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Husband wanted to add some spark in marriage

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Indian husband wanted to make things spicy in marriage by letting another man have a go at her. But things didn’t go as planned.

Hi I’m Nitish, 32, software engineer from Pune. I have been married to my wife Prachi, 26 for three years now. It was an arranged marriage. And I was lucky to have such a beautiful wife. Prachi is a house wife, knows everything a wife should know. But only thing is since I was her first and she is very shy from a sub urban area, she is not very adventurous in bed. I mean she does not even make noises in bed, just seals her lips and breaths heavy as if she is in pain. Don’t get me wrong she has a banging body, 5’4″, C cups breast. Slim waist and small round tight ass, very fair and charming. beautiful eyes and long hair.
She is perfect. But when it comes to sex she just closes herself. I was not sure what to do.

So I planned an anniversary getaway with her to Lonawala. I booked an AirBnB house which was secluded to give us more privacy. It was a 3 BHK independent house with it’s own garden and care taker.
We reached there on our own car and made ourselves at home. He immediately had sex in the new house. We ran around the house naked catching each other. It was fun. Then in the evening we went to the market to buy food for upcoming days. There I met this restaurant own, Raj where we had tea. He was cool guy. In his 40’s but very fit and tall. And single. Never married. He was very well maintained with his salt and pepper hair. My wife also took liking to this guy. He invited us to have some drink at this other restaurant before we left. We agreed. Prachi does not drink alcohol but we insisted and she tried it for the first time.

And boy she did. She was tipsy in just a couple of drinks. She was becoming a little handsy towards Raj and his friends as well. I didn’t mind, this was new side of her. Even they noticed that I didn’t stop my wife. Raj insisted that since we are a little drunk he would accompany me to my place in his car, just to make sure we reach home safely. I agreed. When we reached there I had to help Prachi to get in the door. Raj was kind enough to help me with that too. I insisted him to stay for another drink as he was so helpful. I placed Prachi on the bed and came back to the living room. We had just a couple of drinks when I heard Prachi call my name.

“Nitish come here, come na, come fuck me… I ‘m so horny. my pussy is all wet to take a dick” She screamed. Wao, she never talks like this. This was awesome. I laughed embarrassingly to Raj. He just lifted his glass and stood up to leave.
“Have fun you guys” he shook my hand.
Suddenly I saw Prachi fumbling her way to the living room with her eyes half closed. And yeah she was naked.
“Why are you taking so long, don’t you want to fuck your wife. Destroy her tight tight pussy” She said in her baby voice and fell in my arms.
Raj smiled and was about to leave.
“Oh I didn’t see you there Raj, you still here? What a gentlemen” She continued.
Then she came close to my ears and said, “he is so tall, I bet his dick is way bigger than yours” She said and started to laugh.
“Isn’t it Raj? You are packing a huge huge dick, aren’t you, you devil” She fell on her knees and groped Raj by his crotch.
“I’m so sorry she never does anything like this. She is drunk that’s it” I apologized to Raj, trying to pull her away from the man’s crotch.
“No it’s ok. Actually If you don’t mind I can show her how big of a dick I have.” Raj said very politely and calmly.
I was not expecting that. But I said sure.
Then he pulled his dick out and she guessed it right. It was huge. Like 10 inches of pure dick. Brown muscular dick with no pubic hair to obstruct the view.
My wife just grabbed the dick and put it in her mouth. I tried to pull her away but she was like stuck to it. Just gobbling the stranger’s dick.
Raj gestured to stop and asked me to sit down. I don’t know why, but I obeyed him. Then he took control and started to fuck my wife’s mouth in front of me. Like really hard. Her saliva was all over the place, covering her face and boobs.
Then he lifted her up and threw her on the couch. With her tits up, he spread her legs in air and licked her pussy. She still had her eyes closed and smiling a big smile enjoying this man’s tongue in her vagina. She was playing with her tits and moaning. Yeah she was moaning for the first time.
Then he lifted her ass and brought her close to the edge of the couch. He placed her both legs on his each shoulder and slid his big shining dick inside my wife tight pussy.
“Aaaahhhhh…..Aaaahhhh… oh shit oh shit… it’s huge… Oh my god…..Aaaaahhh” she went into a spiral.
Now she moans and screams with a stranger’s dick inside her.
He kept thrusting her hard, again and again and her moans were getting louder and louder.
“Oh yeah.. Oh yeah… Oh yes, fuck me fuck me, fuck me hard baby…. Yeah.. I had never been fucked like this before. Destroy that pussy today…Aaaahhh” Prachi had no chill.
I got a little hard so I pulled my dick out and started to stroke my cock.

