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I was a 13 baby sitter who got raped

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I was a 13 year old baby sitter and got raped and used

I was 13 when I started baby sitting , I was a small build girl I was size 8 and only had 32b tits and I used to have epilepsy but had been ok for a few years due to medication, I had been babysitting my mum’s friends boy who was 11 for a few months he was a good boy mostly was on his playstation or the internet l, I often helped him with his home work but nothing sexual ever happened till this one time.

It was winter my mum and his mum had gone to a works party and said that it didn’t finish till early morning that was ok I would just fall asleep in the spare room,so the night started as usual he played a game we watched TV and I felt a bit dizzy funny but just thought I was tired, Timmy was watching a movie we had just put on and I must of passed out as I woke up and the film had nearly finished but not just that my clothes felt as if the had benn opened and fastened again I just thought nothing off it and went make us a drink, when I came back Timmy had his hands over his crotch I just looked away boys will be boys but as we watched tv i coukd see out the corber of my eye he was playing with his cock, i kept looking out tge corner of my eye i hadnt seen a real one as he rubbed it, i was feeling dizzy again and must of passed out as when i woke up my blouse was undone and i had a wet patch on my bra what had happend and Timmy was no where i fastened up my blouse and went find him as i went beae his door i heard him talking ,”i felt her tits and cum on her tits it was great she had passed out ” he said then” if hse does again im going look.up her skirt ” who was he talking to i softly opened the door he was on his computer head phones on talking to someone,who was it and why when i was passed out .

I went downstairs thinking and he came down as if nothing happened I said ” what have you done to me ” ” nothing” he replied “I heard you talking on your computer”
He looked and said ” you were alseep I just wanted to look ” “that’s disgusting” I said ” you will be in trouble if I tell your mum” ” please don’t ” he said “why shouldn’t I “.
He replied back which shocked me ” you can see me if you want then both even “, I looked even more shocked and told him go up to your room.

He went up but I was more intrigued I hadn’t seen felt or even tasted a cock this could be my chance and he wouldn’t tell .
I called him down and when he came down agreed but just this once he nodded , he sat next to me and pulled off his pj bottoms his cock was hard about 3 inches I looked and started as it bounced getting harder I had to feel it I reached and felt it ,it was warm and hard but soft like a bone in it as I felt it he said wank me please I knew what a wank was as I started to wank him his body moved I felt wet between my legs as I wanked him I was getting excited he was only 11 nearly 12 and I was playing with his cock I was getting warm and I started getting dizzy again and I must of collapsed again as when I woke up my tights and panties were on the floor and my pussy was all wet .

I went up again and heard him” she wanked me and passed out and I took off her tights and panties and put my cock in her pussy my cum went in her” and he laughed I walked in and he was on screen talking to a man the man was laughing and he saw me he said she’s behind you as he turned he went red the man said “hello heather I know all about you and Timmy ”
“What you mean”
” You have wanked him he’s only 11Naughty”
I was shocked who was this man
Then he said ” I know you I live the street behind you ”
” No one will believe you ” I stuttered
Then Timmy said ” I put my cock in you and cum”
I cried as the man said ” me and Timmy going have fun with you I know that him mum and your aren’t back till early morning so I’m coming around as it’s only 9″
“No No No ” I shouted as he left the screen I ran down locked the door latch and sat frightened then I heard the back door open, I was shitting my self as I went to the door and standing there was a man in his 50s the one off the computer he said “hello heather ” I froze as he came forward ” now it’s my turn “I was standing frozen as he came right up to me and his hand felt my tit ” see it’s not as bad as you thought” as he starts undoing my blouse Timmy stood watching as this stranger to me took off my blouse revealing my bra ” come watch Timmy” he said as Timmy came over I was crying as he undone my bra releasing my little tits ” one each”he said to Timmy as he felt my tit his other hand had undone his Zip and was pulling out his cock it looked massive”heather wank my cock ” he said as he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock it felt so big as I moved my hand “faster ” he said softly as he fondled my tit and Timmy the other then he let go and his hand went down ” no please ” I cried as his hand went up my skirt pulling down my panties, i still held his cock as he lifted me and took me to the lounge and placed me on the floor .
He spreadmy legs and placed his cock at my pussy “no. No it’s to big ” but he pushed it at my lips they opened and took it in all I kept saying “no it’s to big ohh my god ” but he fucked me hard as Timmy sat watching his cock in his hand ” don’t do it yourself Timmy get heather to do it ” he said as he pulls my hand to Timmys cock “wank him ” he says as he fucks my little body, the hurting stops as I’m well lubricated ,he notices and says” you liking it now ” ” no ” I reply as he fucks me and I’m wanking Timmy , Timmy starts to shake I know what’s coming now as he shoots his cum over my hand and I let go, I’m exhausted as my body is getting demolished by this man’s cock he starts to go faster ” please dont cum in me ” i say he looks and goes faster as i feel in my womb a warmth liquid bouncing around hes cum in me , i collapsed crying as he pulls out of me i feel his cum drip out ,he looks at Timmy you next grandson, Did i hear that right its his grandad…

