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16 y.o. jerking off in the woods

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hi, i’m daniel and i’m 16. i’ve recently gotten into running and often go for evening runs in the woods. as it is winter, it gets dark quite early, so when i am done with my run and ready to start walking home it is already dark out.

the other day i had finished my run and was feeling very horny. so, instead of starting the cooldown walk, like i usually would, i sat down on the bank alongside the path i was running down and pulled my cock out. it was tiny and shrivelled due to the cold. i opened twitter on my phone and searched ‘backshots’ and began to stroke my growing cock to backshot videos and other videos too.

after playing with my dick for a few minutes i was fully hard and about 6 inches long in the freezing conditions. the idea that anyone could’ve walked down that path and discovered me really turned me on, and the idea that it could be someone interested in having fun with me turned me on even more. eventually i felt a sensation of joy flush over me as my cum spurted out onto my hand and a little bit splashed onto my joggers which i wiped up with a leaf. i then wiped my hands on the grass and walked home.

unfortunately no-one did discover me but i wish they had, comment below what you would’ve done if you found me, i’d love to hear that you’d suck my dick or let me fuck you. leave your discord so i can get in contact. remember this is a true story, thanks for reading.

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  • Reply ash ID:plglcppwli4

    damn. woulda been nice to be there w you and help u out;)

  • Reply Lee25 ID:1ck66q1nb70r

    Mmm I wish I was there watching you

  • Reply Ravindra ID:3kfd37w86ib

    I should a fuck ur ass hard

  • Reply Greasemagnet ID:2mutfpxyqm

    I’d have taken your gorgeous young hard cock straight into my mouth and sucked hard enough to get a grapefruit through a hosepipe and taken all of your delicious spunk straight down my throat.

  • Reply Mark56 ID:2v2ywbg6ii

    I’d have probably sucked your teen cock until you busted… then I’d keep sucking and drain your balls of their cum until you go limp and sensitive

    • Greasemagnet ID:2mutfpxyqm

      I’d have done exactly the same young spunk is just do thick creamy and delicious

  • Reply Rachel ID:1dd5p012k71e

    Would have loved to be there so I could suck that big cock and rub your balls then slowly take off my panties and let you fuck my virgin pussy deep and hard

    • Ruraldaddy28 ID:oqqamm9a

      How can i contact you

  • Reply Sherry ID:1eh2a7mjcc3k

    Wish I could have been there watching

    • daniel ID:1ecvhzesgthc

      i wish you were there too, so i could’ve shoved my cock down your throat and used you. can i get a contact for you?