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My little cousin

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This is a story of how I fucked my cousin for the first time, while his parents where in the other room (long story)

I was 21 at the time and my cousin was 14, I remember I was driving on my way back home from a long trip, but decided I was too tired, so I went to my aunts house. There’s facing was limited, so I had to sleep with my cousin in his room, this was a normal thing, considering any time there was a sleepover. We were always share a bed when we were younger. And his parents room was next to his. My cousin knows I am Bi, so he would always ask me, sex questions, especially at night when his curiosity Peaked. He already knew what sex was and how it worked And I remember one of his questions he asked me was how does it feel to get fucked? So I told him my experience of sucking dick and getting fucked and in doing so I started getting hard myself. And I remember telling myself after I was done sharing my experience, I would go to the bathroom and jerk off. So later, in between the talk, he told me he wished he could get fucked to feel the sensation, so that’s when he asked me if I would fuck him. I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t get a chance to relieve myself and I was so fucking horny. So at first I told him that his parents are right next-door and that it was not a good idea, but he promised me that he was going to be quiet and not make any sound. So I said fuck it I told him to get up on all fours. I pulled my shorts down and his room was very dark so I couldn’t see that well, and I didn’t want to turn on the lights to alert his parents just in case they were still awake. So in the dark as best as I could, I felt for his hole and spat on it. Then I spat on my 9 inch dick. I reminded him to stay quiet and told him since it was his first time it was going to hurt just a bit that must’ve made him nervous because he told me that he wanted to be in control. So we reposition ourselves I sat on the foot of the bed, and told him if it would be easier if I guided his ass towards my dick, so he can ride it. After some time I was finally able to slide my head and his hole, to my surprise took my entire dick in one bounce( I forgot to tell him to slowly go down) he sat on me for a while, trying to regain his breath and adjust to the pain. After a while, he gained his momentum, and started bouncing up and down on my dick. He started moaning very lightly. as I was staring at my cousins back and ass how it was bouncing in the darkness, I thought to myself how his virgin ass was taking my adult cock very well, and in that thought I lost myself, and I started moaning loud. He quickly told me to shut up.! I covered my mouth as I recall where I was sleeping. He continued to bounce up and down on my cock. His ass was very tight and I knew I was very close so I whispered in his ear where did you want me to cum, he told me he wanted me to come inside( you don’t have to tell me twice) I thought to myself, so, in his last downward sitting , I grabbed his hips and pushed him down and shove my cock as far as I could in his hole. my cock start to pulse, and I started to unload inside my cousin. I remember grunting as I pumped in him six times before releasing his hips. I told him to slowly get off my cock, and as he did my cum started leaking out of his hole. I asked him how was it for him, and he replied that it felt amazing. To this day, I still fool around with my cousin. He’s 21 now and nobody in my family knows.

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    My only issues with this story is the whole “I put my 9inch penis in his virgin asshole” no 14 year old virgin ass could that that first go…

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