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All in the family

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My first experience with a family member was with my older sister. I’d been going up in the attic for years playing when I was younger. But while up there I accidentally found a place where I could see down into my sisters room. When I was small I didn’t pay much attention to it. But as I got older and interested in girls I found it to be great. I’d watch her changing cloths and on a few occasions got to see a couple of her friends naked. Sometimes I’d be up there jerking off watching her. Once I even watched her and one of her friends eating each others pussy. And saw her a couple of times sucking her boyfriends cock.

I’d been snooping in her room one day while she was gone and found some pictures of her and her friends at the lake. Susan was wearing the skimpiest bikini I’d ever seen and her big tits were almost totally exposed. Some of the pictures were very similar so I took a couple I didn’t think she’d miss. I would look at them and jerk off. One day I was home alone, or so I thought. I’d stripped down and was laying on my bed jerking off when I heard something and looked up and there was my sister standing inside my room with a big grin on her face. I dropped the picture and was trying to find something to cover up with. She came over and picked up the picture saying so what gets you turned on.

I thought she’d be pissed and call me a pervert when she saw I was jerking off to a picture of her. She was mad I’d been snooping in her room, but it looked like it turned her on that I’d been jerking off as I was looking at a sexy picture of her. She said so you think I’m hot? Then said let me see how you like seeing everything and started to strip. She wanted to watch me jerk off while I saw her sexy body. In no time I was stroking my cock as I watched my hot sister playing with her tits & pussy. She could tell I was ready to cum and she shocked me when she got down on my bed and started sucking & stroking my cock. After swallowing every drop of my cum she said she hated to see hot cum go to waste. And said my cum tasted kind of sweet. Then explained different guys cum tasted differant some times.

She told me I couldn’t tell anyone what had happened because some people would think it was really sick. Then she said plus if I did she’d never suck my dick again. The thought of her sucking me off was something I’d fantasized about so I promised that it was our secret. Then said so you’re going to really suck my cock for me some time? She smiled and said she loved sucking cock and that mine was a nice one. She let me play with her tits & suck on them and play with her pussy and in no time I was rock hard again and she gave me my 1st blowjob from a girl. But it turned out to be the first of many and within a few months she was fucking me too. I was about 12 at the time and she was 15. This went on for about three years until she left for college. But she’d taught me what girls liked in bed when fucking them and how to eat pussy. And once when I went to visit her at school I had a threesome with her and her roommate who was also bi and was paying her way through college as a stripper.

During my younger years before getting married I also had sex with my cousin who was smoking hot and her mother ( my aunt ) though they didn’t know about the other. And another cousin who wasn’t as hot but gave great head. I never fucked her because I thought she was too young at 12 but she sucked me off several times. After getting married my dad had walked in on me and my wife having a threesome with a friend of mine. My wife Lynn was sucking his cock while I fucked her in the ass. But he was cool about it and later we had a threesome with my dad where she sucked him off and let him fuck her. And on a couple of occasions after that where she sucked his cock. He got re-married a couple of years later to a woman younger than him and I fucked her a couple of time. But she wouldn’t do a three some or let him watch. But it still turned him on knowing I’d fucked my new stepmom.

My wife Lynn and I were in our mid-twenties and had been swingers for a few years and her little sister who was about 13-14 was really developing early and Lynn wanted to teach her how to suck cock so maybe she’d do that instead of fucking guys. I’d kind of been turned on by her sister anyway because she was a big flirt when Lynn wasn’t there and liked coming up behind me when I was sitting and press those big tits of hers against the back of my head & neck asking if that made a nice headrest? So when Lynn asked if I’d let Lacy suck my cock I jumped at it. Though I’m sure she knew I would. I mean what gut is going to turn down the chance of having a hot 13-14 yo girl suck his dick? But I could tell she had some experience sucking dick. She wasn’t able to swallow my entire 9 1/2″ cock at first but like they say, practice makes perfect and she practiced every time she got a chance. But Lynn didn’t know that some nights when Lacy spent the night when Lynn left for work Lacy would come and climb into bed with me naked and we’d fuck like crazy.

