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Little Sister’s Games: The Kisser Killer

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Make believe before bedtime.

Like many siblings, my younger sister and I were always arguing and trying to outdo one another. We would spend all day bickering and squabbling over anything and everything – no matter how petty.
However at night, when no one else was around – our relationship became very different.

Ever since we were young we had always played together in our bedrooms, before turning in for the night.

Mary had a great imagination and loved to invent “make believe” games, using her keen acting skills to bring the characters to life. It was always fun and it helped us to forget our differences and end each day as friends.

It became our regular custom and we were still playing together when I was 13 years old and Mary was 11. However, we were both growing up and these games, that had once been filled with simple childish innocence, were now starting to take more adult themes.

One night, Mary came to my room and told me she’d made up a game she called “Kisser Killer”. She wanted me to pretend to be a murderer who (you guessed it) killed girls by kissing them on the lips.
It was hardly a cheery bedtime game for a pubescent girl, but who was I to argue…..

So, I waited until the appointed hour; tiptoed across the landing and silently opened my sister’s bedroom door, carefully closing it behind me.

Mary was facing away from me, plumping up her pillows. She often wore “special” outfits for our games and tonight’s was especially scanty. Nothing but a sheer black underskirt – that she must have “borrowed” from our older sister – pulled up to her armpits.

I crept up behind her and lifted the back of the skirt. Her bottom had always been “fair game” and I gave it quick spank. Not hard enough to hurt, but firm enough for me to cop a good feel of her bare buttocks.

She squealed in mock surprise and spun around, as I leant in and kissed her neck.

“Oh no! You’re the Kisser Killer!” she gasped.
Somebody help!”

She ran past me, dodging my grasp and attempting to escape but, of course, there was nowhere to go and Mary didn’t really want to get away. I cornered her and carried her to her bed, throwing her down on her back.

“Oh no don’t hurt me,” she pleaded.

“I’m just going to give you a nice little kiss, my dear,” I said gently, “nothing to be scared of.”

I puckered my lips moved towards lips.
Mary turned her head away to safe herself, but I grabbed her jaw and pulled her back to face me.
“No,” she cried, clamping both her hands firmly across her mouth.
I would have to be more forceful. I pinned her down, sitting astride her and making great play of trying to yank her hands away from her mouth as she writhed and struggled, beneath me.
I wondered if she knew how good that made me feel.

I kept trying but I couldn’t shift her hands from her mouth. She was making me horny though and l came up with another plan – one that I don’t think Mary had expected.

I took my hands from her mouth and grasped the top of the underskirt. It was her only garment and I very slowly started to pull it down towards her nipples.

This was uncharted territory for both of us. Her tits were quite new and although I had glimpsed their naked beauty once or twice, I had never bared them before and they had never featured in our games. I didn’t know how my little sister would react to my attempt to unveil them.

She looked down as I slowly revealed them bit by bit.

“Oh no, don’t do that!”

It sounded like a playful protest and I decided she was happy to play along, so I, continued, exposing her swelling breasts, her alluring cleavage and the first hints of her areolae emerging into view.

“Oh heck!”

Mary brought both her hands down to cup and cover her boobs.
I quickly clamped her cheeks to hold her head still and planted a deadly kiss on her lips. She kissed me back, embracing me.
It was a long kiss, not an open mouthed kiss, or a tongue kiss – we didn’t know how to do them – but it was a long kiss and that it what I guessed Mary was hoping for when she invented the game.

Once I thought I had kissed her for long enough, I moved her hands to her sides and pulled my head away, still sitting on top of her.
I decided to take the game a step further.
“Awww, such a pretty face.
Such a shame I had to kill her.
I bet she had beautiful tits too.”

I took hold of the underskirt and began to lower it again.

“Hey, you can’t do that!
That’s not fair!”

I shushed her.
“I thought you were dead.
You have no choice.”

“Oh yeah, I’d forgotten that, sorry.
Carry on for a bit.
But don’t hurt me!”

That was easier than I’d expected, she seemed to be up for this!

I had her boobs out in an instant.
“Of course, I won’t hurt you, ” I promised, kissing a tit for the first time.

In truth her breasts were still small and she had only just got her first bra, but they were the biggest ones I had ever seen; the only ones I had ever seen; the only ones I had ever touched – yes, she was letting me touch them and even squeeze them gently. And even though she was “playing dead” she was breathing heavily and seemed to like it.

I pulled the skirt down further to get a proper look and allow my hands to wander more freely. Her nipples tightened into little points as I strummed my fingers across them. Mary moaned in approval.

This was incredible. I was so excited, my cock had never been so big or hard. Would she let me go further?

I stood up, taking my weight off her body. She made no attempt to move. Her near naked body was open to my gaze and (maybe) available for me to touch, explore and enjoy even more.

I started to push the hem of the skirt up. She tensed and held her breath but did nothing to stop me pulling it up to her waist – baring her pussy.

I certainly hadn’t seen one of those before!

She had a little hair down there but not enough to spoil my view. It was nice to look at, but I didn’t know what else to do with it!
I had done “sex ed” so I knew what it was for and I definitely wasn’t going to do that, but there was nothing to squeeze or spank so I had no other ideas, except stroking it as delicately as if it were fine bone china.
That made Mary wriggle and giggle, even though she was supposed to be dead.

“Very nice. I think she had a nice bum too.”

I rolled her onto her belly and pushed the redundant skirt out of the way.

“Oh yes, it’s perfect.”

I knew how to handle my sister’s bottom. I stroked, fondled, squeezed and lovingly spanked to my heart’s content, whilst the little girl tried to remain still and silent.

I took pity on her.

“She’s such a beautiful girl, I wish I hadn’t kissed her to death.
Maybe I can kiss her back to life?
I think it’s possible but I’ll have to kiss her in a very special place.”

I rolled her over onto her back again and opened her legs. I was certain that Mary would stop me now, but she didn’t, so l took a deep breath and kissed her right on her pussy lips. They had a funny taste and smell, but they could have tasted of earwax for all cared – I was having a the greatest time of my young life.

After a moment or two, Mary started to wake up.
“Ooh what’s that?
That feels strange.
It tickles.
Feels nice though.
She opened her eyes
“What’s happened?
Why am I undressed?”

She made no attempt to cover herself and I sat there enjoying the view, waiting to see what “the actress” had in mind.

“Oh I remember.
Someone grabbed me – attacked me – I thought I was going to die!
But you saved me and I’m still alive!
You wonderful man. Thank you, thank you!”
She put her arms around me and kissed me once more, but this time it wasn’t fatal!

Strangely breathless, we lay side by side on the bed.
It seemed that Mary now had no qualms about her nudity.
“Well that didn’t quite go the way I’d expected,” she giggled.
“Was it good though?”
“Oh yes, very good but very naughty! You weren’t supposed to do all that to me.” She punched my arm playfully.
“Well you weren’t doing anything to stop me were you.”
“I couldn’t, I was dead remember.”
“Well it’s all your fault for being so beautiful and sexy, isn’t it?”
I idly stroked my little sister’s boob again, as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Time for you two to go bed now!
School tomorrow!” Our mother called up the stairs – breaking the spell.

“Okay Mum” we both replied.

“Goodnight Steve”, said my sister, “maybe you can kill me again sometime.”

“It will be my pleasure.” I replied leaving her with a kiss.


The next day Mary and I were too busy arguing to talk about the evening’s events, but I’m sure we both had very sweet dreams that night.

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