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Liliana’s Lovely Feet

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A story about a high school boy [16] who is obsessed with his little cousin’s [11] feet.

DISCLAIMER: All characters, names, dates, locations, etc. are purely fictional. This story does NOT condone the actions committed by any characters. Any individual who chooses to recreate any situations based on this story in reality are doing so on their own accord and may face any consequences. This story is a FANTASY and was written solely for the entertainment of the readers. If you don’t enjoy semi-long build ups nor have a foot fetish, this story probably isn’t for you. With that said, enjoy!

It’s hard to stop your fantasies from running wild. You try to convince yourself its wrong, but deep down you know you lack the self control. This is especially true for me. I’ve always struggled trying to speak to girls my age, had one girlfriend out of luck, but young love never really lasts.

As I grew, I realized it was always easy for me to talk to younger girls. Unfortunately I had no sister, but I was blessed with a beautiful little cousin named Liliana. She was only in her 2nd year of middle school, but she has the body of a little goddess. She is about 4’9, skin the color of caramel, skinny torso with long legs, chubby thighs, and small breasts. This was around the time she began to develop her own style which consisted of wearing cutsey but dark colored clothing, usually wearing high shorts or skirts. She also loves wearing flip flops or going barefoot inside, showing off her thick, wrinkly soles, which was a plus for me since I love feet.

It was August, a few weeks before sophmore year began. Her and her family decided to visit for whatever reason. I watched my uncle and aunt pull into our driveway, stepping out the car taking out their bags, and Liliana ran out holding her favorite large plushie. (For context, I should mention we’re a Latino family, so I’ll be using terms such as Primo/Prima which means cousin and Tio/Tia which means Uncle/Aunt)

“Tia Ana!” Liliana exclaimed as she ran towards my mom wearing a beautiful dark red skirt, and I stared in awe at her, she has changed since last time. She was hugging my mom hard. I was struggling to look away as her skirt blew in the wind, her tippie toeing as her feet lifted from her flip flops showing her thick soles, but I had to greet my relatives. Afterwards, she ran to me. “Hi Marco, wow you got taller!! Hey do you still have Minecraft? Can we play like last time?!” she asked excitedly with that adorable look in her eyes. “Of course, I just gotta help out your dad first.”

We all walked into the house, my parents and her parents going into the living room. “Marco, we can help them unpack later, your Tio said its fine and they just wanna hang out for now” my mom told me. “Okay, Liliana wants to play Minecraft so I’ll be in my room,” I said as I walked towards my room with her down the hall.

Liliana ran towards my back pretty hard, almost knocking me down. “Hehe loser you’re still weak!” she said teasingly. “Ooooh I’m gonna sit on your new chair” she told me pushing me out of the way. She was so energetic it honestly lifts up my mood. Spinning around the chair, she finally decided to face me as I sat on my bed and started rambling about school and her friends. This is the perfect time for me to snap some pics of her feet, I thought to myself.

She really could never sit still, always moving her legs and feet in different poses, having no idea I’m taking pics and videos of her beautiful feet. It wouldn’t be the first time, but this time was different. Everytime I’d look up from my phone, she gave me this look like she knew what I was doing. It made me nervous, but she just kicked me and laughed. One of her flip flops flew off after she kicked my leg, she didnt bother to put it back on, crossing that foot up on her other leg so I could see her wrinkly sole perfectly.

Liliana continued rambling on and on about whatever nonsense, but this time she kicked my phone out of my hands, clearly showing my photo gallery. In shock, I didn’t grab it as fast as I should’ve, causing a weird look to go on her face. “Umm, Marco what were those pics?” she asked. “Just some clothes I was thinking of showing to my girlfriend” I stuttered out lying. “No, I’m pretty sure I saw my sandals.” Now sounding like an interrogation, I had to keep lying. “Yeah they’re these pretty sandals I thought would look go-” she cut me off and snatched my phone. “Look, I just thought your sandals looked pretty and wanted to show my girlfriend” I said nervously. “I’m not even wearing my sandals in some of these. Marco, what really is this?”

