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“hey cutie pie”

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I’ve been talking to a man I met online for a couple of weeks and I was so excited to finally meet up with him. Being only 12 I had to do it on a school day so no one would know. He said he was gonna give me weed and alcohol and I was so happy to finally be treated like an adult. He was always telling me how smart and mature I am and how I would be his perfect girlfriend if he wasn’t 45 and married with 2 kids. I was sitting on the curb waiting for his car, he didn’t want his wife to know so we were meeting in an alley. I was wearing my school uniform as to not create suspicion, it was a short skirt, a shirt, a blazer and obviously my tie. As it got closer to the time I saw a car driving up to me. I jamp up with excitement as I saw it was him, he pulled up and opened the door from the inside of his car.

“Hey cutie pie, get in”

“Hiya, I can’t wait to hang out today what are we gonna do” I say as I climb in shutting the door.

“Well I thought you’d appreciate this” he hands me a bottle half drank Jack Daniels.

“Theres more in the glove, take a swig”

“What right now?”

“Yeah, problem?”

“Well…no. I just..”

“I thought you were a big girl, big girls drink this”

“Well I guess I can…”

“That a girl. Take a big drink”

I go to take a small sip but he lifts the bottle so I’m forced to drink more causing me to choke and cough

“What are you doing!” I yell

“Mhm I’m sorry I thought you where a big girl, I guess I was wrong”

I look at the bottle and try to take a big drink but I can’t I feel funny my head starts to go fussy and my eyes start to feel heavy. I drop the bottle as my body seems to get heavy. I look to him to ask what’s happening but he gets out the car and walks to my side picking me up and carrying me to the back off the car he opens up the boot where he’s put covers and a pillow turning into a make shift bed and he places me in it. I try to call out but I can’t before he’s even closed the boot I fell unconscious.

I wake up feeling fussy it takes a moment to realize where I was. I’m in a small room with only a bed and a door. I force myself to sit up and get off the bed and try to head to the door but I fall and realize that one off my legs is chained to the bed. I start to panic, pulling on the chain

The door opens as I keep struggling and without a word I’m grabbed my hair and thrown on to the bed. I scream and beg for it to stop but I’m meet with a slap.

“You were asking for this, you little cock tease, I’m going to fucking ruin you’re virgin holes.”

“Oh god! Please don’t, please just let me go home. I promise I won’t tell anyone”

“I know you won’t” he says with a smirk

“You wanted to be a big girl right, this is what happens to big girl”

He rips my clothes off me as I cry into myself, he forces me into a doggy position and starts to grab my ass, spreading my cheeks he burrys his face into my ass. I try to wriggle away but he’s got a tight grip on me after eating me out for a bit I yelp as his tongue slips into my asshole. I beg and I beg for him to stop

“Fine” he says sitting back. He gets up and leaves the room. Too scared to move I just stay in the doggie position he come back after a couple minutes rope in hand and ties my hands to the bed and ties my thighs together so I’m stuck into position

“You shouldn’t have asked me to stop I didn’t even get a chance to wet you’re sweet little pussy” he says pulling his dick out and slapping my cunt with it

“Please don’t do it! Please I’m sorry!, im sorry!” I beg but he just ignores it and rams his dick in my pussy breaking my hymen causing blood to cover his dick but it doesn’t bother him he just keeps ramming it inside me as I scream and beg him to stop.

“Oh fuck yeah keep begging bitch I love it beg me to stop”

“Stop please! Please just let me go! Please! Please! Please! I’m sorry!”

This drives him over the edge and he cums deep inside me.

“Mhm yeah I’m keeping you, you’re perfect”

I cry out begging him to let me go but he just takes his cock out and slaps me on the ass with it

“Absolutely not. Not untill I’ve at least broken you”

Let me know if you want a part 2

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