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Cousin Madison

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My step cousin, Madison or Maddie, was 11 and I was 15. She always looked up to me. Why? No clue. Lol. She always told me I was cute. I was her hero somehow. We played together and were close.

I was always working on cars. I loved it. For my birthday my dad bought me a old 78 GMC Sierra pickup to work on. I was trying to get it driveable by the time I got my license. He helped me get parts as well.

I was working on it when Maddie came in. “Hey Maddie, how are you?”, I asked. She wanted to play but I was busy right now with my project. “Later ok?”, I asked she nodded and left

I had to pee real bad. My mom had an old planter that was still full of dirt in the garage. I unzipped and pissed in the planter. I did not know she snuck back in. She gasped.

“Hey what are you doing in here?”, I said trying hard to hide my cock. “I am going to the bathroom Madison. You need to wait outside ok?”, I said. The most uncomfortable piss of my life. She giggled and stared it. “Maddie out!”, I said. She laughed.

“What is the big deal? I just want to watch.”, she said

“Let me watch you pee then!”, I said

“You can.”, she said, “We are best buds. I don’t see what the big deal is.”

“The big deal is these things are private.”, I said

She heard nothing of what I said. “I want to touch it.”, she said. I finally finished and shook it off. I put it away. “Aw come on! I wanna touch it! What is the big deal?”, she said

“Out! You little voyeur!”, I said

“What is that?”, she said

“A voyeur is someone who watches private things.”, I said

“You are the one peeing in public! Ever hear of a restroom?”, she asked.

“This is my garage! Hardly public. The doors are down so no one can see except adorable little girls who sneak in wanting a free show.”, I said.

I lightly patted her buns and kissed her forehead. She called me a grease monkey and left.

I went back and worked on my truck. Maddie walks back in about an hour later. “Hey your dad says you have to play with me.”, she said

She was so cute even when she lied. I said ok and put my tools away and told her I was going to shower and she should come back in 30 minutes. “Hey I want to see your thing again”, she said. I smiled and shook my head. “Come on it is no big deal.”, she said.

“My friend Jimmy shows me his all the time.”, she bluffed. Knowing she probably had no friend Jimmy I called her out. “Look at his then!”, I said. She got mad. “I want to see yours!”, she said. I told her no. She turned her head and batted her eyes fast whipping up some tears. I called her a faker and she stomped off.

I got in the basement shower and locked the door. It was an old lock and she picked it with a screwdriver. The shower was running. She opened the door slowly to me standing there.

“What are you doing?”, I asked.

“I…I….needed some uh…some water.”, she said

“Go upstairs and your aunt will give you some. AGAIN WHY ARE YOU HERE?!!”, I said in an authoritative way.

“You know why!”, she said, “Just let me touch it and I will never mention it again.”, she said.

“Ew you are terrible!”, I said playfully. I picked her up and shook her. She was laughing. I cradled her and kissed her. I held her upside down by her ankles. She was trying hard to defend herself. Swinging unsuccessfully at my legs. I lifted her and I cradled her body again. Kissed her and then I bench pressed her body. Her shirt was up and I blew raspberries on her belly. I got aroused with my finger by her crotch. She kept laughing hysterically. She was grabbing for my crotch. I set her down gently.

“Come on let me shower, Maddie, then we can play ok?”, I said. She stood there, arms folded, determined to be defiant. “I am going to spank your ass!”, I said.

She laughed. “No you won’t!”, she said.

I grabbed her and sat down on the toilet. I pulled her pants down over her cute little ass and reddened those beautiful cheeks to her laughter. She was feeling my crotch for my dick. I saw the back part of her slit. I felt myself wanting to touch it. I put it out of my mind or so I thought.

“Stop it now! You are being bad.”, I said.

She laughed pointing at me. “Why is it pointing up?”

“I uh….Oh shit…will you get out of here?”, I said as she was laughing hysterically.

“I am winning you realize that right?”, she asked. “Even your thing wants me here!” She walked up to me and pulled my underwear down and took it out. My dick just grew harder as she felt it up.

Her hands cupped my balls and felt my sack. Her fingers ran up every inch of my dick. She felt the mushroom and squeezed it. Toying with the slit on my cock head with her thumbs, playing with it and attempting to separate it. She giggled. “That is so freaking cool. I like your dick!”

