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My hot goth stepsister pt.2

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It had been a few days after what happened and her and I haven’t really talked, which is understandable since her stepbrother got hard from seeing her!! Anyway we also couldn’t talk since I had college exams and I had to do any errands our parents. Although after we could find time to talk but it was more like.” Hey May!” and she would ignore me, so yeah we were basically back to before.

The strangest thing was that I was also angry, but it wasn’t cause I got hard, I was angry cause It felt somewhat good thinking of her. I never saw her in anyway before that point but I couldn’t stop thinking of her. Her soft pale skin, her beautiful breasts and nice ass, even a cute tattoo I saw on the inside of her thigh. I did make sure I never said anything about this with her or anymore, but one morning when I was on the couch I saw something that changed my life!
She came into the kitchen, the living room and kitchen are right next to each other, wearing an oversized sleep shirt and some really tight looking panties. She hadn’t noticed so she made breakfast and bent over the counter to eat, the sight was amazing!! I couldn’t stop staring and almost wanted to jack off but stopped myself after I saw she was turning around. When she saw me she looked embarrassed and we sort of just stared for a good two minutes till she started walking away.” May!”, I quickly said,” could we talk for a sec?”. She looked hesitant but did sit down next to me and, looked away in a shy way now? I told her that,” I know me and you haven’t really gotten along, and what happened just made it worse but I am truly sorry. I didn’t mean to and well… if you don’t want to forgive me that’s fine, but can we then at least talk again?” She looked at me still in a shy mood saying,” you got hard to me! That’s not something you just let go cause that means I turn you on, right?”. I couldn’t exactly say no since that was pretty much the whole truth so I just said,” well than if I ever get out of line or do anything, you can tell my mom about everything that happened.” She then got angry?!?!?!
“You dumbass! I wasn’t saying it like it was bad!! I wouldn’t ever tell your mom about that and even then if you did something I would keep it between us!” She while in an irritated tone. I was seriously confused and just stared like an idiot until she just stormed off. I didn’t really know what to say but I did eventually snap out of it.

After that we started talking again with her most of the time teasing me about getting hard which annoyed me but it made her laugh so I could let slide. Ok, so now we are gonna skip a few months and get to the big events.
So we were all watching a series on the bed, my parents were on one half and me and May were on the other. During one of the episodes they said they had some work to finish and that we could carry on watching. I shifted up so we could share the whole bed, and we just talked and laughed about some stuff. We were pretty close i did catch a few glimpses of cleavage, which did slowly get me harder, but she saw me peek at one point.” Damn,…can’t help to stare huh😏”, she said in a teasing way while slowly covering her cleavage. I refused and moved to hide the bulge but she saw it,” oh wow! That’s… quite big.”, she asked, I said it wasn’t what she thought but she moved closer and sort of grinned. She said,” well since you could look at my breasts, I should see your dick”.

I hesitated but we did make a deal so the pants had to go, I pulled it off and my dick looked like it was begging to have the boxers come off as well. She got a bit red and wasn’t talking as much, i then pulled my boxers down and it sprung out surprising her. Not to brag or anything but it’s a good 6 inches, she looked at it for a while and eventually touched it,”what do you want me to do?” she asked while looking away from me. I said a handjob would be fine and she slowly put a hand around and jacked me off, it was amazing, her hands felt so soft and she didn’t grab too hard. She then kissed it and asked if she could suck it. I nodded and she put the head inside and slowly put more and more in her mouth. She left black lipstick marks on it and asked if I wanted her to deepthroat it. I don’t know how but I quickly grabbed her and showed the rest down her throat and had her gag a few times. I couldn’t take more and came in her mouth, when she swallowed it all and took it out she looked at me and said,”that was mean” before leaning closer and kissed me. We kept going till we heard our parents coming and quickly went back to normal.

When we finished the last episode we had to sleep and left the room, but she lead us to her room and locked the door, we started kissing and soon I lifted her up and pinned her the bed. She grinned and asked,” what now, stepbro?” I pulled her shirt up and ripped the bra off, saw she had cute nipple piercings, and sucked them even biting them making her moan. I then pulled her panties off and licked her clit and pussy, which were soaked, and fingered her.
I tied her arms behind her back and put her onto of me, I asked if she wanted it in her vagina or ass and she said both. I quickly thrusted hard into her and fingered her asshole while i was ploughing her, she was seriously tight and hot. After a bit I pulled out and slowly slipped my cock down her asshole, she gasped and moaned, begging for more and i was fucking her hard and deep. I knew I was close so I put it back in her pussy. She asked if I was going to get her pregnant, which was true but that would be a problem for us in 9 months, I kept pounding till I filled her to the brim. Pulling out there was cum pouring out of her and we looked exhausted and drained.

So that is it but there is one more part so hope you enjoyed.

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    Lass uns mehr hören

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    omg write moreeeeee this is so good

  • Reply John ID:1q53beqk

    I did rush the last half a bit. Hopefully it doesn’t sound like we were moving too fast or anything.