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Me, Daddy, and My Rottie 2

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Part 2 to “Me and My Rottie.” Daddy joins the fun!

Both of my parents worked, now that I was older and was at school all day and could take care of myself while they were gone. Typically, my dad worked Monday thru Friday for a few hours a day, and my mom would take both day and night shifts at the hospital.

On this one particular evening, my mom was working the night shift and I was home alone with my dad and Octavius, the family Rottweiler. Me and Octavius have been fucking each other on the down low for a couple months at this point, and had no intentions of stopping. I could tell Octavius was wanting some action tonight as he kept jumping on me and shoving his nose into my crotch or ass as I wandered around the house getting some evening chores done. I finally had enough of his insisting and walked upstairs to my bedroom so he could get some relief.

My dad was replying to some emails in his home office, so I had no problems taking Octavius to the bedroom for some playtime. I shut my bedroom door behind me and immediately stripped off my clothing and assumed my position on all fours, presenting my holes for Octavius to use.

He gave me a few quick licks to get me lubed up for his cock then jumped up behind me. With a few quick pokes of his cock, the tip finally found my pussy and shoved itself inside me with a decided thrust. He pounded me with his thick cock over and over again, and I moaned like the little bitch he had turned me into. I loved feeling his balls slap against my pussy as he fucked me hard, but all too soon his knot began swelling up and locking itself into my tight cunt. A few more short thrusts and he was spilling his seed inside of me as I panted with him, my pussy milking his dick for as much cum as I could get. It usually took a few minutes before his knot shrank back to his regular size, so I settled down on the floor as I waited.

“What’s going on here?” My eyes widened in shock as my head whipped towards the door to my room, which was now open. Standing there in the doorway with a look of shock on his face, was my dad. He stared back and forth between me, Octavius, and the dog dick that was locking us together.

“Dad, I can explain…” I started.

“Save it, I don’t want to hear it! You want to act like a bitch, I’ll make you a bitch!” He walked towards me with a dog collar and a leash in his hands that I had not noticed before, and as much as I tried to pull away to escape my punishment, I wasn’t going anywhere with Octavius knotted with me. My dad swiftly fastened the collar and leash to my neck, then unzipped his pants to produce a raging 7 inch boner.

“I bet you’ve sucked the dog’s cock before, so be a good little puppy and suck mine.” He tugged on the leash, bringing my lips close to his dick, and I opened up to take him in. I licked him gently first, just like I did when I sucked Octavius’ dick for the first time, then slowly took my father into my mouth, sucking and stroking him with my tongue. He moaned and tightened his grip on the leash, choking me as I continued to give him a blowjob.

“That’s it, good puppy. Suck Daddy’s cock; I’m almost…there…uggghhhhhh” his thick, salty cum poured into my mouth as I greedily gulped down what he gave me. He patted my head and told me what I good girl I was as I smiled at him, and in that moment, Octavius’ cock finally popped out of my cunt.

“Time for potty, and then the both of you can snuggle up together in Octavius’ cage.” I looked at my father in horror, under the impression that sucking his cock was my punishment. I started to argue, but I was met with a sharp slap to my face. “Good puppies don’t talk, they bark and whine like they’re supposed to.” I tried to talk again, but was met with more slaps until I yipped for him to stop.

“You see? Octavius must have been fucking you enough that you’re already a natural! Now, you’re going to go potty outside like a good puppy and then you and the dog are going to snuggle up together for the night. I told you, you want to act like a bitch, I’ll make you one.” And with that, a sharp tug on my leash was all it took to lead me out of my room, down the stairs, and out to the backyard. Octavius sniffed around before relieving himself while my dad held my leash and watched me squat in the grass to pee. It took a while until I finally got used to having my own father’s eyes on me as I pissed, but I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be the last time I would be his personal pet slave.

After we were done, he led us back into the house and into the large dog cage that Octavius slept in every night in my dad’s office. There was a soft dog bed and blanket in there, so at least I had something comfortable to sleep on. My father smacked my ass to get me in the cage as Octavius followed after me. My dad tied my leash the the top of the cage so I wouldn’t be able to get out, then went back to his desk.

“I have some more emails to finish up, but you two go ahead and sleep and fuck as much as Octavius wants. Just remember you’re his little bitch, and if I hear so much as a word out of you, you’re getting punished.”

With that, he turned back to his computer. Octavius and I curled up with each other for a little while and took a quick nap. When Octavius woke up, he started lapping at my pussy again, which woke me up. My father heard the strong strokes of Octavius’ tongue on my cunt and turned to watch as I rose on all fours to present myself for Octavius to take. My dad pulled out his cock and stroked it as
Octavius shoved his dick inside of me, pounding me as I panted and barked so I wouldn’t get in trouble for moaning.

We all stayed up all night, my dad masturbating and getting up to cum inside the cage so his sperm settled all over me while Octavius knotted me and poured his cum inside me, over and over again until my pussy was sore. Eventually, my dad went to bed and me and Octavius curled up inside the cage, using each other’s body heat to keep warm. In the morning, before my mom got home, my dad let us out of the cage, unhooked my leash, and tongue kissed me before pulling me close.

“This is our little secret. You are not to tell your mother, or even breathe a hint at what happened. If I found out you did, I’ll take you somewhere where you’ll never see the light of day again. Every time your mother goes to work, you’re to put your collar and leash on and assume your position for me and Octavius to take you whenever we please. Got it?” I looked into his eyes and nodded, and with a smack on the ass, he sent me upstairs to shower and change just as I heard my mom’s car pull into the driveway.

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    Just keep me punishing as hard as you want

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