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Sophie’s Choice – Part 2

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2nd of 5 installments. Sophie is truly an angel in this one.

This year we had our company Christmas party was at the boss’ huge house, there were about 30 people there. We were all eating, drinking and laughing, having a great time. They always offered to let anyone stay that may have had too much to drink, they had a few spare bedrooms. I wasn’t much of a drinker but I had a few that night, wasn’t going to risk driving home.

All of the kids were sent to their rooms earlier, leaving us adults partying. Toward the end of the night, most everyone had already left except me and a few others that stayed. I was gathering empty cans and bottles from the den, I heard a noise behind me, “boo” she said. Sophie had come to help me pick up. I told her that she was supposed to be in bed. She laughed and said that she was old enough to stay up late if she wanted to. She asked if I was staying the night and I said yes, but this would not be a good time to play around. “We’ll see” she said as she skipped off to the kitchen for to get another bag for the trash. We finished cleaning and sat down to watch “Christmas Story”, my favorite holiday movie.

One by one, everybody went to their rooms, it’s was just Jessica, Sophie and I left. Jessica had drank a few too many margaritas, she was very talkative and funny. I think she embarrassed Sophie when she said that she was going to ask Santa for a boob job. We laughed as she heaved her tits up to where they were when she was young. I sat and compared her and Sophie sitting next to each other. Sophie had her mother’s eyes and hair, she looked like a younger version of Jessica. I also wondered their pussies tasted the same. The movie ended and I decided to go to bed, we all said goodnight. We helped Jessica up and I held her arm as she staggered to her bedroom. Sophie told her mom that she would show me to my room, it was the one upstairs with a connecting bathroom. Jessica whispered something in Sophie’s ear then winked at me. On the way to my room, I asked her what her mom told her. She smiled and said, “take care of Cal, he’s a keeper”. What did she mean by that, I wondered. We looked at each other with our eyebrows raised. “I think she was just drunk” she said. I gave Sophie a big hug and a long kiss on the lips and told her “sweet dreams”. I undressed down to my boxers and fell asleep. Within an hour or so, I felt a tiny hand touching my face and stroking my hair. It was too dark to see the face but I knew it had to be Sophie. “What are you doing in here”, I whispered. With a soft voice she said, “I couldn’t sleep”.

Sophie walked to the window and opened the blinds slightly to let in some light from the moon. I raised my head to look at her, she was removing her night gown. Her velvety smooth body glistened in the moon light as she tip-toed to the foot of the bed and crawled between my legs. Her hand grasped my soft cock and took me into her mouth. I could barely see her but I could hear her moaning quietly as she sucked me off. It grew quickly as her lips worked around the head.

After a few minutes of this, she crawled on top of me, licking and kissing my tummy up to my neck. Then our eyes met and I hugged her, she felt so warm and soft laying on my chest. I kissed her forehead and nose before our lips met in a long passionate kiss. Our tongues entangled in our mouths, her sweet lips tasted like strawberries. She raised up and I felt the warmth of her wet pussy on my cock. She started grinding her hips and slid back and forth on my shaft. I cupped her small tits as she continued to hump my dick. Her little moans were making me hornier by the minute.

She laid on my chest and whispered, “I think I’m ready”. I told her it would hurt a little, but she said she knew and didn’t care. I rolled both of us over and went to grab a towel then I stood at the end of the bed, I put the towel under her butt and said there will be a small amount of blood, she said “I know, I’ve seen videos”. I whispered, “you been watching porn”? “Only for educational purposes”, she snickered.

I bent her knees back and licked that delicious pussy getting it super wet. She squirmed with delight as I used the head of my dick to massage her clit, I opened her lips and pushed inside of her slowly. I tried to be as gentle as possible, she winced in pain as her hymen tore and allowed me inside about 2 inches. She put a pillow over her face to suppress the noises she was making. I stopped to make sure she was ok, she rocked her hips telling me to continue. I pushed farther in with every thrust, it didn’t take long before I was fully buried. I was actually fucking this beautiful little girl. She finally began to ease up and removed the pillow from her face, I could see tears rolling down her cheeks, but she was starting to fuck me back.

I felt a huge load building up as I quickened the pace. She grunted every time I bottomed out, her hips were bucking wildly as she orgasmed, I could feel that pussy tighten around my cock, I was about to blow when I pulled out and shot a big wad on her belly, she went limp and her head fell back in total exhaustion as I finished cumming on her. I rubbed the head around the outside of her pussy still stroking my pulsing meat. She pushed my shoulders and pulled away from me, no more, no more she repeated several times. I laid down beside her, my mouth went to one of her tits to suck on like a pacifier for a few minutes. Sophie said, “that hurt a lot more than I expected”. I told her that it would only hurt like that the first time, and it gets better each time.

Her face was full of excitement watching me nuzzle around on her tits. Her hand went to her crotch, slowly rubbing her aching pussy while telling me how much she had been wanting this and now she was finally a woman. I moved her hair out of her face and kissed her while holding her silky body. “Am I your girlfriend now”, she asked? I wasn’t sure how to answer her. I told her that I would like for her to be my girlfriend, but our age difference would make it very difficult. “We can secretly be boyfriend and girlfriend”, I said as We held each other the rest of the night.

We had fallen asleep for a while, now the sun was shining through the blinds, she woke me up and hurried into the bathroom to wash herself. I laid there staring at the ceiling in disbelief, a little ashamed of myself. I only hoped that this wasn’t going to scar her for life. But, she wanted it, she planned it, she asked for it to happen. I saw the light go off in the bathroom but she didn’t come back to my room. It was mid morning before everyone was up and moving around. I put the towel in my over-night bag that had our juices and a small amount of blood on it. I took a shower then went downstairs like nothing had happened.

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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Ich freue mich darauf zu lesen wie es mit Sophie weiter geht

    • Cal420 ID:1idz47cet0d

      Ich danke Ihnen. Teil 3 ist heute erschienen. Ich hoffe, er gefällt Ihnen auch.