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Workers Revenge – Preteen Rape Ordeal (Part 3)

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Read parts 1 and 2 for the build up. Final part to come soon.

The men on the bed were now overwhelmed with lust, and without a word spoken, they knew what they would do.

While Ant had been filming, he had noticed something that may come in useful. While still holding the camcorder focussed on the bed, Ant grabbed something from Ayesha’s dressing table, and threw it at Jak, who caught it easily and held it up to the light to see the label. He smiled a wicked smile at the camera.

Stan took one last long flick of his tongue all the way along Ayesha’s young slit, and sat up, licking his lips and wiping his face with the back of his hand, smearing the girl’s love juices across his cheeks. The girl hoped her ordeal was over, but that was unbelievably far from reality. Not that she knew. This was only the start!

Jak took the bottle thrown to him, and he squeezed out some of the liquid inside. Ayesha could now see it was her bottle of baby oil that she used to keep her skin soft and silky. Jak massaged a large dollop of this onto his raging dick, and passed the bottle to Mik.

Jak lay down on his back, and pulled the 12 year old onto him, but made her face the ceiling, and he had grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled them apart, exposing her intimate areas, but there was nothing she could do to cover herself as Jak had her arms pinned down as well. Mik seemed to know immediately what to do, and poured some oil onto his hands and after rubbing them together ran the palm of his hand all over her exposed pussy, letting it dribble down her slit, and then he pushed two lubricated fingers into her vagina and wiggled them around.

Ayesha was shocked as she felt the man violate her inside, but worse was to come. Jak lifted her up, and with his oiled penis, and the oil that had dripped lower from the girl’s pussy, he aimed his cock at her asshole. Her drugged brain stopped her tensing as much as may have been, and the tip of Jak’s rock hard dick popped inside.

Ayesha gave out a low gasp at this degrading act. She didn’t know such a thing happened, or was even possible. Jak savoured the sensation for a moment, as Ant zoomed in with his camera to show Ayesha’s anal virginity being broken, before panning up to her reddening face which was contorted in pain, with her eyes and mouth wide open in shock. He panned back down to see Jak pull the girl down onto him, slowly impaling her on his cock until he bottomed out.

Ayesha thought things could not get worse, but then Mik moved forward with his own oiled penis glistening in the low light in the bedroom, and with her head bent forward, she could see what was about to happen.

“No. No. No. Please don’t. Please no” she pleaded with tears running down her face.
“Oh yes you’d better believe it. You know what will happen to your sis if you don’t” Jak sneered in her ear.

She thought about screaming, but decided not to. It was unlikely her parents would hear her anyway with the loud music and shouted conversations going on in the garden below.

She had to save her 10 year old sister. But Niza was having and intense sex education class right in front of her. There had been a few bits done at school, but nothing like this! She watched as Ant moved around to the far side so he could get the best view with the camcorder of what was to happen to Ayesha, and in the process caught Niza in the background leaning forward, intensely looking at what was happening.

Mik shuffled up the bed, and holding his cock in hand, he rubbed it up and down the 12 year old’s oiled slit. Ayesha was almost hyper ventilating now. Tears rolling down her face, sobbing quietly, her lips trembling at what was going to happen.

“Please. No.” she managed to blurt out.
“Now that is almost exactly what all the other girls said to your dad and his friends on those videos he took” said Jak “and did it make any difference?” has asked with sarcasm in his voice. “No it fucking well didn’t, so you will be treated just like them.”
“Mik, Stan, Ant” he said out loud “I say we rape this bitch, and then keep on fucking her as long as we can. What ya say?”
“Fucking right!” they answered.

With Ayesha shaking her head, sobbing her heart out, but still pinned down, unable to get away, Mik reached forward and with one hand, spread her outer cunt lips, exposing her well lubricated narrow entrance, and with the other hand he aimed the tip of his dick at the opening.

Even though she was extremely tight, the tip of his cock managed to get inside without much trouble, and he paused there for a few seconds, taking pleasure at the sensation, and the pleasure at seeing that the half-nelson wrestling position the girl was in was forcing her to watch him take her virginity. Mik pulled back very slightly, before pushing forward again, but this time a bit deeper. He did this five times, getting further in each time before one last effort pushed him through her hymen and made her a woman.

Mik clamped his hand over Ayesha’s mouth to stop her screaming as he began to pump his cock in and out. Jak was also doing the same from below. The 12 year old could feel the stiff tubes of engorged manhood sliding in and out, seemingly pushing her vaginal and anal membranes aside with each thrust, and almost what felt like them pulling her inside out as they withdrew.

The initial pain had subsided after a minute or so, but the sensation of her insides being filled with warm meat was something she would never forget.

