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Sophie’s Choice – Part 3

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Part 3 of 5. Things were getting serious with Sophie. I never expected her to be such a good little girl.

After that night with Sophie, she was infatuated with being my girlfriend. She repeatedly asked when we could get together and do it again. I kept telling her that we needed to be cool about this, and we have to be super careful. I even encouraged her to find a boy her own age, but she said 12 year old boys are all morons and most don’t even like girls yet. She insisted that she wanted to be with only me. I had created a monster, a very cute monster.

The following weekend I was packing and getting ready to travel out of town to see my parents for Christmas. It was a chilly Saturday morning about 8 am when there was a knock on my door. I looked through the peephole, I saw her standing there wearing a long white fur coat. When I opened the door, she had a huge grin on her face.  “Hello lover boy” she said in a low sexy voice. I grabbed her arm and pulled her inside. “What are you doing here”, I said with a chuckle. She told me that she wanted to give me a going away present. She opened her coat revealing her tender little naked body only wearing shoes and red knee-high socks, “Surprise”. I was surprised, I held my arms out, she let the coat drop to the floor and jumped up on me locking her legs around my waist and arm around my neck. Her luscious lips pressed against mine, her tongue swirling feverishly in my mouth. She was freezing, her nipples were rock hard as they pressed against my hairy chest, her butt cheeks were like ice as I cupped them with my warm hands.

I carried her to the sofa and covered us with a blanket, we kissed for a long time while I was rubbing her back and ass to to warm her up as she sat in my lap facing me. I could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy that was already burning with desire. I told her to stand up and feed me some breakfast, she knew exactly what I meant.

She flung the blanket off and placed that steamy cunt in front of my face. I held her butt cheeks firmly then softly licked her clit, she squealed, “oh God yes”. Her hips were gyrating, grinding her crotch hard against my mouth as I slurped up her tasty goodness. She had a huge orgasm, her pussy juices flowed down my chin, her legs were shaking as I latched on to her clit with my lips. Her little love button was about the size a pencil eraser. I held her there until she couldn’t take it any more, I lick her in one long stripe from her pussy to her neck as she sat back down. My dick was bulging through my boxers, she wiggled on it and told me it was my turn.

Within seconds, she slithered down my legs to the floor taking my underwear with her in one fluid move. My cock bounced against my abs, I clinched my ass a few times to make it dance. She laughed as she engulfed about half of my shaft. Hey warm wet mouth coated my dick and balls with saliva. Her tiny hand stroking it from the head to the bottom really fast. She wanted me to cum quickly but I stopped her before that happened, I wanted to fuck that tight pussy first.

I reached and lifted her back onto my lap and sat her down on my throbbing pole. She flinched when it penetrated the opening, I told her to relax and enjoy the ride. It took several minutes before she was comfortable with it inside of her. Then she slowly started to slide up and down, taking more of my rod each time. The looks on her face were priceless, the soft little grunts and moans she made were so adorable. I finally begun to lift my hips in upward thrusts as she bounces on my dick. I was all the way in when I put my hands under her ass and controlled the speed and depth if each stroke. I needed to cum but wanted this to last as long as possible.

Her eyes got big as she had another  orgasm, I forced her hips down and held them there as she shook and shivered, I could feel her pussy convulsing around my dick. It was almost enough to make me shoot off in her, but I rolled her onto the sofa with me on top and fucked her really hard for a minute. I was going to cum and it felt like it was going to be a huge one. I pulled out and rubbed her clit with it as I stroked it fast. I shot a big stream onto her abs, filling her bellybutton with cum, then another between her tiny tits. She took over with one hand and slid down between my legs. She suck the last few drops of cum out while gently squeezing my balls. She was really beginning to love our time together. Sophie told me that it felt a lot better this time, then asked if she was doing everything right because she wanted to please me. I told her that she was perfect and that I was more than pleased with her.

She had clothes in a bag that she left outside of the door when she arrived. We got dressed and sat on the couch talking. Out of nowhere she asked if I thought she was a slut. I asked if she had been screwing other guys. “Of course not”, she shouted. I said “well than I don’t think you’re a slut”. Then I asked her if she thought I was a pervert because I was in my 20s and she was 12. She looked me straight in the eyes and asked if I had been screwing other 12 year old girls. I shook my head and said, “no one but you baby”. “Then I don’t think you are” she said. We held each other for a while and she said how much she was going to miss me. I promised her that we would get together as soon as I got back. It was close to noon when she said that she needed to go home. She gave me a huge hug and kiss, then got on her bicycle.

I watched her ride across the parking lot, she looked like an angel. I was still in disbelief that a little 12 year old girl had stolen my heart. I had fallen in love with her and I didn’t know what to do about it. I was in too deep, whether I broke it off with her or kept seeing her, I was getting worried how it was all going to end.

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    Not bad for a 12year old.

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    Part 4 is downloading. I hope u find it as hot as the others

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    Great story. 👏

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    Curious . .where can I find porn of pre teens? Hardly available on the internet and I am 14, recently got fucked and would like to see if other kids do it as well

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      would love to hear about your fuck!
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    Good story!!
    Need more.

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    @HornyKid, I’m 24 now. Been pregnant twice with my biological dad.

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    Lauren that’s good u were getting fucked at nine add me on kik I want to hear about your experience

  • Reply Cal420 ID:1idz47cet0d

    All it takes is desire & opportunity. Hell, my mother was only 12 when she married my dad, he was 21. She lied & said she was 14, lol.

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    You got a perfect sex toy

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    Now Leave Your Comment…how is it possible to have sex with a 12 years old girl wow men are crazy.

    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

      It’s not that tough.. most of them are curious anyhow and have been experiencing some sort of sex by 10 anyhow.

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfvh

      I was having sex at 9, so yeah it’s possible.

    • Hornykid ID:13snar5t4k6f

      Lauren you were having sex at 9? How old are you now?