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I made a snuff film with her sisters children, so she came for revenge

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It had been a year of Layla scouring and searching the internet for Grayson after she found that video. When she first saw it, she watched it all the way through, without pausing it. Then she watched it fully another hundred times, screaming, crying as her ex husband choked and strangled her nephew and niece. Then she stood and flung the laptop across the room. Her new husband and children ran in from the den to find the source of the commotion, and they found her on the ground, broken. Then she looked up with murder in her eyes.

****Year after first finding the film****

Layla scoured the Restvale cemetary, searching for that bright grey stone in the afternoon sun. It was a clear day, but in her mind, it couldn’t have been more stormy. She had hired a hacker and traced the upload location of the film, and was going there this evening. She didn’t tell no one what she had planned, because she knew they’d try to talk her out of it. She shook her head as she reached the stone. How could the police let that bastard live? And post the film? She clenched her teeth and bent down, gently placing a rose on the smooth headstone that had Camry, Lincoln and Lourens names on it. She let the tears run, pouring like floodwaters down her face. She was sorry he did this to her, and today, she would make him pay for what he did. She had the gun in her car, and all she had to do was pull the trigger. As she wiped away her tears and stood, she slipped and felt on the hollow dirt. She sucked in a breath and shook the dirt off of her, then stepped around to feel more of the hollowness. She followed the tunnel to a small excavation site about a block away, and saw a large hole. Layla knew she had to do it, so she climbed in and followed it back to the cemetary. When she reached the end, it opened to a large room, where the caskets where. The tops where cracked open, and she could see inside all of them. They where all empty.

She pounded and smashed her fist against the steering wheel as she sped into the desert to Graysons house. She knew it was a long drive, but knowing he might have her families bodies made it even longer. It was like the ground opened up and swallowed her, tossing her into this deep pit of pain. First them being brutally killed, then their bodies being taken just hurt so much. As she came along the edge of his property, she saw his care drive off in the opposite direction. She had looked it up earlier and saw that he was now allowed to live on his own and go places, as long as he didn’t leave the state, and didn’t have people over. She scowled and parked her car aways away behind some boulders. He shouldn’t have that freedom, she thought. It was complete and utter bullshit to her that he didn’t get the electric chair and that he was even still living. As she walked up to his house, she was mentally preparing herself for the horrors that could be in it. As she picked open the lock, she heard a sound, a scratching in the dark and whipped her head around. It scratched again, and this time she heard that it originated from inside the house. She slowly opened the back door, and let out a sigh of relief to find it wasn’t a child or victim, but only a small tabby cat. It had a long scar on its back and it walked with a limp. She picked it up and flipped it over to scratch its tummy, revealing its sore. It ran all the way along the cats vagina, as if he had used it many times, over and over. Cum dripped from it now even as she held it, and she sniffled and cried a little more. That sick, sick bastard, she thought as she placed the cat outside. The cat whimpered and ran back in, then went upstairs. It returned with another female cat, who has redness around her anus and vagina. She also had recently been raped, with cum dripping out both of her holes. Her collar said Val, and the others was Dump. They each also had shock collars along with normal collars, forcing them to return to the house even if they found a way to escape. She began to take them off, when she heard wheels squeal into the driveway.


She jumped and hid in the coat closet, which she quickly realized that he would have a coat to put away since it was cold outside. She settled for a pitch black spot under the stairs and clicked the safety off of her gun. Then, once again she got up to close and lock the back door she came in. She got back to her hiding place just as the front door opened, and she heard footsteps leading to the kitchen. From her spot she could see the kitchen, and when Grayson walked in she saw red. He looked exactly like he did at Camrys wedding, except for some more stubble around his chin, as if he hadn’t shaved in a while. Layla readied the gun, then paused as he placed the bags down and quickly left. She had to keep the element of surprise, or he could surely overpower her. As she heard his footsteps advance up the stairs right above her, she speedily dashed to the closet. It smelled exactly like he did, dirt, some dollar store cologne and the same soap he would always buy 20 years ago when he was married to her. That smell brought back many good memories, then brought back those bad memeories where he would get a bit too excited and wouldn’t stop when she would tell him to. Granted, he always apoligized sincerely and she understood, but it wouldn’t undo the damage he had done. Eventually he stopped being rough, and that was just when she hit her own puberty and wanted that roughness. Then she started hooking up for late night gangbangs, started looking for men who wouldn’t mind abusing her young adolescent pussy. She didn’t think about him then, but now she realized everything he had done was probably /her fault. That didn’t give him permission to kill her family, though. She shook herself out of her trance as he came back down the stairs and checked and closed all the windows and blinds. He was completely naked, and he was rock solid. She stared at his erection for a while then blinked twice.