Stan was still on the bed, and pointed out to Ant that Niza was watching closely what was going on. Ant pointed the camera at her, as she seemed fascinated by what was happening.
Her drugged brain still didn’t seem to register that she was watching her sister having her virginity taken in front of her eyes.
Her sister was being double penetrated.
Her sister was being raped, but it still didn’t seem to shock her. She just blinked hard, as if trying to clear her head, but then leaned forward to watch more.

Stan smiled and chuckled to himself, but it was time for him to get involved now.

His face still shining from Ayesha’s sex juices, he bent forward and kissed the girl hard on the lips, and forced his tongue into her mouth. Ayesha could smell her vaginal scent in her nose, and could taste it in her mouth now!

Stan slobbered all over her face, licking her lips, chin and cheeks, even licked her eyes, before raking his tongue across her forehead, tasting the salt sweat she was exuding. He then sat up, and aimed his cock at her mouth. Ayesha turned her head away, but Stan grabbed her chin, and forced her to face his rampant purple cock, dripping with pre-cum.
She tried not to think of what he wanted her to do, but deep down she did know.

Stan had one hand on his dick, pointing it at her mouth, and with the hand that was holding Ayesha’s chin, he pushed his thumb into her mouth, forcing it open, and with a swift thrust, he rammed his cock inside taking her oral virginity now.

Niza was wide eyed in astonishment as she watched her sister being raped in all her holes. Jak and Mik thrust in and out at an ever increasing pace, and now she could see Ayesha’s cheek bulging each time Stan fucked her mouth, accompanied by a noise that sounded like someone saying “Gluck, Gluck, Gluck, Gluck” all the time.

Ant was darting to and fro, filming, and every now and then, he would put the camera down and take numerous pictures and short videos on his cellphone of all the action.

The room was hot, and getting hotter. Ayesha’s skin was flushed with effort to hold herself together, keeping quiet, doing what she was being told to save Niza, while she was being ravished but the big strong men that she used to be friends with.

On and on the three men went. They surprised themselves with their stamina and how long they were lasting. Each hole was being brutally destroyed. On and on they went. In and out. In and out. Wet sloppy sounds seemed to echo around the room as Ayesha’s involuntary love juices mixed with the men’s pre-cum or spit drooling from her mouth. Gluck, Gluck, Gluck was all the sound that came from her mouth as Stan thrust his cock down the girl’s throat, almost causing her to choke, but not quite. How did this happen? Ayesha thought to herself only an hour or so ago she had just got into bed, and drifted off to sleep listening to the sounds of the party downstairs, and dreaming of the fun she was going to have tomorrow at the party one of her school friends had invited her to.

But now…..but now things had all gone to hell. Here she was an innocent 12 year old girl, (now not so innocent!) being the first in her school class, no school year, no her whole school probably, losing her virginity to four men at once, all caught on camera, being blackmailed into protecting her 10 year old sister, and all in her own house while her parents were only a few feet away downstairs.

The two men fucking her cunt and ass were nearing the point of no return. Did they dare go the whole way, taking her virginity shooting their spunk deep inside her unprotected cunt? They absolutely were going to do it. There was no way they could stop. The sensations from the tightness and wetness of the girl’s holes was as if they were being jerked off with a silk glove.

Heavy breathing could be heard from the men as they approached their orgasm. Their cocks began to twitch, and their balls began to contract as the pressure began to build for the final release.

As if on cue, they came at the same time. With one last thrust, Mik pushed deep into the girl, banging against her preteen cervix as he blasted jet after jet of fertile male ejaculate almost directly into her womb. Ayesha could feel the squirts of cum splashing against her insides, filling her to the brim and oozing out of the sides so she could feel the excess wads of sperm dripping down the inside of her thighs further lubricating Jak’s cock that was in the process of discharging his load. Jak let out a low groan as Ayesha’s bowels were filled with his cum. Jak couldn’t believe how much he was blasting into her. He lost count after six pulsing, throbbing jets of cum were emptied into the little Pakistani girl. They held her tight as they came down from their orgasmic high, trying to catch their breath, still with their twitching cocks jerking inside until they finally stopped.

Ayesha was still sobbing. Thinking about what had just happened to her. Stan had stopped fucking her mouth, and had taken his cock in hand, and was masturbating furiously directly in front of her face, and with Ant filming closely, and Niza watching intently, he started to cum. It started with a small stream of spunk at first. Ayesha had been breathing deeply while she was being fucked, and was gasping for air, which meant she had her mouth open, and with Stan’s second cum stream, he hit her directly in the mouth. The girl then closed her mouth, but Stan kept blasting away. Three, Four, Five times he hit her in the face, then still furiously jerking off, sprayed cum over her hair, and as the power diminished, dribbled down onto her small breasts, and with a final flick, of cum which landed on her young flat stomach he flopped down onto the bed.