Timmy climbs on top of me I’m too shattered to stop him as he opens my legs and his little hard cock enters me I just lye as he fucks me I can’t stop myself from having sexual feelings as I cum as he fuck me and the stranger notices and Says to Timmy”that’s it fuck her she ours now fill her up make her pregnant ” I start to cry again as I feel Timmy empty his little balls into me .
The Stranger says you will be crying in a minute as he picks me up and turns me to face the sofa and bends me and his cock is in his hand and he’s putting it near my bum I feel it pressing against my hole as he spits on my bum and it’s drips to my hole and I feel a push it hurts as I hear a poop his cock has entered my bum the end is in it hurts as he pushes and I scream he has it in and he pushes “cry now ” he says as his body rams against me my little body lifting as his balls bang against me his arms go between my thighs he opens them and lifts me turns around and tells Timmy to finger my pussy as he fucks my bum , I wish he would cum I do wish he would finish I’m hurting so much but I’m cumming all the time.
I feel his cock swell and he empties himself up my bum he just pushes me down and leaves me naked cum dripping out both holes.
He looks at the clock it’s 11 and he says 1 more hour to go little girl I’m going fill you up again

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  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck6d16a28o0

    Shit, no one better never ask me to babysit some pre teens. I would be all over them being naughty. And educating at the same time. Need a babysitter, hmu
    [email protected] I will cum by and lick them up for you

  • Reply John Ray ID:blf5nmql

    Hell yes make sure you get the sexy slut pregnant.

  • Reply John ID:5wwpcn3im9k

    I really need to stop trying to read poorly written stories.

  • Reply tallpoppy ID:1dakbi8d9c

    What a BS story.

    • Maxx Chambers ID:2px1mhudqzs

      My wife got a new babysitter and didn’t tell me and I came home early one day and when I walked in she was on the couch with no clothes on playing with her pussy so I just watched her for 10 minutes and my dick was so hard I pulled it out and walked up behind the couch and layed my 12 inch cock on the back of the couch right next to her ear and she slowly turned and seen it and she started to jump up but I stopped her and told her that it was ok your not in any trouble and then she looked at my cock and smiled so I reached up and put my hands on her head and pulled it down to my cock, she was nervous I told her to relax and just put it in your mouth and she did I fucked her for 3 hours and pumped her full of cum . My wife doesn’t know and me and that babysitter still fuck to this day

  • Reply Scotty ID:1efadc02opcm

    Thats hot not going to lie. Ah the memories. Had walked in several times on our babysitter with her hands down her panties.

  • Reply Chris ID:1efadc02opcm

    Sorry this happened to you but is sexy. Reminds me of the babysitter we had and the cameras up and what they captured

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevql

    There’s so much fun to be had out there with dirty old perverts off the internet, girls. Don’t miss out!!

  • Reply Happy ID:sbrjh2pdder

    What a story

  • Reply Joan ---- ID:1ddbqoibj3gw

    Im so sorry for you.