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Femboy brother is s addicted to my cum

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So, after fucking him a day ago I felt worried because he was young and could tell our parents but, I also didn’t want to stop fucking him.

That morning I woke up with a bulge by my waist popping under my sheets, I thought I just was hard but It felt weird and when I lifted the covers I gasped. He was sucking my dick and he looked at me like he was under some trance, I didn’t stop because he was sucking my dick………WHY WOULD I STOP THAT!!, so I just helped him with the sucking and asked if he could turn around. His ass, which didn’t have pants on, was on my face and I licked his asshole, I felt I was gonna cum so I forced my cock down his throat and pumped it in him, after I pulled out I saw…he swallowed all of it?!?!, this got me hard again and I asked when he got so hungry?.” I wanted to have your reward again.”, he said and I just blushed and moved his body upright, and stuck my dick in him and saw him gasp with pleasure, we then started to fuck lotus style and kissed as we fucked. I remember sticking some of my fingers in his mouth and fucked him in bodyguard, he came immediately and i all over my bed and I fucked harder and harder until I looked like I was gonna rip him in half, I finally came and all my hot, flowing cum poured into his ass, he looked destroyed and tired but I wasn’t done pushed him onto the bed on his stomach and started fucking him again he moaned in pain and I fucked him deeper and deeper, I think I came and fucked him three times before pulling out, a new record for us he looked like he was full and satisfied with breakfast but I bit my lip and learned over him and said,” you do know it’s lunch time now” 😉

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  • Reply boy ID:3zxisyc3t0a

    Yummy I wish I was your brother

    • Curious ID:3zxjrjq020j

      And I wish you were too

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