Ayesha was wide eyed in terror now. She was a mess. Her hair was sweaty and matted from what seemed like a pint of cum shot all over her. Cum was dripping down her face and into her teary eyes. She could taste the sperm that had got into her mouth, and couldn’t help but swallow some while trying to catch her breath. Then as Ant zoomed in to her cum soaked face, she was made to watch as Mik pulled out his semi rigid cock from her raped cunt. She watched through her spunk blurred vision his penis popping out, followed by what seemed like a waterfall of gloopy white jizz that poured out of her ravaged cunt which pooled on the bed sheets before slowly soaking in.

Jak rolled the girl off to one side as he took time to get his breath back. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he was ready to go again. The air in the room was stifling. The smell of male body odour, mixed with sweat, and cum and female juices filled the room. It was a heady mix, making the sexually charged atmosphere stronger by the minute.

Ant was ready to go again, following is recovery from shooting his load over Niza a while earlier. His erection was rock hard, and he now saw Ayesha lying on her front on the bed having been pushed to one side by the other men. He looked down at her back. Her perfectly smooth skin and ass and legs. Her hair was splayed out on the bed in clumps, matted, with wads of sperm showing on the surface. The young girl had her forehead resting on her arms, and was breathing fast and sobbing gently.

Ant knew the others were spent for a while now, so it was his turn to get his revenge for the despicable acts done to his mate’s daughter. He handed the camcorder to Stan to take up the filming role, and the others picked their cellphones out of their discarded clothes and began filming as well.

Ayesha felt the mattress move slightly by her feet as Ant knelt on the end of the bed. He didn’t lie down though. He suddenly reached forward and grabbed her by the waist, lifting her up, and causing her to bend in the middle, and ending up on her hands and knees. Ant pulled her against him. She could feel his raging cock against the small of her back as he massaged her small beasts with one hand, and rubbing her ravaged cunt with his other. He pushed two fingers into her, and began to finger fuck her for a minute or so. He wasn’t doing it to give her pleasure, it was to make her cunt juices flow more for what he planned next.

Ant pulled out his fingers, and held them up to the low light in front of Ayesha’s face. He could see her juices shining on his fingers in the light, mixed with the white wads of Mik’s cum. He rubbed his fingers together, and then smeared this across her face and down her breasts and stomach.

The girl winced at this. She could taste and smell the mix of body fluids as it invaded her nose and mouth. Ant twisted Ayesha’s face towards him, and he licked her face, and forced his tongue into her mouth. The man was in no way gay, but the overwhelming lust of the situation made him just want to lick the girl all over. He could taste the unmistakable flavour of female cunt juices, but this was sweeter and less pungent than a grown woman. He could also taste the musty saltiness of Mik’s sperm mixed in. His heart was pumping so fast he thought he was going to have a heart attack, but this just spurred him on, giving him the hardest erection he had ever had in his life.

Ant roughly bent Ayesha forward as he stepped back and stood on the floor, making them just at the right height for what he was to do next. This action was off to one side of the bed, while Mik and Jak were recovering on the other as they relaxed and began filming on their phones.

The side of the bed Ant was on, was the side nearest Niza. She was still sitting on the sofa a few feet away staring through her drug fogged eyes. Ant was beyond help now. All his thoughts were of the depraved sex act he was going to inflict on the 12 year old on her hands and knees in front of him. Without thinking, and without Ayesha seeing, he grabbed Niza by the hair, pulling her towards him, making her stand up next to him. Ant bent down, and kissed the little girl full on the lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He swirled his tongue around for what seemed like ages, and all Niza could do was to accept this, but deep down knowing it was wrong for a grown man to be doing this to a 10 year old.

With one hand on Ayesha’s hip, he let go of Niza’s hair, and guided his stiff cock towards its target. He rubbed it up and down the older girl’s slit a few times, coating his dick with whatever liquids were there, and pushed home. Ayesha let out another scream, which she stifled into the stained bed sheets as the head of Ant’s cock popped into her sopping young cunt. Slowly he pushed deeper until he hit her cervix, causing Ayesha to gasp. She let out another groan as he pushed harder still and the swollen mushroom head forced its way into her womb, before Ant pulled back all the way out.

Ant now had Ayesha perfectly lined up, and with one hand on her hip, he grabbed Niza by the hair again, giving her another deep french kiss before twisting her head down so she was made to watch the man fuck her sister.

Ant was a man possessed. Never until now had he ever thought he would do such an act as he was doing now. His big dangling full ball sacs were slapping against Ayesha’s thighs as he bottomed out each time he thrust in. Niza could see Ant’s cock pulling her sister’s insides out as he fucked her like a couple of dogs on heat, but in this case, it was just one who was on heat. The other was not a consensual partner. His wet penis shone with body fluids in the low light. All the time, the other three men were filming the scene, getting close ups of the action, and panning up and down, and making a commentary into the microphones of what was happening, making sure they got good clear pictures of Ayesha’s face as she grimaced with the sexual assault going on behind, and of her young sister watching her being fucked while completely naked herself.

