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Dream Life Part 11

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My Daughters 10 year old friend is over, what could happen…

(Read Part 1 – 10)

After I told Katie “There’s no need to call me sir”, her face lit up with a gorgeous smile, as I watched Katie walk to Ella’s room my eyes are locked on there asses.

After I got back Ella and Katie are in Ashley’s room, as I open the door Ella and Ashley are nude and Katie was in her about to take off her top, She looked at me with a scared look in her face like I was about to hit her, I walked up to her and asked “What’s wrong”, she then said that her dad normally hits her if she gets takes off her cloths with out him, I sat on the bed and sat Katie next to me and said “I would never hit such a sexy beautiful girl like you”, after I said that her face lit up again and she hugged me and kissed me, I saw Ella looking at Katie and slowly mouthing “Suck his cock”, With in seconds Katie put her hand on my already hard cock from Ella and Ashley, Katie then said “Can I suck it?”, before I could say anything the 10 year old girl was taking my hard cock out of my pants and started sucking it.

It wasnt the best and I told Katie that but Ella will help her get better, even though it wasnt the best blow job I had Katie still made me cum down her throat, she looked at me and said “Thank you mister”, After that I left the girls and was pulled into Hazels room.

Hazel stood in front of me and said “Daddy can we do more of the special time”, to witch I said “What would you like to do then?”, Hazel then walked to me and whispered “Can you have sex with me daddy?”, I looked into Hazels eyes and kissed her before taking her and laying her down on the bed, I then took my pants off and striped the cloths off Hazel and saw how wet she was I looked at her bear pussy and said “You really want this?”, she then said “Yes”, and with that I slowly pushed my cock into her, “OH FUCK DADDY ITS SO BIG”, after all my cock was in her little 10 year old pussy I started to thrust in and out causing her to cum “FUCK DADDY IM CUM-MING ON YOUR COCK”, I sped up ah she tightened around my cock and the room filled with Hazels moans until I said “Baby I’m gonna cum”, Hazel then looked at me and said “FUCK DADDY DO IT IN ME”, with that I let out my full load into her little pussy.

After I pulled out I saw the door was open an there was Katie with her hand in her pants staring at my cum covered cock…

(This is Fiction)

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