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Not All White Boys Are Little PT.3

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I never knew how exciting it would be to do lots of sexual things in school.The thought of almost getting caught by an adults/friends gets me wet.

Once we had pass the stage of agreeing to let one another touch each other. We started doing all kinds of naughty things at school. In the hallway we would stay behind letting the bell ring for class and check to see if anybody was still around. If not then we be on each other like two wild wolves in heat. Touching all over each other bodies. He’d squeezing my tits and ass. I would run my hands thru his hair pulling it just a little. While rubbing my pussy against his hard throbbing cock. Making him push me into the wall aggressively and kissing me like I was his last meal he will ever eat.

If the hallway never worked out then we go to the library. Pretend we would go look at books while our friends stay up at the front chilling in the seats talking. He come up behind and press up against me. Rubbing his big, hard and hot dick all on my booty. Sending electric waves throughout my entire body. Especially, my pussy, causing me to drip soaking wet that I would need to change panties. Next, he run one of his hands up to my boobs and the other down to my pussy. I just love the feeling everytime he would slide a finger or two inside me. It would cause me to get even wetter. Drowning his fingers in my sweet juice. Causing me to go crazy for more. It had been weeks since I last saw it. That big white long dick of his. If I didn’t have it inside me soon I might end up doing something to him. Something he might be okay with but I would love to have his consent. I didn’t want to rush him into something he wasn’t ready for. But at the same time I didn’t care. I wanted him. I wanted his body. I NEEDED him inside me!! All those fantasies I daydream about ever since I discover about the sexual world and what it had to offer me. I been a very horny sex crazed teenage girl. I wanted sex so badly I literally had to masturbate almost everyday to calm myself. But it was starting not to be enough for me. Especially now that I have a boyfriend who can give me what I want. And all that wishing finally came true as to one day at school in the very back of the library we both lost our virginity.

I never forget how it all went down that day. We did our usual routine of sneaking towards the back of the library where we can’t be seen. Normal we look around at books first and when the coast was clear we duck down hiding behind the bookshelf. The library would keep extra chairs back there for people to either sit down and read. Or, bring out when the library was pack. But what we had in mind for the chairs was something other for just sitting. As we were looking at the books he comes up behind me and touches all over my body. Slowly rubbing his hands up my ass, to my waist, up to my boobs. Giving them a nice squeeze. I moan just a little. He runs one hand down my pants to my already wet pussy. Giving it some attention making my back arch. Then he whispers in my ear “I wish I could fuck you.” I open my eyes from the pleasure I was receiving. Looked back at him and said “oh yeah?” Yeah. But I’m okay with only do this for right now he says to me. I turn around to make him stop touching me down there for a bit. I look him in the eyes and say. But I want u to fuck me too. Really badly right now and if you want too. We could right now. But only if you want too I tell him. I mean I really want too and all. But I didn’t want to rush you. He says to me. But baby I really want to give you my v-card. Been wanting to give it to you since day one. I said laughing. He cracks a smile at me. Okay we can try doing this. But there’s no promises it could happen since were in a public place. I try not scream with so much excitement but I couldn’t help it. I was about to finally lose my virginity to my boyfriend.
He sits down in one of the chairs. After testing some of them to see which ones didn’t make too much noises. So, once we found one he gets pants unzip and whips out that juicy manly white cock of his. It looked so delicious just standing up at attention. Ready for me to put him inside me. Tearing my hymen and fucking my brains out. As much as I wanted to hop on that thing and ride it. I had to get it wet first. Sure I was wet enough from the excitement of finally doing it and possibly getting caught. But I wanted it to go in perfectly with no complications. So I give him head which I haven’t done in some time. He lets out a grasp as I start to suck on it. Cover it all in my saliva some it dripping onto his pants. Good thing he wore some super dark jeans. I suck and lick on till the bell rang. Meaning our first class was going to start in 3 mins. We wait till everybody leaves and checking if anybody wasn’t coming back to where was. The coast was clear. I climb on top of him. My leggings and panties hanging onto my right leg. I ask him “are your ready?” Yes. He tells me. I take him dick and slowly let him enter me.