“Well nothing fell off! See!”, she said mockingly, “Take your shower and we will play ok?”, she said and she left. I got into the shower and cleaned up and jacked off. I rubbed my cock thinking about her. Her ass, her slit, her hands touching my cock. “Aw uh aw uh awwwwwww”, as I shot my load on the shower wall.

“Oh my god!” Maddie said shocked

“Do you ever go away?”, I asked, “What the hell else do you want to see?”, I yelled as she laughed.

“What was that? That wasn’t pee! What was it? Are you ok? Was it supposed to do that?”, she asked

I cleaned my dick off. She giggled as I got out soaking wet and hit lightly her in the face with my dick. She laughed as I beat her head. “I’m going to get you!”, I said in a playful voice. She ran for the door and I grabbed her shorts and pulled her towards me and pulled them down. I picked her up and cradled her. I blew raspberries on her stomach and moved down to her pubic mound. I blew a raspberry there. The expression on her face changed. I sat her on the toilet. I put my dick to her face. “Suck it.”, I said. She looked at me like I was speaking Chinese. “Put it in your mouth.”, I said. She shook her head. “Errrrt”, I said making a buzzer noise. “Wrong answer!”, I said. I tapped her on the head with my dick. She liked that for some reason. She laughed. “Put it in your mouth. Come on what is the big deal? We are best buds!”, I said.

“Ehh that was my line!”, she protested. “Anyway that is gross! My friend Angie did that and almost died.”

I laughed. “Well I want to talk to Angie and Jimmy because I do not believe they exist!”, I said. She looked upward and to the left with a sly grin.

“Do I have to?”, she asked. I nodded.

“You will like it! Ok! Angie is a dumbass.”, I said

She laughed. “Why do you want that?”, she asked, “you ain’t going to shoot that white stuff in my mouth are you? I think that was how Angie died!”, she said

“You said she almost died. Now she is dead? Keep track of your lies!”, I said.

I used my reassuring voice.. “Come on Mads. Do it for me once. I won’t do that in your mouth. Ok?”, I said,

After some coaxing she agreed finally to stick her tongue out. I put it to her tongue. She looked as if she was going to die. “Good job kid! Now put the pink part in your mouth.”, I said. She shook her head.

She called my for my mom. “Aunt Pat!”, she said. My mom started coming down. She said mockingly, “Sorry gotta go!”

“This ain’t over!”, I said. She laughed and I squeezed her hot little ass as she ran out. I finished showering and got dressed.

I saw my mom afterwards. “Your best buddy was looking for you. I told her you were in the shower. Apparently you two have a play date when you get done.”, she laughed, “She really loves you.”, she said.

Next morning I wake up to her sneaking into my room quietly. I watched her as I faked being asleep. She slowly removed the covers back. She examined my underwear. Thinking of a plan of action. She pulled my underwear down and started feeling my dick. I made a grunt noise and rolled on my back. She made a noise of frustration and slowly climbed in bed with me. She laid next to me and felt my dick again. I grunted again. Teasing her I went onto my other side. She slowly climbed over me and tried again. I grunted and rolled back on my back. She made a noise of frustration again. I rolled back towards her and saw the look of excitement on her face. Until I rolled over on top of her. “No.”, she said trying to push me off. I held her down.

“Well, well, well what do we have here?”, I asked, “Why is my dick out?” I held her as she was trying to get away. “Stay! You are mine now! I torture little girls who do this to me!” I made an evil laugh. I pulled her shorts down. I blew raspberries on her belly. She was giggling. I blew one on her pubic mound. My tongue slithered down over her pussy. Her legs locked. “Mmmmerrr”, she said uncomfortably.

I tickled her mercilessly. She was hitting and kicking me. I grabbed her legs and held them apart getting my body in between them. I looked at her. “Tell me why I should not be kicking your ass right now?”, I said

“I….I….just wanted to see it!”, she said

“Well what if I woke you up doing this?”, I said and started rubbing her slit. Her face was one of confusion. Having feelings she never felt before. Her legs squeezed my body and her body twisted as she moaned. I stuck my index finger in her hole and rubbed her slit with my thumb. She was moaning as I pleasured her. Her little tunnel becoming like a water slide. Slick as can be. “Mmmmmm. Errrrr.”, she said. I kept fingering her and rubbing her. She moaned like that again. Finally her eyes closed and face scrunched as her legs clamped around me. “Eeeeee errrrr mmmmm” she said as her little pussy shot out juice as her body seized as she came.