But my favorite was one of Lynn’s cousins named Susan. They were the same age by a couple of months and looked more like twin sisters. Both were 5-8, 120lbs, 34DD-24-35, both had long red hair and green eyes. And both were wild in bed. It started when we went on a trip with Susan and her husband and another couple. We ended up playing a stripping & drinking game the first night and ended up the night by sleeping with each other’s wife. We spent the entire night with them in seperate rooms. I slept with the other girl the first night and Susan the second night. It was hard to not call her Lynn because they looked so much alike. But we spent the entire long weekend naked. We were in a house in the mountains with nothing else around so went outside naked too and even walked to a lake and had a picnic naked. We swapped with Susan and her husband a couple of times after that weekend but Susan’s husband didn’t want them to keep swapping.

Fortunately he took lots of weekend trips with his buddies going to sporting events, fishing, etc. And Susan would stay with us. We’d have FFM threesomes with both girls ordering matching lingerie, garter belts, etc. And would dress alike and ever put on matching make-up. It was like spending a weekend with twins who liked to fuck as well as have sex with each other. In fact it turned out Susan was the first girl Lynn had had girl on girl sex with when they were in their early to mid-teens. Lynn and I had always taken lots of pictures and after showing Susan some of them Susan thought it was hot, but her husband had said he didn’t want something to happen and someone find nude pictures of her. So I took lots of pics of both of them seperately and the girls together in matching sexy outfits. Some posed but others of them having sex. Eating each other and sucking each others tits, or playing with sex toys. And since Susan couldn’t take them home I got to keep all of them. Including some pictures of Susan sucking me off and me fucking her. As well as some of the three of us together.

There was also a one time experience with Susan’s dad who like Lynn’s father was a preacher. We were at an adult bookstore about 200 miles from where we lived with gloryholes. Lynn is an avid exhibitionist and like going from booth to booth naked except for a garter belt & stockings and heels. We’d been in one booth and a guy stuck his cock through the pretty big hole and Lynn started sucking it. But he soon pulled his cock out and stuck his hand through and he fondled Lynn’s big tits and bushy cunt and nice firm round ass. Then whispered for her to back up to the hole. She did and he started fucking her tight wet cunt from behind. She was only 18yo and we’d just started swinging. After a while Lynn turned and started sucking his cock again until he shot off in her mouth. We decided to go to a new booth so we walk into the hall and Lynn is only in a garter belt, stockings, and heels. The guy she’d just sucked and fucked and been felt up by walks into the hall and Lynn says uncle Bill? I looked and it was her uncle standing there ( Susan’s father ) He’s looking up and down over Lynn’s body and says she and Susan still looked just alike, even naked.

He’s comparing their nipples and their pussy being groomed the same and it really blew my mind when he said their tits even felt the same. Then says but Lynn’s ass feels firmer. So he’s just admitted to not only seeing his 18-yo daughter naked, but to also feeling of her tits and ass. Then he said he thought Lynn was much better at sucking dick. Then said he couldn’t compare how they fucked since he was fucking Lynn through a hole and only for a short while. Then I get why he is being so cavalier in his comments when he says he knows we won’t tell anyone about seeing him there or anything he said since we’d be admitting Lynn was walking around in a seedy bookstore naked exposing herself and letting random unknown strangers no only see her naked, but that she was sucking their cocks and letting then fuck her. And that I was just standing by watching her expose herself and having sex with a bunch of strangers. Then with a smug look said I should have stuck my cock through the hole. That a guy my size was probably really hung. Then said how much he liked sucking big dicks too. It turned out he was there that far from home as a visiting preacher to a church there.

So we both pretty much ran the gambet of sexual experiences with family members Oh I forgot one, the hot cousin I was fucking and doing her mother too came back to town after College and Lynn and I had a threesome with her. Unfortunatelly only once, because she was drop dead gorgeous and fantastic in bed. Both with guys and girls.

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    I want to suck your big dick i bet my wife would like it too

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      I’ve had a husband and wife share my cock a couple of times and it was great. I think the wives were as turned on watching their husbands go down on me as they were getting my cock themselves.