gestured him to keep it away. I think he saw this as a sign of my weakness, he just shifted a little far and licked the page with the chubby model. I was getting angry but stayed quite. I tried to pulled the mag from him. He shifted a little away. He then gestured putting two fingers up the lady’s private parts. I looked away. He smiled and made faces, sexual faces. I was angry and aroused at the same time. I folded my arms and stood there as he kept increasing the speed of his finger in the image.

Then I tried to snatch the mag from him and leaned to the extreme right in a sudden motion, but he was still successful to keep it away from me. Only thing was, now I had fallen on the desk with my breast between the table and chair, hanging in the valley. The cleavage was clear and wide. And this scoundrel, didn’t even think twice and grabbed my bosoms and fondled them slowly. I was angry but at him. But at me because I didn’t stood up immediately. My body just gave up on me and I closed my eyes and he Kept touching him soft breast, now with both hands. I came back to my senses and stood up next to the seat. Folded my arms and looked forward. Thinking what just happened. In the mean time, Danny slides back to my side and now was groping my ass. I was in the last bench so I knew no one could see this. I stood there letting him have his fun. Then he got a little more daring and slipped his hands inside my dress and was grabbing my bare ass. I still kept quite. Then he started to enter my ass crack and remove my panties to the side. Then he was massaging my privates with his two fingers. I had my eyes closed by now. Just enjoying the touch of a man/boy. He then made a little more room and inserted his fingers inside my already wet private part. He was pushing it in and out slowly. I was loving it. Then I opened my eyes and saw he had pulled his zip down and was playing with his willy. I got scared and ran forward adjusting my dress and my panties.

I was so scared. My heart was beating so fast. What had I done. I didn’t look at him the after that, even today at school.
Will he tell his friends? Or worse, will he tell his parents or Principal? I’m so screwed. What should I do? Shall I meet him and discuss this and sort it out? Please advise.

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  • Reply Hugh G. Reaction ID:1dyxkna4qy1t

    Jenny, you should’ve already met up with him and promised him so pussy from you and any daughters you might have in exchange for his silence. Sounds like he’s got you bent over a barrel, and he’s about to exercise his male privilege with you, and you should most definitely oblige him unconditionally and immediately.

  • Reply Enomax001 ID:rz5vjb0b

    Yes, meet him, but meet him to fuck him and not to discuss the matter. After all, what’s there to discuss? If he wants, he can easily blackmail you and fuck you for the rest of his life and even share you with anyone he wants. Remember, if he talks to anyone about what happened when he was in detention, you will be in bigger trouble.

    • AmandaKoqs ID:pwu4hgwt0k

      I think you are are right. She should obey this kid before getting on the wrong side of him. Yes, he might do her sometimes, and even share her with his buddies, but hey she too will be having fun. So go for it.

  • Reply A teen daughter ID:1e91yu9bk8i3

    My dad teaches drivers Ed. I often wondered how many girls have gotten their license based on their “abilities” not their driving abilities

    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

      Several! How did you get yours?

    • admirer ID:nh7p938l

      are you jealous of them [email protected]

    • A teen daughter ID:1e91yu9bk8i3

      @ Hrnystp, in not diving yet.

  • Reply AliceK ID:pwu4hgy20d

    Subconsciously you too want it. You want to be his submissive slut. So let it happen. Call him home and let him be in charge of you. Let his have his way with your body. You need it. You deserve it.

    • Dude ID:1eusaskfk833

      I need a submissiveness slut to start a clan with me.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zfik

    You said you haven’t had a willy (lovely word) in 8 years. So just enjoy this dirty boy and his attentions.It’s one of the perks of being a teacher!

  • Reply Jan ID:1e42llfmxpen

    Jenny. I’m a teacher and experienced a similar situation . The boy in question did it to me having volunteered to help me stocktaking.
    I told him that it was inappropriate to do it in school and gave him my home address. Now we grab time when we can

  • Reply LucyX ID:pwu4hgy20d

    It’s ok. There is nothing wrong. You will help him to be a better person. He will be busy doing you and will not focus on being naughty. You can give him more of you based on him class performance.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:rz5vjb0b

    If you meet to discuss and sort out, it will end badly as you surely will end up doing a sexual favour for him….unless thats what you really want

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1e7l21zj7tkr

    Have a private meeting with him and let him do it again and enjoy it

  • Reply Tina ID:7ylren4oic

    You been watching to much of the news.

    • Jan ID:1e42llfmxpen

      You’ll be surprised how many teachers have schoolboy/schoolgirl lovers

  • Reply TeacherBully ID:1hr6elykt09

    YES! You need to meet with him and negotiate a way out of this. You are to blame here, so be submissive and conciliatory before he tells his bully friends.

    • Jan ID:1e42llfmxpen

      Hey teacher bully drop me a line
      Badschoollady1 wickr me