“Liliana come over here now!” I heard my Tia yell from the living room, saving me temporarily from lying my ass out of this situation. She handed me my phone back, obviously confused, but just said “Okay then.. I’ll umm be back” as she walked out the door.

Do I delete the pictures? Hell no, that would be so stupid, this is better than porn. But she’s going to keep asking and I actually have never thought of any legitimate excuse. I felt my heart beating fast as I just sat on my bed anxiously waiting for her to come back.

Finally, I heard the door open and she walked back in looking right at me, then she closed the door.

“Marco.. why do you have pictures of my feet?” She asked curiously, not sounding disgusted.

“Look, I can delete them I’m sorry I know this is really weird and creepy,” I said trying to get out of this situation, “Just don’t tell anyone, it was a mistake I promise.”

“Do you think my feet are pretty?” she asked me completely causing me to freeze. “My besties always make fun of my feet saying they’re too fat and look like goblin feet,” she said with an annoyed look on her face.” I laughed, with some relief in my voice that she wasn’t upset, and responded “Honestly they sound jealous,” still ignoring her question. “I’ve seen on tiktok guys posting memes about feet and stuff but I thought it was just a joke. Do you actually like feet?” I couldn’t lie anymore, she obviously has some sort of idea about a foot fetish. “Yeah I do. I know it sounds gross, but trust me your feet are really beautiful. Some girls really do have goblin feet, but yours are like a disney princess, honestly” I said knowing she’s clearly a big disney fan.

Her face lit up, slightly blushing and she kicked my leg with her barefoot, “Hehe you’re silly.” We were quiet for a bit, then she said “But Marco, it’s still not okay, you can’t just take pictures without me knowing.” “I know, I’m sorry Liliana, like I said I can delete them” I said in a sad tone. “Noooo! It’s fine, I mean, it’s really not but ummm I don’t care that much now that I know.” She kicked off her both her flip flops, asking “So what, you just like looking at them? They’re just feet haha, guys at my school always look at girls butts so I know what they’re thinking.” She really has no idea about the sexual side of this feet stuff doesn’t she? “Well, yeah I guess. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind giving you a foot massage if you’re okay with it.”

Almost immediately, she kicked off both her flip flops and put her feet on my lap, beautifully showing off her thick soles. Oh my fucking god I have to control myself right now. “Good because my feet are actually killing me right now, the right one hurts a little I don’t know why.” I started massaging her right foot, making sure I took a good feel of her silky soft sole. Her left foot wiggled on my lap, clenching and unclenching, showing off those deep wrinkles and red nail polish. I looked up a bit and I could faintly make out her white underwear underneath her skirt, looking up more I realized she was clearly recording me.

“Liliana, seriously?” I said and stopped massaging. “Hey! No fair! You can take all you want so I should be able to too!” she said a little too loud with a bratty look on her face. “Okay okay, quiet down, you can record just don’t show my face.” This demanding little brat drives me crazy. I wanted this moment to last longer, but we were called into the kitchen.

A few hours passed, we ate dinner, all of us hung out in the living room to watch a movie, helped them unpack, and finally midnight was arriving. “Liliana, me and papa are gonna sleep in the guest room, there isn’t enough room so either sleep on the couch or see if your primo is nice enough to let you sleep in his room, goodnight,” my Tia said as she shut the guest room door. I was on my computer in my room, expecting her to sleep on the living room couch like always, until I heard my door slowly creep open about an hour after everyone went to bed.

“Girl what are you doing, you gotta go to sleep” I whispered to her. “Lets stay up and watch movies!!” she whispered loudly. “I’m actually tired so mayb-” she cut me off and said “I’ll let you massage my feet again,” with a smirk on her face. Yeah this girl really has me now. “Okay fine, you put something on Netflix.” She decided to lay on her stomach facing the TV, away from me, and her legs on my lap again as I sat up against the wall. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to sneak to take pics anymore, so I was taking pictures and recording her soles with the flash on while she watched whatever was on the TV without a care. She was still wearing her skirt, I could clearly see her underwear this time, she was clueless about accidentally showing off like that.