He stood and picked up Val, and pet her head as she purred. “That’s a good girl. Good little Val.”, he said as he pushed his finger up into her swollen asshole. The cat hissed and nipped at him, but he quickly pushed her head down and increased his pace, sliding his finger deep into her. Layla couldn’t watch anymore. She forced herself out of the closet and pointed the gun at Graysons head as he forced his manhood into the cats mouth. He pulled out and raised his hands, then sat down, erection quickly fading. “Well hey there Layla. I wondered when you would be coming. I expected that you would come after me after you saw your nephew turn into a dick loving litte faggot.” At that she screamed and pulled the trigger, but he jumped behind the couch and whistled. She heard heavy footsteps bound the steps, and heavy panting. Just then a Rottweiler, pounced on her and knocked the gun out of her hand. How many dogs does this dipshit have, she thought as she quickly scrabbled for the gun and kicked the dog away. Grayson quickly ran over and snatched up the pistol then placed the cold metal against her head. “Off Sonath.” The dog- Sonath -rolled off of her and growled, and sat. Grayson petted him and told him to guard, then went upstairs and arrived with a small female kitten, and some small rope. He tied the kitten to Sonath as Layla watched, and placed it so that if Sonath wanted, he could move and penetrate right into her vagina. Grayson smiled and made Layla sit on the couch after he pulled some shorts on. “I have a breeding and nursery upstairs. That one, Kasy, was born two days ago. The kits don’t usually live after Sonath uses them, so I have the parents constantly breeding. Would you like to see?” She shook her head, and he shrugged and gave Sonath a playful slap, and the large dog began smashing into the kitten as it cried and whimpered. Layla looked at Grayson, and grimaced. “What happened to you?” He stood and pulled her up with him. “Heartbreak. Cheating and lies. You. And your bitch sister Camry.” She lunged at him when he said that, but Sonath tackled her again. Something wet hit her face as she pushed him off, and after she wiped it off she realized it was the kittens vaginal blood. She sniffled and wanted to drop into a fetal position, but the gun in her back ushered her forward. “W-where are you taking me Grayson?” He smiles, and takes a camera from the top shelf. “To give you the Lincoln treatment.”


There was a ski mask on a coatrack in the corner of the room, and there was four large, illuminated, clear containers in the center of the room. On one wall was four straps, two near the bottom and two near the top. He ushered her over to the boxes and forced her to look. Her blood ran cold, and she crumpled on them. Inside was Camry, Louren, Graysons mother, and Lincoln. All dead. She broke down in front of him, snot gushing from her nose, tears like rivers splashing down her eyes, hands curling like a fighter. He smiled and pulled her by her hair till she stood, and ushered her over to the strapped wall. He connected her, then typed in a keycode to Camrys preservation box. Smoke furrowed out as the glass swung open like a door, and it whisked around as Grayson removed the body, and hauled it to Laylas sobbing form. He layed the body on Layla and began thrusting inside of Camry. Layla cried harder as her moved his hand to Camrys mouth and forced in, a cold cavern as her lips fell back down around his fingers. He played with her tongue as he fucked her cold, lifeless innards, and kissed along her neck where the rope was tied from when she kiled herself. All while Layla screamed and struggled and cried and sobbed. All she wanted was for him to stop. Stop, stop stop stop, she screamed. But no one could hear her, and nobody would even do anything if they did.

It went on like that for hours, until Grayson finally pulled out and let all of his cum drip out of her ass and onto the floor. After that, he got some sharp metal stakes and dragged them across the screen. The metal was cold and edged, and it quickly sliced her skin. After he got bored of that, he got a lighter and heated the stakes and began slicing deeper. He kissed and prodded her pussy with small pokers of a dentists while he sliced her, and he eventually just went to prodding her, bit by bit. He started with her toes, spitting and kissing on them, then jabbing them with the stakes, then pushing away the sliced skin with the prodders. He did this to both many times, and even stabbed a stake right through to the floor. “All this that I’m doing to you, is the physical equivalent of all the pain you and your sister caused me.” She tried to speak but couldn’t, the pain was just too intense. He then moved to her clit. After heating the dentist tools, he tapped her swollen clit and she moaned, and just gushed slightly. He laughed and tapped it again, then pushed the tool through to the other side and left it there as she yelled and suffered for hours. When he returned, Dump was closely behind on a leash, and he placed her on Lincolns container. He pulled up a chair and pounded Dump continually, flooding her pussy for an hour straight as Layla watched and struggled. After he was done with the cat he wiped his dick clean and took out the prodder in Laylas pussy. Her scream echoed off the wall as he did, and he giggled uncontrollably.


He took another stake and drew it deep across her chest, revealing part of her bone. She cried and shivered in pain, but he just continued pushing till it hit the wall. She coughed and blood dribbled from her lips, but smacked her and began to push another in. He chuckled as more blood erupted from her lips as he pushed the third and last one in, then slipped his cock onto her brutalized cunt. She was shaking and coughing blood as she tried to get out “Please stop. NO.”, but he didn’t listen and forced himself deep into her warm, slippery insides. Blood was all over them both as he pulled out a second later, and as he went over to a table. He slipped something onto his head then returned. On him was a rubber condom, with a drill head super glued to the end. He cackled and began fucking her again, the drill burrowing right into her womb and past it. With each thrust there was a clank as he hit a stake, but he didn’t stop until he came in the condom. He pulled out and smiled then spit on the dead woman. Only after when he was stripping her to place her in a preservation container did he realize that her shirt was a maternity shirt.

Later that night, he posted the video.


Hey! Uodate! I’m cancelling the end of betrothed. Sorry!
Inatead, I’ve chosen to create two new series instead.

True torture (for as long as I want and have ideas)
Faggots Cum underground (8-20 chapters)

Email me what you think, or if you want more info at [email protected]

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