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The forbidden family fruit

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My dream come true her asshole pussy mouth all mine ripe at 16

The year is 2969 in technology is really taken over this world and one of the most rare items on the market today is the click remote able to pause rewind skip forward redo mute and save buttons attached to it but this remote is illegal and I’ve waited years for this item to hit my hands we all have that little special somebody in our lives mine just happens to be the 5 foot 5 thick 16 year old Latina who looks like a adult 42DDs a mountain of ass with this DSL aka dick sucking lips 👄 just One look you can tell she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch but this bairly 16 little Lady was the hottest thing ever her name is ALYAH H or aka bubbles. The next night was my chance to try it out was it a hokes or was it the real thing I wanted for everyone to fall asleep dead silent I reached under the bed and I pulled it out the shiny remote made by enjoy as I said to myself here goes nothing paws . So I walked out into the hall and I opened the her door and there she was sound asleep in sweat pants and just her bra instant hard on pulled her pants down bra off arched her ass up spred her lips open and fucked her ass hole for hours then slipped back to bed hit play only to her her give out a massive deep moan I was not expecting that lol … To be continued

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