This time it was much harder to control myself and I got rock hard. I put her right foot a tiny bit closer to my inner thigh and rubbed her left sole with both my hands. I can’t get over how smooth yet wrinkly her soles are, they are angelic soft. I was massaging for a bit, then she moved and her foot just straight up rubbed against my hard cock, causing me to quickly shove her foot away. This made her to turn her head back quickly. “Uhhh what was that?” she asked confused again like earlier. “Sorry it was the remote, won’t happen again.” Another shitty lie Marco. Clearly seeing past my bullshit, she sat up and turned around facing me, still letting the movie run on the TV. “Okay I would’ve believed you if the remote wasn’t on your desk, so what is that?” Oh great horny mind, clouding my logic again. I was still rock hard and she could clearly see it bulging through my shorts. She reached her hand out and touched my dick, then pulled away. She stared for a bit, saying nothing, causing my heart to race again.

“You like my feet that much?” She asked still looking down at my cock. I was literally speechless, just stuttering syllables trying to get a sentence out. “Can I see it? Your thingy.” I had to put a stop to this even though I know I didn’t truly want to. “Okay Liliana I’m sorry we shouldn’t be doing this, we’re just cousins and you’re a kid. I’m gonna sleep now so please leave my room.” I said anxiously not sure what’s gonna happen. “No. I want to see your thingy” she said with this stern determination in her voice. I have never heard her sound like this, ever. She then slapped my cock thru my shorts a few times, brattily saying “Show me show me show me! Or else I’m gonna tell.”

I felt my forehead sweat a little but my mind was starting to go on auto-pilot. I pulled my shorts down and my cock sprang up, super hard. Her eyes widened and she looked for a bit, observing very intently. Without a word said from either of us, unexpectedly, she placed her whole right sole up against the length cock, her heel resting on my balls. Her foot was small, so her toes were wiggling on my shaft. I stared down at my cock in awe, completely silent, as she just lightly tapped her sole forward against my dick, still resting her heel on my balls. She brought her other foot forward and shoved my cock side to side with both her feet. It was obvious she had no idea what she was doing, just experimenting around. But this girl was clearly not as innocent as I thought she was.

“Do you want to grab it with your hands?” I asked after about 2 minutes of her just playing around, finally making eye contact again. She pulled her feet back, nervously reaching her little hand forward, gripped the base of my cock, her little fingers barely wrapping around. “Are you sure primo?…” she asked with her cute little voice. I didn’t say yes but with the look on my face, it was obvious I needed this. She wasn’t doing it exactly how I wanted so I said “You’re holding it right, but squeeze a little tighter and move it up and down”. She wasn’t motioning it right still, so I held her hand and showed her how for a little bit.

Finally, she started to jerk it with a little confidence, and out of nowhere put her other hand around it and jerked it even more aggressively. She had a blank, focused look on her face as she did this for another 2 or 3 minutes. I’m not gonna last I swear to fucking god I’m about to cum. “Liliana please… can you slap my cock against your foot?” I begged, clearly breathing loud, on the edge. She brought her left foot forward, placed it on my thigh and slapped my cock softly against her foot. “Harder,” she looked up at me for reassurance, slapping it hard against her sole. “Harder… harder Prima” I gasped out breathing really hard, she clenched her foot instinctively from how hard she was slapping my dick, showing off those deep fat wrinkles as I watched my cock smack against them. My mouth was open in complete shock from how close I was to the edge. I looked up at her eyes and she looked at me deeply in my eyes, we kept eye contact for about 5 seconds, which felt like a million years, until I blurted out “Oh my god Liliana” trying to hold back my yell as my head shot back and I came the hardest I’ve ever came, shooting at least 6 or 7 thick spurts of cum onto her young fat soles, and on my bed. She was no longer my innocent little cousin, and I had let my self control disapear completely.

To be continued.

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