I got over her face as she recovered. Dick hanging down. She smiled at me. “I like that.”, she said to me pointing to it. I ran it from between her eyebrows down her nose to her mouth. She was all smiles. I rubbed it against her mouth swishing it back and forth. I laid down and let her play with her favorite toy. “I love your dick”, she said. She laid there examining it. Debating. Debating whether to do it or not. She did it. She opened her mouth to my surprise and put the head in. She licked the tip. “Hey good job Maddie!”, I said. She giggled.

She said, “I knew you really wanted me to!”, she giggled. She was just so adorable. “Make the white stuff come out! Please!”, she begged and gave me the look. She had a look that could melt your heart and it makes you irresistible to her wishes.

I heard my mom coming down the hallway. Maddie quickly got decent and I had her lay on my chest and fake sleep. I held down my boner. “I told you to wake him up and not fall asleep with him.”, my Mom said.

Maddie got up and pinched my cheeks. “But he is so cute!”, she said. Moving my cheeks in a circle. My mom laughed and told her to come out while I got up and showered. I watched every step as that pretty ass left. I went and showered . She went home and did shit with her family.

Later I was working on my truck. “Oh! Look who it is!”, I said, “my favorite girl.”

I cleaned my hands and picked her up and gave her big smooches. My dick was getting hard eyeballing her body in that two piece bikini. I lifted her over my head and blew raspberries onto her crotch. My mom and dad were gone. I lower the gate on the truck. “I am going to have me a little snack.”, I said. I laid down some foam padding on the back and laid her down.

“Finger me like last time. Please.”, she begged.

“I got something better.” , I said

I slid her swimsuit off. Her cute little baldy before me. Like a nice warm meal waiting to be devoured. I laid into her with my tongue caressing her labia. Her virgin pussy tasted so good. She opened her lips for me and I saw her little pearl. “Lick me there.”, she said. I danced my tongue over her clit. She was moaning. “Please Stevie! Finger me!”, she said. Her eyes went wide as my thumb was jammed inside her. Her body couldn’t lie still now. She was moving all around. “Mmmmm Steve. Aw Steve.”, she moaned and said. She was making high pitched winces as my thumb slid in and out of her wet tunnel. She thrashed to one side and grabbed the foam and clenched it in her hands. “Errrrr mmmmm”, she moaned as her legs clamped around my head. She clenched the foam hard in her hands as she orgasmed. I kept licking her pussy. She was trying to push my head away and grabbed my hair as she came again. “Errrrrr! Dammit Steve!”, she said. She collapsed exhausted. She put her bathing suit back on and I picked her up and carried her into my room.

I wiggled those back off. “Can I put it inside you?”, I asked

“What here?”, she asked. Pointing to her pussy.

“Uh yeah.”, I said

“I don’t know. Aren’t I to young? I am only 11”, she said.

“Ok. How about here then?”, I rolled her over and patted her bottom.

“Uh um excuse me!”, she said as I rolled her.

“Won’t that hurt?” She asked

“Come on. You know I will be gentle.”, I said

“I think you are thinking with this head. You just want to fuck me. You don’t care.”, she said pointing at my dick

“Madison! I do care! I always loved you! If you don’t want to we won’t.”, I said

I spanked her butt with my dick. As she giggled. I let her have her victory. I know she will feel bad about saying no. No matter how much I tell her it is ok. She will eventually let me do it. She will obsess over the idea and finally give in.

Continued in part 2.

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  • Reply Mads ID:1cyit7azvkhz

    My name is Madison, this was so hot to read. I’m 15 now but when I was 11 I had a huge crush on my cousin!

    • Dude ID:1eusaskfk833

      Madison, [email protected], I’ll bring up your fantasies.

  • Reply OJ ID:1cl646x2gv11

    This is very sexy. As a 15 year old turning 16, I’ll finally be legally allowed to try the “Devils Tango 😈”

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Breed her