Sweat was pouring off Ant as he rammed his raging meat into the young girl. Some how he had held off blowing is load for about five minutes, but he could hold back no longer.
But even though he was frantic with lust, his brain still had control.

He motioned to the other three men that he was going to cum, and they all got into position for the money shot, and Ant didn’t disappoint.

With a final deep thrust, he spurted a huge wad of sperm deep into Ayesha’s womb. He could have carried on this way until he was spent, but he had other ideas. He had watched thousands of porn movies, and the cumshot was always his favourite part. Ant pulled out of the girl, and rubbing his cock up and down the cleft of her ass, continued to shoot wads of cum high into the air, landing first on the girl’s hair and head, before slowly subsiding into long ejaculations all over her back and ass until he was spent.

Spunk dripped down Ayesha’s sides. She could feel it dribbling down her skin before it dropped off to join the other sex stains on the bed sheets. Niza was wide eyed in astonishment at what she had witnessed. She could see sperm dripping out of her sister’s ravaged cunt. She could see the spunk rolling down her sister’s back and ass.

Ant bent down one last time and kissed Niza hard, before slapping Ayesha hard on her cum covered ass before collapsing onto the bed in total exhaustion.

“Fucking well done Ant” Stan said “You were great, and we got it all on camera” before adding “Well what shall we do now?” to the others, who all had rampant erections again.
“What do you suggest?” Mik said in reply.

Stan looked down at Ayesha who was gasping for air face down on the bed. He then looked at Niza who had slumped back onto the sofa.

Stan picked up one of the syringes from on the bedside table where they had been left, and saw there was still a bit in it. He walked softly across to Niza and injected her with a bit more coke.

He then scanned the room, and went to a chest of draws and pulled out a small black training bra of Ayesha’s. He then moved the sofa across the room until it was underneath a karabiner hook on the ceiling which he had screwed into a joist for Ayesha to use for a basket for her soft toys, or a hanging chair. She hadn’t decided yet. Stan didn’t need the sofa to stand on, and the loft conversion meant the ceiling was low.

Stan then grabbed Ayesha around the waist, sitting her upright. She was dazed by her ordeal and didn’t put up a fight as Stan tied her wrists together with the bra, and dragging her across the room, lifted her with ease until small gap between her tied wrists looped over the ceiling hook and the hook clicked shut.

Ayesha blinked hard a few times trying to understand what was happening.

She could just rest her feet on the sofa, but couldn’t reach high enough to unhook herself. The men got close up video and photos of the girl dangling there. Her matted sperm filled hair stuck to her sweaty spunk covered skin. They took close up shots of her face and panned down to show the sperm dripping down her body and legs and cum smeared across her face and cunt, slowly drying in the warm air.

What were these men doing. Surely they’d had enough. They wouldn’t leave her here until morning until her parents came in would they? Stan gave her the answer as he moved in close to her.

“Hope you had fun tonight. How do you feel? You can boast to your friends now about how young you were when you lost your virginity.” he smiled at her
“Go fuck yourself” Ayesha spat back at him.
“Oh you shouldn’t use such rude words you naughty girl” Stan calmly replied as he slapped her ass. “You know we said we would be kind to Niza if you were kind and did what we wanted?” Ayesha nodded in resigned agreement, knowing she had done these depraved acts to stop the men going further. She glanced across at her sister on the sofa, seeing her looking around in a drug addled daze.

Stan turned away from her, and ripped a strip of tape from the roll next to the bed. He turned back and taped her mouth tightly shut, wrapping it round her head a couple of times. Tears were still rolling down her face as Stan looked her in the eyes.

“We” he said as he made a vague gesture around the room to the other men “Have seen what your dad and his mates did. All the things they did were not nice, and if you want proof, you need to get into that cabinet in your dad’s office, but as you failed to do that earlier, we have to do more punishment. And that means we continue here for a while longer.” he smiled at her again.
“Now as you seem to be a bit tied up” he chuckled to himself “What do you think we need to do now?” Ayesha shook her head. “So to put it bluntly, we have all tonight’s action on camera, so you can’t talk to anyone about it otherwise we will send videos and photos to your parents friends, school friends, anyone who is interested, and your life will be ruined. We have you in our hands. We can do anything, and you can’t do anything about it.”

Stan seemed pleased with himself, and he grabbed Ayesha’s hair, and brought his face up to hers.

“And you know what the worst thing is about all this.” and looking her straight in the eyes “we are compulsive liars, and we are now going to have our fun with your sister, and you are going to watch”

Ayesha’s eyes went wide in terror. She thrashed around and screamed as loud as she could, but her wrists were tied firmly, and the tape across her mouth muffled any sound so I would not have a chance for being heard in the garden.

To be concluded…….

Wickr – satan666bad

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