I immediately feel a sharp pain in my belly. Shit!….this kinda of hurts. All the times I daydream about finally losing my v-card. I always imagine it wouldn’t hurt as bad. But this was the real thing. This was really happening and it hurt like hell. It threw me off so much that my body began to shake uncontrollably. As I finally push the rest of him deep inside me. I let out a deep breathe and sat there for a min. To get myself ready for what comes next and for my damn legs to stop shaking. It was sooo embarrassing that apart of me wanted to stop and run away. But no we came this far and I’m not backing down. I was going to get my legs under control. Are you okay? He looks at me with a deep worry and concern. I smile and said yea. Your just bigger than I thought. The pain literally threw me off. I laugh. Do you want to stop and do this another time? He ask me. No! I yell softly. I got to get use to this. Use to you. Once I felt my legs were somewhat in control. I grab the back of the chair and began to move. As I move my legs go jelly on me again. Fuck this man!! Stop shaking I dont want him to think something wrong with me. I look up at him and say sorry. I dont know why there doing this. Feeling the blood rush to my cheeks from deep embarassment. Do you feel good baby? I ask him. Fuck yes! He says in a low voice.

I keep riding him over and over again. The pain slowly started to fade away and I feel the most pleasurable feeling I ever felt in my entire life. It was good. REAL damm good! It was hard to control my voice. I wanted to ride him hard. But he told me take it easy. Which I listen to him since my legs were still not listening to me. They shake like never before. Cause my ass and thighs to jiggle like a damn earthquake came through the school. But I just said fuck it and let myself fall into the pleasure of being fucked my boyfriend big white hot cock. We were both so lost up in it. That we almost didn’t hear the voice slowly approaching near us. We both snap back into reality and quickly fix ourselves. We peek over the bookshelf. It was the libararian. She was putting up some books a few shelfs ahead. But then a student aid call her back up to the front. You go ahead to class I stay behind and look for a book he tells me. I look at him and say okay. Give him a sweet long kiss. I see you at lunch baby. I love you. I love you too he says while looking out for me so I can escape safely.

I head to my English class thinking of a good excuse to tell my teacher why I’m late. All I could think of was the old bathroom trick. Which usually never really works. But I could just say I was on my period and I had an accident. I mean it was a female teacher after all. I open the door ready for everybody to get quiet and stare at me. But to my surprise everybody was talking and playing around. I forgotten school was almost out in a few days. We didn’t have any work to do but turn in our class registration sheets for our Junior year. I find my seat which is far in the back next to one of friends. She ask me, “girl where have you been?! Your never late to class. I was getting lonely by myself.” I had to use the bathroom and fix myself up. Oh okay! She goes back to talk to another kid. I sit there thinking about what had just happen to me a few mins ago. It felt like a dream. But the pain my pussy was feeling told me it was real. All of it. Girl you just finally lost your viriginty and it was worth it. I touch my lips and start to smile thinking how he was feeling right. Was he feeling the same way I was.

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  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:7zv3evjihj

    can you tell me wbat was your age and his age? you both are blessed you both didnt get caught! what happends if you get pregnant? how would you both tell your parents and all the kids will be staring at your tummy and know you come to school to have sex instead of getting an education!

    • Ess_2020 ID:43yija6ii

      We were both 16 at the time. Plus if I did get pregnant my single mother would have been very upset about it. But we would both choose to keep the baby. As would he because he doesn’t believe in taking an unborn babies life. As do I. I also believe his parents would be upset but would make him do the right thing and help me take care of our baby. But like u said we have been very blessed to not have gotten me pregnant during our entire highschool. But this man I speak of in this story is now my husband and not because I finally got pregnant later down the road or anything like that. We were deeply in love and couldn’t see a future without the other person. So at the age of 19 we married on the day we started dating. Which is May 20th and that’s coming up very soon. So that would make us 2 years we been married and 7 years we been together. We are both now 21 with an 8 month old baby girl and we are still going strong since day one.