Raj saw this and smiled. A little later her said – “You have lube?”
“Go and get it for me”
“Why, she is already so wet for you?”
“Just bring it, I am going to fuck her tight ass”
I was in shock but didn’t say anything. I just went in and brought the lube. When I came out I saw Raj was fucking and using his phone.
Is he recording my wife while she is screaming for his dick.
When I came he kept the phone aside. I groped my wife’s boobs and sat down again. He turned her over. She was a little tired now. Her one hand and leg was hanging over the edge of the couch. He then sprayed a good amount of lube on her asshole and on his dick.

I’m not sure why I kept quite. Even I have not fucked her in the ass, but I was turned on to watch my wife getting fucked.
He then slowly started to insert his dick inside my wife’s asshole. She was now a little down being drunk so she just moaned quietly . The dick didn’t go inside in couple of attempts. Then he spread her butt cheeks and tried again with much force. It ripped her ass apart and went inside. She jerked back in pain.
“Aaahhh ooooo..oooh ouch”
He was still for a moment, let her asshole accept his dick inside. Then he slowly started to increase the thrust. He was now fucking my wife’s ass. He had put all his weight on her back and was bring down his whole body so hard on her. I’m sure tomorrow she won’t be able to walk properly.
He pulled her hair back and kept fucking her for few mins.
Then I heard the door bell ring.
I was surprised who was it at 11pm at night.
Raj ordered to open up his friends are here.
I was not sure what was going on but I went slowly to the door and opened it. I saw the rest of his friends from the club. All 4 of them.

They saw their leader ride a young married women’s ass and started making animal sounds.
“Yeah champion you won’t let go any beautiful ass do you now?” One said.
“Where are the drinks” Another said massaging my wife’s bare back.
“Bring in the booze please Nitish” Raj instructed. I obeyed again
By the time returned they all were naked and feeling my wife.
Raj now turned her over. Still fucking her ass but now in missionary position Other were taking turns fucking her mouth and groping her boobies.

That was it. Now they all took turn fucking my wife. They even double penetrated her multiple times. And three at once too. I had cum once so far and still hard again. They were ravishing my wife’s body.

I was getting a little sleepy by now.

When I woke up sunrays hit me in my face. I was laying naked on the couch with my dick still in my hands and dried cum on my stomach. I saw raj and his friends on the couch and carpet sleeping naked. I was not able to see my wife. I stood up and found her. She was near the dining table floor getting fucked by the house care taker. I guess when he came to clean he saw her naked on the floor. And saw so many men naked. he though she was some kind of prostitute. So he too took advantage of her drunken sleep state and was fucking her pussy. He had spread her legs far apart and inserted his while body between her legs and trusting her real good.

“Vikram what are you doing?” I asked. With my morning wood.
He startled for a moment. But didn’t stop.
“Just 5 more mins sir, I’m about to finish Please sir please. I haven’t fucked suck a beautiful fair girl ever in my life. Please let me finish. Anyways she has been fucked by so many guys already, one more dick won’t matter. Please don’t stop me”
The man makes a good point.
“Ok once you are done clean her up and put her on the bed. I’m going to freshen up”

I came from the bathroom and saw Prachi was not on the bed.
I went to the living room and saw she was up and on her knees sucking the guys morning wood. Cum was dripping down her thighs. I guess Vikram was done with her.

I was drying my hair with towel when she greeted me.
“hey honey wanna join in?”
“No I’m hungry, you finish them off and get freshen up. Then came let’s have breakfast together”
I grabbed the newspaper and was drinking the coffee brought by happy Vikram.

For next 3 days of our stay she was fucked and passed around by Raj and his different friends all over town. I didn’t get to fuck her even once. Every night she had few men in the house who fucked her all night. Every morning Vikram fucked her before she woke up. She was drinking even during the day.

I thought It was just a vacation thing. Or atleast I hope so….

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